Kidding around...

...yup! I had to mind the Grand Boy, the youngest today.
It was a pile of fun.
He's a gorgeous wee bubba. Crawling
and smiling and sleeping.
We even went for a walk with the dog up
to the post office.
On the way we found some fungi.
This is a built up urban area with a 4 lane highway.
They really will grow anywhere!! Wish I knew more about what
is edible and not!
We saw this way pretty and nice smelling rose bush:
It really was a great day!
I also made a few Christmas cards!
Had an easy lunch;)
Here's some I made:
 These are all using 'bits' I've been gifted.... I pop them all into a pizza box, then
I can simply grab some & pop them together!
 The one below is my fave. I think it's the wooden tag....
I was also blessed to be gifted some Happy Mail from my scrappy mate
in the UK, Katie P.....she wrapped her gift in some GORGEOUS Peter
Rabbit tissue paper, on the left of the photo below:
[I ADORE her bright shiny pink mail packets, too!!]
ANYWAYS, it took me less than a day to use up that paper!!!
I'm making an 8x8 album for Ashton, for each month of his 1st year.
I did the same for both Lucas & Ollie.
Here's that paper:
The photo is from my phone, so not the best. But you get the idea.
More script writing with my fountain pen, too :)
On Thursday Tom has his 2nd cataract operation.
Hopefully, after the 3 follow-up appointments,
that will be THAT!
I'm sure it will go OK, but it IS nice to get it done & dusted:)
Oh! And just for Val Belle....the perm & trim...
I sorta still do a bit of hairdressing, keep my hand in...
so I was off doing an ex-neighbour's hair.
Not getting mine done! That rarely happens.
In fact, I attacked the fringe a few weeks ago. Hacked it.
Just growing out now. EEEP!!!
Here it is with Ollie & I on the train;)
We go 10 min's down the road to the next station & back.
He loves it & so do I!!!
It's a good Friday minding-day activity.
must be off ~ Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Oh when I saw your blog title I thought you may have been acting the goat...hehe... Kidding.. Get,it.. Yeah I know ...hehe! But looks like you have had a wonderful day, and by Crikey your youngest grand boy looks so much like his brothers I had to look three times to think which one he was! Your cards are lovely, and I think you are wise to get in and get some done.. The way this way is flying by... Nearly April... And mushrooms will grow where there is moisture and the right combination of nutrients.. And the good ones are brown under neath, never eat the white ones they are piosonoiius ... Where is spell check when I need it?? I am just eating ice cream and checking blogs after going up and getting Nisha from work. The new k mart opens tomorrow in the new part of the shopping centre and she works again tomorrow.. Anyway lovely to pop by and see what you have been doing today and a lovely day you have had too! Xx

  2. Oh yes!! He is a gorgeous wee bubba .. so cute!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and those mushies look huge!!! Probably not safe to eat though .. check if they are brown underneath. Love the cards .. don't love that they are telling me to get cracking and make some of those myself though! LOL!! The layout is just beautiful. That Peter Rabbit paper is so cute and the photo .. totally adorable .. so sweet! So too the one of you and Ollie .. love it!! Enjoy the rest of the week Lizzy!!! hugs xx

  3. Your babies are just adorable! LOVING the photos!!!!!! And loving those Christmas cards and your lo!! Those bunnies are WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well now this is a fun catch up..and I learned something I didn't know about you: you can cut hair? I'm right: you can do just about everything :)

  5. Ollie is soooooooooooooo PRECIOUS - how I loved reading about your adventuresome day Lizzy! The train - wow. I have never been on a train - and you just ride it down the hill and back - CRAZY!!

    And your Christmas cards are AWESOME. Out of bits and pieces - to me - you are a MIRACLE WORKER. I always like to pick a favorite but this time... I can't. All are SUPER FINE. You just know exactly where to put things to make the perfect creation Lizzy.

    And Nap Time is just ADORABLE. Smiling now thinking of all the FUN the two of you had on your day together. So glad you shared :) Xj.

  6. Looks like a fab day indeed, such lucky boys to have you as their Nan , they are going to have wonderful memories of times spent with you and you are lucky to have 3 gorgeous Grandboys. Christmas cards ! ..... Stop it ! they look fabulous though. It will be good when Tom's surgeries are all over and dusted, whishing speedy recovery forhim

  7. How gorgeous are your grand babies. I think I would spend all my time kissing their faces off 😀. So glad the day went well and you made cards too, you are too good young lady
    I hope everything goes well for Tom tomorrow.

  8. are enjoying your grandsons eh? They are a good-looking bunch I must say. Glad you are back to your old busy and extremely productive self. Love those Christmas cards (I actually made 1 so far and it's only March!) and love that the fountain pen has been in play!

  9. I love to read your days, you are a lucky nana :)
    And I love your cards and LO - Peter Rabbit is one of my fave!!

  10. Oh your grandson is gorgeous! I love seeing photos of you doing your daily things, including making cards on the kitchen table.
    Good idea to make an 8x8 album for every month of his life. I did it for our eldest grandson at the time, but it was not really appreciated, so I didn't make any more.
    It's always nice to receive happy mail. I must say that mail was super happy!! Great stuff. Especially the Peter Rabbit.
    I'm tempted to say Happy T-Day as it's Tuesday and you have a drink on the table. (You could have joined you know...),

  11. Such fun to read your blog and get a sense of your day. I have a theory that the clocks in Woy Woy give you an extra 6 hours in every day! No? well please explain how you manage to do everything you achieve in a normal day? Card making and baby sitting! Walks to the PO and train rides too, Hmm. I'll have what you're having! But I digress; now to more important things. That little Bubba is adorable, in fact all three of them are. How lucky they are to have Ma in their lives, so incite their thirst for knowledge and a love of the great outdoors. Gorgeous cards, a happy mail and the sweetest little one month layout. Thanks for sharing Lizzy. :D

  12. WOW! Those bright blue eyes! Bet he charms everyone he meets. And I'm with Helen, how on earth do you fit so much into a day? Super post and I thoroughly enjoyed looking, reading and admiring everything in it.

  13. You must be super woman!! How did you get all that done when I can barely get my eyes open until after noon (honestly, around 3 pm LOL) - stunning cards and that boy is gonna break hearts when he gets older! Hugs!!

  14. Awww so cute. You are a fabulous Grandmother. Cherish those days and the boys will remember them too as they grow up. I know mine do from days spent with their Grandma.

  15. Ohhh!!! Both Ollie and Ashton is just adorable!!! You are Such a good nanna Lizzy!!! And several lovely cards snd pages!!! So much goodies in your Happy mail too, YUMMY !!! Happy day!!!
    How is it going with Tom's finger? And I see that you are looking forward to get all the hospial thing done now!! Have a great day my dear friend!!! 💖💖💖

  16. Hello Lizzy from way down under... I just have to say - having the kids is amazing BUT... I want to know HOW you got him to sit so nicely in his chair while you were scrapping? Fess up now... I have Scarli on a Thursday and then Storm comes for dinner cause Lloyd works late - It is a very long day for me... That child never stops now that she is wanting to walk I have to hold her hands while she walks VERY NICELY... me not so much.. more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame... Jeesh :D Anyway I am glad to see you had such a lovely day. I am WAAAAYYYY more impressed by the Christmas cards nogal... The layouts are fab and I LOVE the pic of your hair. Clever thing. It looks real pretty. So get back to work. Hope that all goes well for all of you <3

  17. What a happy post Lizzy!
    It's so fun to follow you and your beautiful wee grand' babe along your daily routine.
    Love the Christmas cards and the layouts!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for hubby!

  18. Oh my that tissue paper! Rock star day with the kiddo, all looks like fun! I adore that rose! SUPER pretty! Fun times and I'm glad you are making Christmas cards, makes all right with the world!

  19. Looks like a wonderful day and your grandson is very cute! Loving your Christmas cards and that layout is so adorable!

  20. He really is a cutie! Great layouts and cards, always so inspiring.

  21. Your grand boy is a real cutie! Great collection of Christmas cards..wish I could be that organised! I love Peter rabit..super cute page, great nature photos too! I couldn't help but laugh when I read you had been trimming your fringe...I too am a hairdresser. I did exactly the same thing about a month ago..Yep hacked it. OMG..I've heard people say there is 2 weeks between a good and a bad cut! NOPE, I reckon it was more like 8 week for me. Enjoy your week!

  22. oh Lizzy you're so busy to work with and Christmas cards in April is beautiful idea! ))) think you won't have any problems with cards before Christmas!))))

  23. Your grandson is so all your photos and you are working on Christmas cards...something I haven't done in years.


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