MULTIPLES sorted...

Yup! I'm still madly scrapping multi photo pages.
[With the occasional single one when I get a bit bored!]
This one of Tim encompasses a rather long time span.
Lots of different colours. Challenging indeedy!
Instead of 'framing' the photos, I created a bg 'frame' by using strips of
Felicity Jane pp's. And those edges strips with the little scallops on either side?
HAND FUSSY CUT, my friends. Don't die of shock, now!!!
Adding a few pops of colour [used a marker on the wood camera!]
& some little words on each photo. I like to treat them as if
I'm doing Project Life ~ it seems to help me scrap these sorts
of pages:)

I think the triangle thingy is like a paper clip. But I treated it as an embellie!
Here's a single photo one I just completed today, starring WALLY!
And my boys. Here's the journaling:
Do you like my little doggies? They're a stamp. I thought I'd give a couple
a cute GOLD collar, LOL!!! Oh, MORE FUSSY CUTTING!!!!
I've just begun the HUGE MASSIVE SCARY job of sorting my stamps.
Hence the blog title. Multiples sorted for certain. Shall I tell you how many
HEART stamps I have? I'm embarrassed to!
I have taken the sets mostly apart. Put the stamps into word, animal, theme
groupings. I think this way I'll use them more. Here's a photo mid-stream:
Excuse the IPhone photo! I'm slowly getting them into Stampin' Up cases.
The writing on the side is temporary, until I get the sets 'just right'.
I don't mind mixing manufacturers.I'm not on any DT's, so it doesn't matter that they're mixed up!
And don't think this is all of them. It's about 2/3rds. But
I haven't started on Christmas or Birthday ones yet... AAAGH!!!

ANYWAYS.... back to my single photo page;)
I wanted to use navy a fair bit. Oh, the doggies are different colours by simply
'stamping off' the stamp as I went. Once again, I've mixed new paper [Shimelle],
with layers of old papers!
Can you see some of my hand crafted cork peeking out on the right there?
Below, I'm STILL using up those alphas. The 'S' is a cut down 8. The 'L' is
an upside down 7. The 'As' are upside down 'Us'... then I added the cross
bar by colouring around them & in that spot!
And yes! Even a few buttons! My 'aim' atm is to make sure I add at least ONE stamp,
some washi and OLD old stash. Buttons fall into that category:)
What do YOU challenge yourself to do/use on your pages?
I'll leave you with a photo of our weekend. Lovely weather.
Coffee and lemon pie I'd made eaten outside,
enjoying the Last of the Summer Warmth!
We had a very happy weekend. I hope you did too!
Thanks for taking the time to wander around my blog ~ Happy Scrapping!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. always a pleasure to wander around your blog. I like your multi photo layouts , tells the story and is kinda like PL. My Gosh you sure do have some stamps ! How cute is Wally dog , a little puppy and your boys sure look young. Great use of the alpha's . Lemon pie mmmmmmm. Will let you know how I go with it. Joe's chooks have been enjoying my cooking of late..... 2 lots of scones went to them and I was grumpy for the rest of the day. I think I should give up cooking !

  2. I'm on a destash mode this year too!! toooooooooo much stuff in this room of mine!! I am working it a little different though, I have my stuff sorted by collections, and I am working at getting rid of one collection at a time! :) I love love love these!! LOVING the colors and those little doggies! LOVING how you are doing your stamps too! That is a good system -- I have seen people use old CD cases too!!!!!!!

  3. So you are a genius... that's all... oh well, before I go I'll also say love these pages... love how you're using up your alphas... cool way to organize your stamps... I'll have to give that some thought.. I mean yeah... the dt ones no but all of my older ones that no one cares (including me) who they are made by... that would be cool! ok... so I added a few more words then I intended, but you got me thinking!

  4. Good day Lizzy! The pie looks yum and yes the days are simply glorious up thisa way! and having green grass helps too... yes had a good weekend, very busy one and now it is monday... and Easter is really around the corner now! Love seeing your layouts, love the little embellies you put on your photos, great groupings.. and love the doggie stamp.. and a special day this week for you too.... have the bestest week!!

  5. Oh and love your idea of using older stuff on the layouts.. i really must get my stamps out and see if they still work.. and buttons.. have a gazillion of them too!! heheee!!xx

  6. That pie looks totally delish!!! We had a very quiet weekend .. a very quiet week actually. Didn't do much at all .. didn't even play in my craft room .. shock/horror!!! Back into it now though and loving every minute!! Fabulous layouts Lizzy .. love how you re-purpose your alphas .. brilliant!! Adore the multi photos .. fab colours and fussy cutting!!??!! You??!!?? Again!!??!! Wow!! .. and you did a fabbo job, those edges look like they were punched .. awesome!! Love, love, love the photo of your boys and Wally and the page is gorgeous .. so love your work. Now, about those stamps!! Wow!! Have fun sorting through all that lot!! Fab idea though .. now .. if only I could get someone down here to do my stuff?? Ah well, guess it's just gonna sit there staring at me til I pull the proverbial finger out!! LOL!! Have a wonderful week Lizzy!! hugs xx

  7. Ok. Will you be stopping by my place to sort out my stamp collection? They are still in their original packaging since I hardly use them. But they magically fall into my shopping cart when I order stuff online...*winks*

    Lots of fun, fabulous details on your layouts. Hand-cut scallop edges you say? *clap clap*

  8. I love to pore over your multi photo layouts so that I can take in all the details and shamelessly store away ideas: you pull off pages with lots of pictures with such ease!

  9. Gorgeous pages, I really need to sort my stamps out, I never seems to use them o layouts because I keep forgetting that I've got them!

  10. Just got myself a cuppa, so I can browse at leisure and inhale all the scrappy goodness on offer here. Clever work combining all the disparate photos on the first layout. Love the little painted face and the red triangles. It's wonderful when they are off being "Big Boys" and living their dreams. You fussy cut the borders? Whatever next!! Love the navy with yellow combo and the little Dog stamp. Good on you for organising your stamps, I need to do that too. And then to get the salivary glands drooling you finish up with lemon tart! You tease! It looks scrumptious. Fabulous post. TFS

  11. HI Lizzy, lots of inspiration as always - love the idea of composing the page like a pocket page, definitely makes scrapping multiple pics easier. You always have such ingenious ideas with embellies - like those fussy-cut stamped little dogs, so cute and quirky, I love them. Can't believe all the fussy-cutting - those scallops, blimey!! Your weather looks lovely still - ours is just showing signs of the summer to come, and very welcome it is too :o)xxx

  12. Love your style and the way you record your family life!

  13. how wonderful works Lizzy! I totally adore how you made multiphoto projects because for me it's always hard! and also I like your way to use alphas, because I have a lot of them and often there are only a few pieces left from the sheet

  14. Two wonderful pages!!! ❤ Love them both!!! Such great memories to scrap. You are so good on using multiple photos. More than two at the same time is hard for me I think... need to practice. Anyway, have a peaceful and lovely Easter๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’› Take care Anna xo

  15. I always love seeing your creative flair my dear friend...I love reading your journaling and just generally catching up on what is going on on the other side of the world. I love the way you made the 7 work on your title too xxxx

  16. Always pretty....always gorgeous! Loving your projects! ;-)


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