More of our UK Holiday...

Hullo my scrappy friends!
Back to our recent holiday... not in order - just how they happened to
download in blogger!
 We spent a day in Evesham. LOVED it! The old churches. Amazing!
 The 'charity shops'  - even more amazing.... I know you've seen this one, but it was fun!
Tom reckoned if I'd put my hat out I might've got some change thrown in, LOL!
 The pub where we had our lunch. From Medieval times. Of course;)
 The Almonry. Over the road from the pub.
Amazing social history museum. The garden out the back was full of
interesting stuff!
The photo says it all! Edited with the Little Moments app for I phone:)
 We met Chloe, Tom's grand girl, who is living & working in London.
That was spesh!
 Flowers in Salisbury - another amazing city to visit. Breathtakingly picturesque place!
 A little Italian cafe near the Inns of Court. Amazing food; very authentic:)
 Our accommodation, above the souvenir shop. 2 stories up. The little door
is on the left of the shop that we used to go up the stairs. We loved it! Right
bang in the heart of Bayswater. Not fancy. Not posh. But handy & a fun place to be.
 Couldn't go without a bit of craft. I've been looking at DIY embellie videos, & decided
 to give my wood bits a glittery update! PVA glue & sprinkled on the glitter.
 I had a pile of cheap photo paper that won't work in my new printer. So covered it
in PVA glue & sprinkled on a pile of glitter. I did use an old 12x12 plastic bag underneath
to catch the glitter, before I moved it to the newspaper to dry.
Strangely, it stuck better to the SHINY side of the photo paper
 Go figure. Deffo doing this again.
I can punch out hearts, stars etc to my hearts content.
MUCH cheaper than buying speciality paper!
And here's a closie of one of the woods 'in situ':
AND while you're here, over at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD the prompt is:
CUP.....'s my CUP photo:
This is at Ettalong, about 10 mins drive from our place. It was a lovely Sunday morning,
so we took our dog for a walk & then I had a latte overlooking the beach.
Simple pleasures are so often the most special, I reckon.
And one may travel the world, but often, the best place is home!!!
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. LOVING all the photos!! Looks like an AMAZING trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great fun post to read. It looks like you discovered a lot of the "real" UK as well as the obvious attractions and that's brilliant.

    I've tried painting half of embellishments but not glittering. Obviously, that should be next..

  3. Fab photos and wonderful stories too.

  4. Really enjoying your travel pics, looks like you had the best time. Clever use of the cheap photo paper, your a clever one

  5. Oh yes there is no place like home... but very nice to visit other places too.. great photos.. looks like a wonderful learning experience the skirt.. the dinner looks great! love the sparkly embellies too.. a grey day up here.. sort of suits my heart at the moment..

  6. Your travel pics and stories get my feet itching to be up and off! Looks like you managed to find lots of sunshine. Especially like the look and sound of the almonry, with it's social history. Great find with the skirt - is that how you manage to travel light - just buy what you need in op shops along the way? Your glitter experiment looks great, but I always seem to wear more than the page when I try to work with the pesky stuff. :D

  7. so lovely photos Lizzy! I see you spent great time in UK!
    and your tip with glitter is wonderful! unfortunately my Silhouette Cameo cut glittered material not so good, but I can still ise my Big Shot )))

  8. Lovely photos and England is just beautiful. We stayed in Bayswater on one of our first trips to the UK... I had my bag stolen at a pub just near there :/ So glad you had a good time :D Love the idea of dollying up the chippies. I think while I am on a DIY roll I may do the same. I am so tired of not being able to get stuff here. Very cool with the glitter on the photo paper... Good idea. So glad I had 5 mins to visit some of my fave blogs... <3

  9. Love your pics Lizzy, looks llike you had a great time!!! Looove your DIY embellies!!!! Thanks for you kind words on my blog as always!!!!!

  10. It certainly looks like you had an amazing holiday, the places you stayed have so much character.Super cool idea glitter paper, love it😀Op shopping is my second hobby..... There is not a lot of new stuff in my home😜

  11. Hi Lizzy,

    What a treat your post is!
    I love it when you share pictures of your trip!
    So fun and interesting!
    Great idea about the glitter paper!
    It looks sensational.


  12. I can't believe how much you managed to fit in to your visit here! I love how you've made your own sparkly embelishments :)

  13. A really fun read Lizzy!! Love your show and tell holiday pics. Sounds like you really had a fantastic time away and, I agree, it's lovely to travel and see the world but there is no place like home! Love the diy embellies too .. they look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing these great pics. hugs xx

  14. Looove to see all your pics from your trip!! Also love the skirt photo, even the skirt ofcourse!! Clever clogs,as you use to say ;), to pimp your embellish with some glitter!! Love the way it look <3 Thanks for sharing. Anna xo

  15. Such fab photo's Lizzy! I am sure you had an absolutely grand time....!!!

  16. I love London! I had stayed in Bayswater when I was young!Thanks for sharing with us in Our Beautiful world!AriadnefromGreece!


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