Nothing serious. Exept since March 23rd, I've had scheduled posts up on my blog.
You see, we took a 6 week holiday to the UK, with a weekend in Austria.
And I'm not keen in publishing the fact our house is being empty for that long.
Hence me confessing now;)!!!!
But I'm back. I've enjoyed [mostly] a break from [most] social media - &
feel as if the batteries are well  recharged!
One of the highlights of our trip was meeting Scrap Friends. 
We were BLESSED to spend the weekend in Vienna with Sanna L & her family.
They were sooo welcoming & we had an absolute ball.
So, I'm going to bore you with photos. If you don't want to look, then farewell!
I have some more scrappy posts coming up in the next few days........
Meanwhile, here's Vienna:

 Each morning Adrian would make the most FANTASTIC breakfast spreads.
Thanks Breakfast King!!!
 Nothing like a decent Greek Restaurant. And the servings were MASSIVE!!
 Adrian kindly 'bargained' for this lovely little Vienna china plate. It holds my ear-rings
now back here in Australia!
 The flea market was simply AMAZING.....soooo much interesting stuff for sale.
Unfortunately we only travel with cabin luggage. So no room for any of that interesting stuff!
 Still in Vienna, there are pockets of beautiful countryside. No WAY do you feel as
if you're in the city! This restaurant was just down the road from some 'city' vineyards!
Check out Leon's fabulous was HOT here....& it had been sunny in London.
So I'd gone to the Pound Shop [ADORE that shop!] & got myself those sunnies.
I kindly lent them to him, LOL!!! wasn't Superman. It was a Hawk in the sky!
 Sanna & I just before we had to head to the airport. So SAD. LOVE this girl :)
Oh! Did you notice I had a decent hair cut & highlights.
Totally unlike me - but it was holidays!
 Of course I love her.... she & I have such great similar shoe taste!!!
 The beautiful tulips in their garden. I was in raptures. I adore spring flowers:)
 Someone was photo bombing us at the markets;)
 And someone took me to this MASSIVE art store. Me with my tiny suitcase.
Bought 8 pens!!!!!
 Us girls...
 And of COURSE we had a 'play' in Sanna's scrappy space. And I got to see, touch,
dissect lots of her scrap pages. She is a fabulous creative peep:)
 A really interesting and yummy version of Tiramasu.... delish!
 It was nice to experience some warm weather, after cold old London..... in fact it
was a relief! Almost felt like home in Aussie for a bit!!
 Some of the lovely Austrian buildings.....during an evening stroll.
Still with me? Awesome!
I met another fab fun scrappy friend whilst overseas, too.....but that will have to
wait for another post;)
Slowly getting back to normal & I've started doing a couple of Pocket Letters
to get myself back in the groove.
I had made one, but sadly it got lost in the post.
So poor Sandra H did NOT get this one below. In fact, it's totally gone MIA......
so I thought I'd show you!

I  adore doing these swaps - they're great for using up bits & those crocheted flowers I've had for years!!!
Anyways........ that's it from me.
Happy Scrapping, now ~ Lizzy H


  1. Looks like you had EXTRA DOUBLE AMAZING time, lol!!!!

  2. How exciting to go on that long of a trip!!! I think only when I had the kids did I have that much time off! HA!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the photos and your hair looks AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow..You have had a wonderful holiday Lizzy ! Totally enjoyed seeing the photos.So sad the pocket letter was lost in mail.Its very pretty different ,slightly from your,prety colors ,girly ;) !

  4. It sounds like the most amazing trip! You won't bore me with fact I hope we get to see more of your adventures. And with a trip of that length even you will be scrapping overtime to tell all the stories! Very impressed with the cabin baggage only thing..there's a page in that never mind all the rest of it.

    It's good to have you back in person. Which makes no sense said out loud, given that you are still on the other side of the world. But still..

  5. It looks like you had an amazing time and I hope you'll share more of your adventure, you were only 20 minutes away from me if you were in London!

  6. LOVE seeing your photo's and how special to spend time with Sanna . Such a shame the pocket letter has gone missing, Australia Post Grrrrrr , it is a gorgeous pocket letter. Welcome home Lizzy, we missed you

  7. Awesome photos it looks like you had an amazing Holiday! It is so much fun meeting up with scrappy friends overseas. I did it a few years ago in the USA. Really pretty pocket letter, sorry to hear it went missing. Have a great week!

  8. oh my Lizzy! I'm happy to have you back. I knew you were away INSTINCTIVELY because you post like alllllllll the time and facebook! And things didn't feel quite right! ;-) such nice photos and glad you had fun! Loved Vienna/Austria myself!

  9. Welcome home Lizzy!
    Like you, I don't like to advertise the fact that I'm going away but I've never had to plan post for such a lengthy period! I'm impressed!
    I really enjoyed your post and the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  10. yep read right to the end.. love travel photos.. looks like a great time seeing so many wonderful things.. and that art shop... woweee it looked massive... what torture to not have any spare room for goodies! hehe! and love your pocket pages.. they look lovely.. and welcome back.. i hope the happy memories stay with you for a long long time...

  11. What a lovely time you have had in Austria. Thank you for sharing those photos. What a shame you only had cabin luggage.... but it prevents you from spending too much money. I must confess I always take a suit case as well, as I always find little things to buy and take home. And people gift things not realising you can't take anything back. We've had to ditch gifts in the past and since then we travel with a suitcase.
    Lucky you to travel to Europe. I have never been down under, although I have an uncle in Nw Zealand. (We are saving up air miles).
    Will you be sharing UK pictures too? Looking forward to those.

  12. Oooh, aaah, drool, sigh, etc, lucky, lucky duck. How exciting to meet one of your scrappy friends and spend the weekend in Austria. Love the photos, love the markets, love the food, love the flowers. "Sigh" Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Keep them coming. As for Australia Post. Pftt Their service has certainly gone down with the increase in the executives salaries. Have a good week and welcome home :D

  13. What a lovely visit! I would love to travel like that! But, alas, I am stuck in an office :) Lovely swap as well. I enjoyed it all.

  14. What a lovely visit! I would love to travel like that! But, alas, I am stuck in an office :) Lovely swap as well. I enjoyed it all.

  15. So fun to see the photos of Austria and your friends! I want to see more! (London i.e.??) Love that adorable plate you bought at the flea market. You would love the antique market here in Delft every Saturday :) . Love your new hairdo too!! Hugs!

  16. Looks like it was a lovely holiday for you, Lizzy! Our post here isn't much better, at least 2 of my latest cards were lost and didn't make it to where they should have.

  17. Wow...your holiday sounds super! Austria is gorgeous isn't it...your photo's are super and seems you and Sanna really hit it off. So nice to be able to meet scrappy friends! Love your little pocket letters and so sad that they got lost in the post! Such pretty colours! ;-)

  18. lovely to spend time with Sanna and her family. Being spoiled with food too. And I can't believe you bought only 8 pens at that massive art store....I could never do Europe without checked in luggage!

    Bummer about that pretty pocket letter...glad you took photos though. Welcome back to bloggyland!

  19. Beautiful photos Lizzy! It looks like you had a grand time!!! Lucky girl!!!!! Your packet letters are adorable :)

  20. So THAT'S where you were! I was beginning to wonder if you hated me! ;) haha! I'm totally jealous of your vacation - especially that you got to meet Sanna (and she got to meet you). Just saying - anytime you want to take a holiday to barren North Dakota.... haha!

  21. omg... so much fun you've been having! And it makes me want to cry that that pocket letter got lost... so beautiful... welcome home!


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