KRAFT PLUS CHALLENGE ~ APRIL 2018 ~ Get those Blues Down!

Hey there my Crafty (& Krafty) Friends.
Yup! I've rejoined my FAVE Challenge Blog, KRAFT PLUS....the lovely 'boss lady' over there,
Sandra, well - let's say she's one persuasive girl!
ANYWAYS, here's this month's challenge:
criteria: KRAFT + Follow the recipe to cook up a fantastic K+ creation. 

For lots of inspiration in the different ways of interpreting this challenge, pop on over to the KRAFTR PLUS blog post HERE.
This is what I did:
Something old is the photo, of course, from my 1st marriage...
& the tag is a genuine vintage tag I got from an auction house on holiday in Launceston, about 8 years ago now!
I've some hidden journaling. It was my 1st marriage. It's private stuff! But important...
Something new is my BRAND NEW sewing machine - it's the 1st time I used it, on this LO! 

Something borrowed is the sketch from Stuck?! Sketches

You can find the sketch HERE.
And of course, the something blue is obvious. I had a great time sticking and stapling that blue tissue paper down. I did NOT use my sewing machine near the glue. I KNOW how bad glue is for sewing machines. It's what my last one died of, methinks!!!
Yup, that's a bit of gold paint on the tissue paper, & a cute Funky Flairs flair tucked in!
I know these photos aren't the highest of quality.
I'd put my DSLR camera 'away'....looks like I'll have to drag it out of - well,
the place I put it! We HAVE moved....
And the latest news... my younger son has just gone back to the USA for work.
This makes me sad - but the world, thank GOODNESS, is a much smaller
place these days. Here's us last week:
The other thing I've been doing is 'practising' for the ALI EDWARDS
WEEK IN THE LIFE event, to be held in May.
It will be my first time joining in :)
Trying to take selfies that are a bit different. Like this:
Hope I haven't peaked too early, LOL!
And yes, the weather is STILL like summer not autumn here.
Not that I'm complaining!

Anyways, thanks for looking & as always ~ Happy Scrapping,
Lizzy H 


  1. Oh wow!!! How fabulous to see your first wedding. Fun trying to pick out the familiar faces....well I say fun, it was nigh on impossible! I only spotted you and whom I think is your brother LOL I love all the ephemera that you manage to tuck in...a 'proper' vintage tag, the inevitable flair button (some things never change!) the gold splatters and the letters and even the perfectly colour matched enamel dots....sublime :) can't wait to see your WITL album and I know it's tough but if T didn't move you wouldn't be able to visit (every cloud....and all that) Hope it felt as good to write that post as it did to read it <3

  2. Hi Ya Lizzy! Soooo glad you are back on the Kraft+ team and soooo glad to see your fabulous kreation for this months challenge... and yes those older photos and moments are sooo important too... The weather up this way has been quite pleasant but still on the warm side.. looking forward to some autumn weather soon!! I hope your Easter has been a happy and Blessed one.. and yes the world is a smaller place with all the technology and staying in touch is much easier too.. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

  3. This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the tissue paper!! And loving that photo of you and your son!!! :)

  4. Happy to see you joining K+ team :) Loved the layout and that blue tissue ruffles caught my eye ;)

  5. Hi Lizzy!! So good to see you posting even if it's only once in a while!! Glad you decided to rejoin the Kraft+ team. It's an awesome challenge and so suited to your style! Loving your layout! Lovely photo of your first Wedding Day .. must have brought back lots of memories .. loving those tissue ruffles too! You always manage to bring something unusual into your crafting and it always looks amazing!! Love the photos .. the one with your son and the selfie .. though I'm not sure how you managed that one .. it's brilliant!!! Welcome back!! hugs xx

  6. yay! missed you in the bloggy world!!! congratulations on the Kraft Plus gig too!!!!


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