For those of you who like holiday photos, here's a few more from our 6 weeks overseas.
When we 1st arrived, we were blessed to be able to stay with the Parris family. I'd made
good friends with Ali through scrapping & although we'd never met 'IRL' didn't 
feel like it at all :)
 Then, EXTRA special, we had a 'girls day' together in London. Here in Hyde Park.
 Oh, I did ADORE all the spring flowers & blossom. For me they were an absolute
highllight. To watch the changes each day.....incredible! It simply doesn't happen here
 on the Central Coast...
 Blue bell LOOOOOOVE!
 Outside The Wallace Collection [no relation, Helen?? Shame!!!]....that place. I feel so
at home here. This is my FOURTH visit and it never fails me. I honestly feel as if it's where
 I belong.....weird.....
 I am such a slug when it comes to sorting photos. This is how they uploaded. The story
is I took NO scrappy stuff with me. We only take carry on luggage. BUT I was missing it
something chronic. Soooo Ali kindly prepared a PL KIT for me & delivered it!
I was GOBSMACKED at how generous she was. So I had a BALL making a pile
of PL cards, all ready to scrap our holiday when we got home....then I posted this lot
to myself. As if they were ever gonna be left behind!!!!!
And back to the Wallace Collection. Sublime! Not me...the rooms!!!
Meanwhile, back in Essex where we actually started our holiday...
 Nothing like a bit of  Op   I mean CHARITY shopping! Better shops than Aussie, I reckon;)
 Taken at Flatford Mill, made famous in Constable's paintings.... inside a cute medieval cottage.
Didn't grow tall, did they??!!!
 And at the Other end of the Spectrum, our 1st historic home. Tom was still smiling at
this stage! Audley End House. Apparently if you had a bigger home you grew taller???!!!!
 When we 1st arrived, the trees were bare & there was a bit of mud to avoid. Or try to!!!

Ali and Del.  We really enjoyed the Pub meals....but they were more expensive and more 
upmarket than last time we were in the UK.

 Flatford Mill - the bridge Constable painted. It was a popular place over Easter!
And of course we must have a photo of Ali in her scrappy space!!!
So, there you have it.
And for you scrappy peeps, a few cards that haven't made it up here before:)

 Thanks for looking! And happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Lizzy, you have such a lovely atmosphere over here, I just love popping in & seeing your layouts and cards and adventures ... . Lovely!

  2. Wow! What a great time you had Lizzy. You are making me feel very homesick. Thanks for showing xx

  3. Before I forget to mention them LOVELY cards!!! Oh what a wonderful selection of photos!!! Looks like you had a great holiday. Lovvvvve the charity shops here. NONE in SA so all new to me!! And the flowers are amazing!!! No tulips or daffodils there either! The changing of the seasons has been fantastic to experience but yes, the eating out experience is horrifically expensive!!!

  4. Oh all those gorgeous travel pics are giving me wanderlust again. This morning I actually started making a list of places I want to go to , one can dream hey. What a wonderful, special treat to meet and spend time with Ali . Your cards are awesome as well

  5. Love love love all the photos!!!!!!! GORGEOUS trip you had!! And LOVING the cards!!! Sooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh goodness...still thinking on the whole not having spring thing...every day at the moment things are different when I get home from work! Enjoyed these photos! Well, except maybe the mud one...I've already been through that here!

  7. so lovely cads Lizzy!
    great photos, I see you spent your time great!

  8. Lovely to see those holiday pics. Keep them coming!
    I haven't been to any of those places. I love the photo of you in front of the mirror. Very effective. You must scrapbook that!
    So sweet of Ali to prepare a load of stash for you.

  9. Oh I love your travel photos.. the gardens / parks look so green and the flowers are so pretty.. It must have been so special to meet Ali in real life.. and great cards too..

  10. Looks like you had a fabulous time and live all the photos, thanks for sharing :)

  11. These photos are just fab. It's wonderful to see you having such a great time. And meeting up with Ali!! I was only just starting to get to know her when the mag closed and I used to really enjoy an email exchange with her over a project

  12. oh my gosh Lizzy!! How wonderful! You look so happy! I'm sure you had a great time - lots of laughter and chats... and shopping! Love the pics! xx

  13. Lovely photos, looks like you had a wonderful time with lots of laughs!

  14. My dream is to go Op shopping in the UK some day...I can only imagine how many treasures I would find! Looks like a amazing holiday...great cards!

  15. HI Lizzy, I'm glad you had such a lovely time here and got to meet Ali in real life, isn't it amazing how we get to know people through the internet who we would never meet otherwise? I love that. Flatford Mill isn't too far away from where I live in Norfolk, so we've been there a couple of times - it is very beautiful and not surprising that Constable was inspired by the landscape.

  16. I am still really enjoying looking at your holiday photos :)

  17. Glad you had fun with Ali. Scrappy friends always seem to get along eh?
    I miss the UK...thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  18. Loving the fun photo's and really, really like all these cards! Stunning designs and all so pretty! ;-)


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