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Friday, 2 December 2016

ARTastic - DECEMBER 2016: HOME is where the heart is...

Hi there, my ARTastic and scrappy friends!
We have a slightly unusual, but totally do-able challenge for you this fine December.
And it does NOT involve Christmas. Which is just fine by me, cos for some reason
I find the trad colours involved in the up and coming oh so quickly festive season
really HARD to scrap.
Instead, we have this:
Created by Lisa Frances Judd, called 'Neighbourhood'.
And the THEME you must follow is 'home' - and whatever that may mean to you!
Technically, I guess you therefore COULD scrap Christmas!
Anyways, this is what I came up with:
 So, I finally got on the stitching bandwagon. Gotten off just as quickly, but at
least I DID it!!!! And can you see the 'wavy' line sneaking in there like on the painting?
 I actually did no journaling on the front. Put our full addy & a little info on
the back. Because, honestly? I think the stickers and the photo say it all!
 Even used up some stash! Still busting. Be stash busting 'til the cows come home.
And that'll be a whiles cos I don't live on a farm, heehee!!! Anyways, I won some of this
MME paper a long time ago,  and even tho I love it, it's hard to use:)
A bit different for me. But as well as the wavy design I've taken colours from the
painting as well. Home. What does it mean to you?
I'm absolutely sure whatever it is, it is worth recording....hoping you have time
to get scrappy with us at ARTastic this month :)
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Inside my December Daily & Other Stuff!

Hullo there! Today I'd like to share what I've done
inside to prepare my December Daily.
to catch the 'latest'!
I also show you how to make little page tabs:

Meanwhile, here's a Christmas share.
Since it's coming up!
I made this a couple of years ago, & I THINK it was
published in Jot Magazine.....but I'm not sure now.
I know I haven't shared it here!
And I know originally I made it for SCRAP365 mag, but they folded...
I also know I made it to show how you can use non-scrappy stuff on your pages.
Like the bag below, which is used for behind the photo:
Simply ripped & added some texture paste through a stencil.
You can see I've threaded some gold sequins onto a string
as a 'different' embellishment:
I've also used 'table confetti' - heat embossed the little trees so
it looked like snow:
Did I burn my hands, you ask? Well. My fingers
got a little singed. But nothing too drastic ;)!!!!
I also sprinkled the table confetti stars around:
And the other 'non scrappy' supply was the paper clips:
So there you go.
And here's a quick peek at something a bit different.
I decided to do a bigger, flatter 'flip file' happy mail booklet.
'Cos here in Australia, if you keep it FLAT, it's waaaay cheaper
And the finished front cover. I turned it before I decorated it:
And this is the back cover, with lots of
my 'hand crafted' goodies:
The whole inside - with
a 'nod' to Heidi Swapp's 'catch cry'!!!
I'm finding, for me, this works better than the envelope or flip books
that tend to be folded up & are quite 'fat' to post!
And that's it from me.
You should see the PILE of LOs I've done,
 but NOT blogged or put into challenges.
It's a bit daunting to be honest.....
But I will eventually get to share them, giggles.
Take care now
Happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, 26 November 2016


...as you know, I have a habit of making Chrissy cards throughout the year. It satisfies my creative urges to enter card challenges, as well as building the stash in a timely manner.
I even have a sheet of paper with how many I need to make, how many I've made etc.
This, obviously, has something to do with my personality.
Even so, by October - November-ish, I'm thinking to myself. 'I need a simple-dimple card to make multiples of. Fast ones.'
Now, for those who READ my posts... I'm letting you into a secret.
This post was supposed to go up LAST Christmas.
But I got too busy; I still love this technique - use it for all sorts of occasions,
cos they're super easy - & I'm almost positive I haven't shared this post...
so decided to revamp it for 2016!
By- bye to those complicated, but fun to make cards like this:
 There should be a Chrissy Card quiz to determine Personality Types
I wonder what they'd make of mine. They're so varied....anyways...
....enter Stage Left, Sanna Lippert. I saw how she was using washi tape on some cards HERE....
&  simply adapted her idea for what I've done below.
 The secret to these? Choose your washi tape to match! Use a sentiment that has a flat edge so it sits neatly under the washi tape....
 The angle that you stamp your sentiment will create the washi angles:)
One of the things with washi is it doesn't always stick well. I simply popped glue all over the card before I added the washi!
Then trim the edges of the washi off & you're done! Literally takes a couple of minutes for each card!
So get ready, set & GO!!!!
Happy Chrissy card scrapping for all you last minute types!!!
And I hope this gives those of you already thinking about 2017's Merry Season some ideas;)
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Hey there!
Today I'd like to share a LO I created for FUNKY FLAIR STUDIOS that is
a little CAS!

It's always nice to 'change up' one's style, I reckon!
I find even with CAS pages, flair just seem to add a nice 'touch'.... & these summery
ones are delish!
And this JELLI HEART below is one of my favest of faves!!!
If you're interested in these flair, they're available at the FUNKY FLAIR STUDIO SHOP.


.....lots of COVERS are being revealed over at
including mine :)
Honestly, I LOVE the variety that the girls have
got going with such different scrappy styles.
Anyways, mine is HERE
if you'd like to take a peek.
Here's a peek of a peek
[if that makes sense!!!!!]
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sunday, 20 November 2016


....Well, for these bits it is!
It's not THAT long 'til Christmas, right?
I made a few different decorations a few years ago,
that needed a bit of a revamp.
I pulled everything off around the image and started again,
using a dark red paper with stars applied with texture paste then
a bit of glitter added whilst it was wet:
 Some Dusty Attic chippy, & Lindy's gold mist...
 You can see the glitter on the star above.
The deer comes from Mary B:

The next thing I tackled was a heavy metal plaque.
It started like this:
It actually pulled apart really easily. It sits outside near
our backdoor, so I guess it's a bit weathered! 
The only thing I kept was the little 'wish' frame from up top.
I used it on my last project - not this one!
Next it got coated in white gesso, then gold paint. 
I made a 'wreath' by tearing 2 strips of calico, & plaiting them with
some Christmas trim I had:
Just felt like trying something different! It worked well. I simply
tied a knot to start it then a piece of ribbon to finish it - just like you
do with your hair!!
 Heat embossed a greeting on my doily. Also on the wooden stars.
 The ribbon ends were scrunched with water, then left to dry:
 The star in the middle of the 'wreath'.
My whole plaque:
Lastly, I 'switched up' my 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season'
canvas. Well, it's printed on the back of a pizza box.
But 'canvas' is close enough;) This is a more subtle change.
I left the tree & presents. I just didn't like the bauble banner on top
& I ALWAYS hated the bird!Also removed the tree's pot.
Can you see how I added the 'wish' frame with the presents?
And a MUCH nicer dove!!! 
 Also added some more definition to the 'Jesus' banner:
 Fussy cut the 'joy' out. Added some bling
& lots of stars!!
I was really pleased that I decided to play around with these.
Feel much happier. Waste not, want not & all that. BUT they look fresher.
Here's some before/after collages:

Hope this gives you some ideas & inspiration
Cheers & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥