Monday 3 May 2021


 Hey there!

Here is our NEW challenge over at KRAFT PLUS:

Focus on faces:
I took my grand boys' in Vietnam's faces, and went with that:
I don't do much 'multi media' these days, but I DID get my stamps out for this one &
also added a bit of colouring with those Posca Paint Pens.
I've fussy cut around each of the photos of the boys, then lined them up. I wanted to journal
about their eyes, and how these are the windows to the soul, and also how I'd like them 
to grow up.
Initially I wrote in white - but you couldn't really see it on the Kraft bg, so I then overwrote with
a black marker, and I really liked that effect!
I think this is a very, very interesting challenge - which could be used to scrapbook lots of different things! I'm hoping you can join us at KRAFT PLUS this month:)
Cheers, and Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy xxoo

Saturday 3 April 2021


 Hey there! Welcome to our SCRAP THE GIRLS CHALLENGE which is all about Summer with this inspiration board:

I took a very literal interpretation, with a photo of my cute step Great Grand Girl in - you guessed it - shorts and a tee shirt!

The butterflies are from a digi file from ART STACKS DESIGNS. I really love them! Then I've basically built up some embellies around the photo. With the dotty bg pp - I didn't think I needed to do much else to make the photo stand out :)

The 'special' die cut comes from Yvonne Yam.
Well, that's it from me. Our challenges now are for fun and inspiration, without prizes, and the easiest way is to upload them directly to our FB page HERE!
Cheers, and Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy xxoo

Thursday 1 April 2021


 Slightly bizarre title, but it's all about SYMMETRY over at KRAFT PLUS this month. Here's our mood board:

Now, I'm one of those people that if the sign says 'Do Not Touch -Wet Paint'... then I'll want to touch it. Similarly, because this challenge calls for symmetry - straight away I wanted to do the opposite!
Sooooo.... I decided to do what I like to call 'Disrupted Symmetry'. Or perhaps unsymmetrical symmetry? Take your pick... after all, the design is there as a PROMPT - not as a 'be all end all'.
Enough rattling on. Here's my page:
The hearts are symmetrical - but they aren't all the same size of in the same position. I 'disrupted' the symmetry of having the photo in the middle, by tipping it on its side... the stitching is there, but I've made it 'messy'... you get the idea!
I made the glitter paper myself - some glue, some white cardboard and lots of glitter! Still cheaper than buying it, since I had all the bits at home to use up:)
These two are like peas in the same pod. And their personalities are alike, too. I LOVE this photo!
When my step Grand Girl was down, she made me a pile of little fringed hearts - so I've used some here.
And sprinkled some VERY small hearts around - not so easy to stick down, but worth the effort, I think!
I do hope you can join us this month over at KRAFT PLUS!
Cheers, and happy scrapping ~ Lizzy xoxo

Wednesday 3 March 2021


 No, don't rip your scrap page up! Add some ripping TO it:

I went for simple in this month's KRAFT PLUS challenge - adding some ripped edged pp's behind my photos. I really like the way it adds a bit of texture:

And here's some closeups:
I've used Washi [from K-Mart] on the triangle shapes up top.
I'm learning Spanish [trying!] as my DIL is from Colombia.
This says "I love my Grandpa" :)

A bit of stitching never goes astray...

A bit of tearing of papers...

Te amo is "I love you". I love this photo, if you want to know the truth.
This is actually Mateo's GREAT Grand pa... but anyways....
Right, so, of course we'd LOVE to see your interpretation of our challenge over at KRAFT PLUS this month!
Cheers and Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy xoxo

Monday 1 March 2021


 Hey there! This month our SCRAP THE GIRLS CHALLENGE is called 'Child of the Wild':

Oh my GOSH! I ADORE that colour palette. The mood board is SOOO interesting, too.

Here's what I created:

I used all the colours in the mood board.
Arrows seemed to fit the vibe nicely. As does the WILD animal up top!
And here is Olive, our very own 'wild child' of the family! It was fitting she starred in this challenge!
I do hope you can join us this month. Happy scrapping ~ Lizzy xxoo

Wednesday 17 February 2021


 Hello again! 

Another challenge done and dusted for the month.


I'm not a Romantic - but I challenged myself to create as close to as I can get, LOL!

I basically popped some bits I had on my desk on as embellies, like the buttons, searched for a few words and phrases that had meaning, added some Nuvo Drops and there you have it!
Oh, and I am BLESSED to have been given a 'retro' manual typewriter, so I did my journaling on that.
That's it from me ~ Happy Scrapping, now ~ Cheers, Lizzy xxoo

Monday 15 February 2021


 Hi there! Today I'm sharing my traveler's notebook double page, which is for the MORE THAN WORDS challenge this month:

This is a bit different... but I think it works :)

Fussy cut flowers from paper and vellum; sticker flowers, too...
I WISH I looked like this. Hey Ho! I can dream!!!

I liked tucking a few coffee cups in...

My journaling ~ I have a pretty good life with Tom, I have to say!
Thanks for looking ~ happy scrapping ~ Lizzy xxoo

Saturday 13 February 2021


 Hey there!

I've gone into the SCRAP THE BOYS CHALLENGE this month. I'm trying to do it each month [two times so far!], as I have LOTS of  'boy' photos to scrap!

Here's the sketch for the month:

To create the squares, I used a template and filled the inside with random stamped words. I adapted the position of the photos to suit my own photos as well. But I think you can see how I've used the sketch.

So, that's mine for the month. Now let's see if I can get a couple more done. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Not sure how much most of the world will be celebrating it this particular year with Covid and all. But if you're into that sort of thing - then I hope it's a good one for you. 

Personally, it ain't my thing. But luckily we're not all like that or the florists would be out of business!

Cheers and Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy H xxoo

Wednesday 3 February 2021


 Hey there scrappy peeps!

This month over at SCRAP THE GIRLS we have a PRINCESS challenge:

I'm not into Disney, or usually Princesses, either - bringing up 2 boys sort of cured me of that! However, I had wanted to scrap this GORGEOUS photo of Tom's grand and great-grand daughters for a while, so this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Here's what I created:

So there you have it, a pretty Princess page. Hoping you can join us at SCRAP THE GIRLS this month!

Cheers, and happy scrapping ~ Lizzy xoxo