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Wednesday, 1 August 2018


… which means the colours, shapes, or something that reminds you of terracotta,
like pots or paving, for example.
I had to think a little, but then came up with the idea of using bricks on my
page, as they remind me of the colour of terracotta. Here's what I created:
This is my [step] son-in-law & his daughter, who have set up a horse stud in NZ. They are
only new, but doing a fine job which they both absolutely love. I'm really pleased to
have scrapped this photo of them!
Some close ups:
 Thanks Lizzie Crust for those cogs.... I used them 'au naturale' and they worked well,
I thought...
 A tag I was gifted, but unfortunately, can't remember who from...
made an embellie cluster combining the journaling...
 I cut the 'enjoy' out of a bigger card, then did a little black pen outlining...
 I think Lizzie also gave me the 'wire' die cuts behind the photo. They worked 
brilliantly for a 'country' sort of spread!
Decided to use some stamp phrases in amongst the bricks - those that I felt 'worked'
with the LO. A few white splatters, to 'lighten' the page, and I was done!
Hoping you are enjoying the community feel over at KRAFT PLUS. If you've not
joined us on Facebook, then you should. There is always some fun and games happening
over there!
Cheers for now, & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy H xxoo

Sunday, 1 July 2018


....which basically means WEAVING...of any sort, whether it be a patterned paper, or like some of the oh-so-clever K+ girls have done, REAL weaving!

Me, I did some paper weaving ~ then die cut it up into stars!
It was really fun :)
 To be honest, I had NO IDEA what I was actually doing! But I used washi [that I would NEVER
use in RL, & have NO IDEA why I bought that particular one, and if you can read it, then go ahead
& have a giggle!] to hold down my paper whilst I weaved away.
Added some glue & a piece of paper then got slapped down over the whole shebang & I left it to dry.
We had baby Ashton overnight, and he is at that age where he's found his little legs &
is on constant auto-pilot and just wants to continually RUN!!!

It was a great challenge..... so get your thinking caps on, & join in!
The DT & Guest Designers have come up with some brilliant work HERE

I've discover Memory Dex card creating this month. If you remember the old Rolodex holders, it's basically the same thing, but you make each other pretty cards to sit on them.
Here's the 1st two I made:

Crafting is fun - especially
when you find something new to tackle!
Take care now, & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy xo

Sunday, 3 June 2018


Hey there folks! The new challenge over at KRAFT PLUS is all to do with Doc Seuss:
I'll let you into a wee secret. I got onto this, did it - then forgot to add a Seuss quote.
Thought I'd have to ditch the whole page. But the Doc came through. There are SOOOO
many quotes! He's amazing.... & of course, you can simply look at the colours or
anything else in the graphic to inspire. It doesn't have to be a quote!
So, here's what I created:
 I have quite a few frames, so thought I'd use them! These days I leave a few alpha packs
on my desk, & FORCE myself to use them until I really can't anymore...then I toss the remainders
IN THE BIN. Seriously! Otherwise they languish in the cupboard collecting dust...
 For about 12 months I was a Patreon supporter of Inkie Quill, and the 'sketchy' bits are from
there.... digital printables.....
 Along the side I thought I'd used some stamping with my writing. The 'script' font is
slowly improving. I made the white stand out a bit more by overstamping with the blue....
 This must've been after I got a Felicity Jane haul...it would've been a 1/2 price sale to make
it worth the shipping costs! So the little buttons and tag come from there.
The sequins have been attached using Liquid Pearls...
And here, with my quote added along the other edges. There you have it!
So, check out the Seuss & see what sparks YOUR interest!
Thanks for taking a peek at this :)

And just for fun, here's some 'happy mail' embellies that I've been making:
 Used mini cup cake liners & off I went. Fiddly, but fun!
 A die cut, then added my own writing in gold! On the back is -surprise! A tea bag!!
And actually got out the fuse tool for this one. Used a metal die
to give me the shape. Worked a treat!

That's it from me ~ Cheers ~ Lizzy H

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


I don't mean we've got a date...I mean, the challenge is to use a DATE on your LO in some way, for the current KRAFT PLUS challenge.
A really easy challenge!
And a FUN one, too. Here's my take:
We have a gorgeous little creek running through the Retirement Village where we
now live ~ & I thought it deserved a large photo on the 12x12 page! 
These are the types of pages I make for display in our living room. It's nice to ENJOY
the landscapes & nature shots from our area. And they're a bit different to make, too :)
 A mix of old & new on this page. 

Added some highlights to make the alphas in the title stand out a little more :)
Apart from all this, I've been doing a little bit of 
Happy Mail.
Below are some rosettes, which took a bit of conquering.
Made from cup cake liners:

And I also made some circular embellies for a swap:

So there you have it from me this month!
Would LOVE to see you join in with us at KRAFT PLUS.
You'll find the current challenge HERE ~
Cheers, Lizzy H 

Sunday, 1 April 2018

KRAFT PLUS CHALLENGE ~ APRIL 2018 ~ Get those Blues Down!

Hey there my Crafty (& Krafty) Friends.
Yup! I've rejoined my FAVE Challenge Blog, KRAFT PLUS....the lovely 'boss lady' over there,
Sandra, well - let's say she's one persuasive girl!
ANYWAYS, here's this month's challenge:
criteria: KRAFT + Follow the recipe to cook up a fantastic K+ creation. 

For lots of inspiration in the different ways of interpreting this challenge, pop on over to the KRAFTR PLUS blog post HERE.
This is what I did:
Something old is the photo, of course, from my 1st marriage...
& the tag is a genuine vintage tag I got from an auction house on holiday in Launceston, about 8 years ago now!
I've some hidden journaling. It was my 1st marriage. It's private stuff! But important...
Something new is my BRAND NEW sewing machine - it's the 1st time I used it, on this LO! 

Something borrowed is the sketch from Stuck?! Sketches

You can find the sketch HERE.
And of course, the something blue is obvious. I had a great time sticking and stapling that blue tissue paper down. I did NOT use my sewing machine near the glue. I KNOW how bad glue is for sewing machines. It's what my last one died of, methinks!!!
Yup, that's a bit of gold paint on the tissue paper, & a cute Funky Flairs flair tucked in!
I know these photos aren't the highest of quality.
I'd put my DSLR camera 'away'....looks like I'll have to drag it out of - well,
the place I put it! We HAVE moved....
And the latest news... my younger son has just gone back to the USA for work.
This makes me sad - but the world, thank GOODNESS, is a much smaller
place these days. Here's us last week:
The other thing I've been doing is 'practising' for the ALI EDWARDS
WEEK IN THE LIFE event, to be held in May.
It will be my first time joining in :)
Trying to take selfies that are a bit different. Like this:
Hope I haven't peaked too early, LOL!
And yes, the weather is STILL like summer not autumn here.
Not that I'm complaining!

Anyways, thanks for looking & as always ~ Happy Scrapping,
Lizzy H 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Challenge YOUrself - Gotta Heart That...

...because the Theme is 'hearts or love theme' & there's a colour palette too, over at CHALLENGE YOURSELF this month:
Looks like I'm keeping up with my about once a month effort at blogging. It's a miracle!
Anyways, I haven't done many LOs recently - still 'stuck' on TN's, in the main.
But I really liked this photo my Mum took of me at the little village, Terrigal, just up the road from us where we mostly go if we want both a breath of sea air and to walk Wally.
BTW. We were just mucking around. I seriously WASN'T about to fall off the rocks!
It's a mix of stuff, including Kaisercraft, Felicity Jane, Cocoa Vanilla & others.
I used to keep a check of the names of stuff, but don't bother these days now I'm not
blogging so much!
 Sorry if the photo quality isn't tops either - they're from my iPhone. Once again,
I've gotten slack with getting out the 'good' camera. Seriously SLIPPING, I am! Get it? SLIPPING???!!!!!!
 Oh, those hearts & stars. They're my fave embellies atm :)
Yeah. Slightly silly - but fun! That word is old Dusty Attic - coated with a paint pen. Thought about getting out my heat embossing stuff, but couldn't be fagged. Paint pens ROCK!!!
Anyways, hope you got some sort of inspiration from this....
And it's nice to make a page that fits a challenge. Bonus, that!
And now I've something for my Grand Boys to look & roll their eyes at, in the future!!!
Take care now, wherever you are in the world. Be it HOT or  SNOW laden.
Feeling particularly for you European and English peeps. Bit snowy, it seems :)
Cheers ~ Lizzy 

PS: A couple of recent snaps you might like:
 A flowering red gum... I THINK!
 Cheese drop scones. Mum gave me the recipe. Winner with Tom & Tim!!!
Being spoilt with a coffee and donut that Tom got up the street. Nice bonus for whilst I was doing a morning's scrapping!