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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

More of our UK Holiday...

Hullo my scrappy friends!
Back to our recent holiday... not in order - just how they happened to
download in blogger!
 We spent a day in Evesham. LOVED it! The old churches. Amazing!
 The 'charity shops'  - even more amazing.... I know you've seen this one, but it was fun!
Tom reckoned if I'd put my hat out I might've got some change thrown in, LOL!
 The pub where we had our lunch. From Medieval times. Of course;)
 The Almonry. Over the road from the pub.
Amazing social history museum. The garden out the back was full of
interesting stuff!
The photo says it all! Edited with the Little Moments app for I phone:)
 We met Chloe, Tom's grand girl, who is living & working in London.
That was spesh!
 Flowers in Salisbury - another amazing city to visit. Breathtakingly picturesque place!
 A little Italian cafe near the Inns of Court. Amazing food; very authentic:)
 Our accommodation, above the souvenir shop. 2 stories up. The little door
is on the left of the shop that we used to go up the stairs. We loved it! Right
bang in the heart of Bayswater. Not fancy. Not posh. But handy & a fun place to be.
 Couldn't go without a bit of craft. I've been looking at DIY embellie videos, & decided
 to give my wood bits a glittery update! PVA glue & sprinkled on the glitter.
 I had a pile of cheap photo paper that won't work in my new printer. So covered it
in PVA glue & sprinkled on a pile of glitter. I did use an old 12x12 plastic bag underneath
to catch the glitter, before I moved it to the newspaper to dry.
Strangely, it stuck better to the SHINY side of the photo paper
 Go figure. Deffo doing this again.
I can punch out hearts, stars etc to my hearts content.
MUCH cheaper than buying speciality paper!
And here's a closie of one of the woods 'in situ':
AND while you're here, over at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD the prompt is:
soooo....here's my CUP photo:
This is at Ettalong, about 10 mins drive from our place. It was a lovely Sunday morning,
so we took our dog for a walk & then I had a latte overlooking the beach.
Simple pleasures are so often the most special, I reckon.
And one may travel the world, but often, the best place is home!!!
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Monday, 23 May 2016


Hey there! Today I'm sharing my March PL.... which I finished early
'cos I knew we were going to the UK for 6 weeks on the 22nd. 
I find with my PL by the time I add the photos & the journaling,
I don't have lots of room for pretty cards. And I have SO MANY!
Anyways....let's not grumble too much about having pretty stuff;)!!!
As usual, I tend to mix my Becky Higgins PL App 'cards' that I do on the
phone - like the card above - then add RL embellies when I print the
cards out. So the 'kiss' & the enamel dots, washi tape up top & the bg graphic
card & outlined edge have all been added to the printed 'card'. 
And as you can see, my PL is 'for me'. So if I fancy writing about
jewellery I like wearing....even if it's not 'exciting news'. Then I do!
I've layered a transparency I bought at the Reject Shop up here. Then added
the hearts card, which had a red heart - but I covered it with a glitter one.
And here's the back side:
Just 'scribbled out' some private info there..... Can you see the Leggo
& he was making stuff....I figured I'd mark this off my bucket list.
AS IF! No, it wasn't on it.....but now it won't be even if it was, LOL!
And another initially phone App printed card, then the check chevron, bottom cluster
& top cluster have all been added.......
And that's IT.
We had a 'get together' [not a party] at the local park for Lucas's 4th birthday on Sunday.
And as usual, I've taken just one photo & popped it into his birthday book that I'll [if I'm still alive!] give to him when he turns 21:
 Above you can see last year & this year together. Lucas's Mum is a Master at cake
making. This year he's 'into' Thunderbirds. That suit is glued to him, it seems!!!
Very simple. This is all about remembering the occasion, rather than fancy-pancy 
scrapping! And I reckon boys won't give a toss if I add Pretty Things or not!
And on that note, that's it from me:)
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sunday, 22 May 2016


Hey there!
Since coming home from holidays, I don't seem to have found
my scrapping 'rhythm' - I'm wondering if it happened
BEFORE we went, when I decided to simply scrap.
Not enter any challenges.
That sort of monthly routine is alluding me.
So, I'm flippity-flopping around a bit now.
Decided, since I have a bit of DUSTY ATTIC chippy
left from when I was on the team, that I'd have a go at
entering their challenge this month:

I've taken the colours and the FLOWERS!
Yes, I know - but if you're feeling out of sorts.
Maybe something different will get you 'back to normal'??!!!!
Patterned paper, layered up with stencils and chipppy:
I do LOVE the dingle dangle chippy!!! So pretty :)
Stamped the frame with Staz On ink, over some paint & embossing powder:
 I also rubbed a little Mahogany Distress ink in.
Those are our camellias. I do LOVE them!
 Some shimmer above & the whole LO [small, this will be mounted on an
A4 calendar] below:
The other thing is Tom has finished building my new
shelves in. Maybe now I've [mostly] sorted
my scrappy space, I'll be able to 'get into it'.
After everything was ripped out. Unfortunately, couldn't 'save' the sink.
And the mess:
And now:
 This is the OTHER side of my room. The dresser used to groan under
the weight of my albums. They've gone & it can look 'pretty' now!
My new shelves. So happy to have some [finally] wide enough for the albums!
And I've heaps of room. I've spread out a bit, but that's OK:)
Thanks as always for dropping in
& happy scrapping, my friends!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Thursday, 19 May 2016


For those of you who like holiday photos, here's a few more from our 6 weeks overseas.
When we 1st arrived, we were blessed to be able to stay with the Parris family. I'd made
good friends with Ali through scrapping & although we'd never met 'IRL'....it didn't 
feel like it at all :)
 Then, EXTRA special, we had a 'girls day' together in London. Here in Hyde Park.
 Oh, I did ADORE all the spring flowers & blossom. For me they were an absolute
highllight. To watch the changes each day.....incredible! It simply doesn't happen here
 on the Central Coast...
 Blue bell LOOOOOOVE!
 Outside The Wallace Collection [no relation, Helen?? Shame!!!]....that place. I feel so
at home here. This is my FOURTH visit and it never fails me. I honestly feel as if it's where
 I belong.....weird.....
 I am such a slug when it comes to sorting photos. This is how they uploaded. The story
is I took NO scrappy stuff with me. We only take carry on luggage. BUT I was missing it
something chronic. Soooo Ali kindly prepared a PL KIT for me & delivered it!
I was GOBSMACKED at how generous she was. So I had a BALL making a pile
of PL cards, all ready to scrap our holiday when we got home....then I posted this lot
to myself. As if they were ever gonna be left behind!!!!!
And back to the Wallace Collection. Sublime! Not me...the rooms!!!
Meanwhile, back in Essex where we actually started our holiday...
 Nothing like a bit of  Op   I mean CHARITY shopping! Better shops than Aussie, I reckon;)
 Taken at Flatford Mill, made famous in Constable's paintings.... inside a cute medieval cottage.
Didn't grow tall, did they??!!!
 And at the Other end of the Spectrum, our 1st historic home. Tom was still smiling at
this stage! Audley End House. Apparently if you had a bigger home you grew taller???!!!!
 When we 1st arrived, the trees were bare & there was a bit of mud to avoid. Or try to!!!

Ali and Del.  We really enjoyed the Pub meals....but they were more expensive and more 
upmarket than last time we were in the UK.

 Flatford Mill - the bridge Constable painted. It was a popular place over Easter!
And of course we must have a photo of Ali in her scrappy space!!!
So, there you have it.
And for you scrappy peeps, a few cards that haven't made it up here before:)

 Thanks for looking! And happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Winner Winner....chicken dinner....

....to quote a dear bloggy friend [MITRA!] .....
so, for our OFF THE RAILS BLOG HOP.....my RAK winner is......
You can thank DH for drawing your name....NOT my fingers. Just saying;)
So, Jo, your happy mail will be flying away soon! Congrats:)
I've been really busy working on my UK holiday PL album....but not much else.
Sometimes I get a bit obsessed & 'have' to do something 'til it's done. Good in
some ways - bad in others!
While we were away, I used my Becky Higgins Project Life App [iphone] to create some
collages. So it's made it easier - like this:
 Not that it's in the album yet....
And below, is an 'excuse-the-glare' quick look at one page I have done:
AND #1 Grand Boy has a birthday coming up. So I whipped up a card after 
checking out Pinterest. Washi is being USED!!!! So has Glossy Accents;)
 I 'found' [cough!!!] a gold glitter pen I'd bought from Typo [Aussie store I think?]
& it works a treat for a bit of birthday candle sparkle:
So I HAVE been doing something. Oh! And DH [bless him!] decided I needed
more shelving - or more streamlined shelving in my scrap room. Now, this is no
Bec Cruger makeover.... check hers out HERE.....but.....
Scrap Room Mayhem:
Before - but we'd moved my desk off the Right hand side wall.
View from the door looking in.
This is one end of what was our garage:
And now:

The basin has to come out - it hasn't worked for years..... & then I'm dead scared 
what's happening next. DH LOVES 'recycling'. So it's going to be a hotch potch
....but anyways - I'm LUCKY to have my own room. So I will 'make it work'!!!!
That's it for now ~ Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥