Hey there! Today I'm sharing my March PL.... which I finished early
'cos I knew we were going to the UK for 6 weeks on the 22nd. 
I find with my PL by the time I add the photos & the journaling,
I don't have lots of room for pretty cards. And I have SO MANY!
Anyways....let's not grumble too much about having pretty stuff;)!!!
As usual, I tend to mix my Becky Higgins PL App 'cards' that I do on the
phone - like the card above - then add RL embellies when I print the
cards out. So the 'kiss' & the enamel dots, washi tape up top & the bg graphic
card & outlined edge have all been added to the printed 'card'. 
And as you can see, my PL is 'for me'. So if I fancy writing about
jewellery I like wearing....even if it's not 'exciting news'. Then I do!
I've layered a transparency I bought at the Reject Shop up here. Then added
the hearts card, which had a red heart - but I covered it with a glitter one.
And here's the back side:
Just 'scribbled out' some private info there..... Can you see the Leggo
& he was making stuff....I figured I'd mark this off my bucket list.
AS IF! No, it wasn't on it.....but now it won't be even if it was, LOL!
And another initially phone App printed card, then the check chevron, bottom cluster
& top cluster have all been added.......
And that's IT.
We had a 'get together' [not a party] at the local park for Lucas's 4th birthday on Sunday.
And as usual, I've taken just one photo & popped it into his birthday book that I'll [if I'm still alive!] give to him when he turns 21:
 Above you can see last year & this year together. Lucas's Mum is a Master at cake
making. This year he's 'into' Thunderbirds. That suit is glued to him, it seems!!!
Very simple. This is all about remembering the occasion, rather than fancy-pancy 
scrapping! And I reckon boys won't give a toss if I add Pretty Things or not!
And on that note, that's it from me:)
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Your memories look good on these pages you have done.. and i reckon your grand boys will cherish the books you are making for them.. I just cant believe Lucas is 4 already.. that went fast...

  2. your PL is so elegant Lizzy! I adore every photo of your cards and enjoy the journalling )))

  3. These are fabulous! LOVING the PL pages and his birthday page!! Soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That Thunderbirds cake is pretty special looking. Your pages are just right.

  5. Love seeing you Pl Lizzy!
    You have packed so many details it's awesome!!

  6. I love your project life pages, they're a lot like mine :)

  7. dude, you guys call a fender bender a prang? Do tell. I'm enjoying the idea of Lucas being into Thunderbirds! He is a boy after my boy Lucas's heart! Love these Project Life pages....I had a good eye ball at all of them! So fun! hugs!

  8. I LOVE your PL pages. I can't believe Lucas is 4 ! your grand babies are growing up so fast.Those cakes are pretty impressive, lucky boy

  9. These are fabulous Lizzy, just love your PL pages :)

  10. Soooo awesome Lizzy! Totally love the autumn colours in the first one, the cool blues in the middle one and the pop of yellow in the last one... lots going on in your busy busy life!!!

  11. I'm just thinking about how scrapbooking will have revolutionized how our stories get told. It's so cool to see the little things you remember and capture. Pieces of art plucked from the everyday moments! Such snazzy designs!

  12. Your PL spread is really lovely. The pictures just pop and tell the story!
    I'm sure the grandboys will enjoy their 21st birthday gift - a labour of love!

  13. I really adore your PL spreads. Your easy styling and designing is gorgeous and I always admire how you get it right, everytime! ;-)

  14. All your ideas are simply wonderful and glad that you shared them here. I am planning couple of corporate events Chicago and was looking for awesome corporate planning ideas. Really want to host perfect and flawless events.


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