A Creative Sorta Week...

... not at the start. Unless you count hair trims and perming as creative!
Once I'd got those outta the way, I had TWO days in my craft room. Yay!
I was fortunate to get a LOVELY pocket letter
from a private swap with JANE TAYLOR.
She is a fabulous CAS scrapper that I got to know when
we were both involved in LET'S DECEMBER DAILY.
And I got some goodies too! How lucky am I?
Soooo, Jane is a member of the UNIKO stamp team, I think.
I’m pretty sure these mandalas are a stamp of theirs. Could be wrong.
Anyways, this is what I did with the first one:
I made it into a card. AND GO ME---- note I used a tassel!
The colouring took ages, but I really enjoyed it! I Think the next one will be blues
& greens, maybe!
I had a pile of other ‘bits’ that I wanted to upcycle /re-use as well. So here’s what I’ve done:
The Project Life 3x4 card I've used on this is from TANYA LEIGH DESIGNZ in NZ.
I really like this set, which has some wonderful, heartfelt sentiments.
I can't take credit for the rest of the card which was part of some happy mail
I received last year from a scrappy mate! I do like to upcycle, though, especially with
such LOVELY bits:) Similarly, I've used more of hers in this card:
The sparkly bits were gifted to me by JO TRITTON. I'm slowly using them.
They're sooo pretty!!  Behind the vellum I've sort of created a shaker packet.
Originally it was an open pocket!
Added the flowers & some washi, too :)
Way happy about those little projects being done & dusted...

I think this is a new fave. Firstly, cos it’s such a LOVELY photo
of my Grand Girl.
Adore that bg paper from COCOA VANILLA STUDIOS too!
Secondly cos I script wrote with NO
ghosting or pencilling in. Just went for it,
with my fountain pen.
I know that won’t surprise most of you! I tend to just get stuck in,
with my scrapping. And of course, these colours are my favest!!!
 This is a photo I pinched from Instagram, so I've covered up the little bits down
the bottom!
 There are actually quite a lot of layers behind the photo. Including vellum & tissue.
But I've kept them just peeking out. I am liking this idea atm!
Up top I've done another cluster. I am really enjoying adding sequins atm, too!!!
I have done sooooo many more pages in the last 3 months.
Around 15 per month. So I am SLOWLY making my way through the
never ending pile of photos! Not that I ever anticipate reaching the bottom.
Do you?
Hahaaaaaaa……bet it’s a resounding ‘no’ to that!
Almost the weekend if you’re in Aussie.
I’ve got the middle Grand Boy tomorrow, then doing swapsies
and looking after the eldest over night….
so it will be a busy but fun start to the weekend here!
Whatever you do, wherever you are, enjoy every minute of it….
You just never know what’s around the corner.
Like the London attack with that car. Not nice.
But it DOES remind you to grab hold of life and live it with both hands :)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hi Ya Lizzy, humm yes not very good news this morning, rather shocking and sad... and yes prayers for London, and for peace generally.... So glad to see your scrapping, love the cards, fabulous shaker one.. great layouts, and had to smile at the doggies names... how would you call them if they were naughty and you wanted to go crook?? heehe.. i would get tongue twisted.. but great names for cute poochies! The script writing looks amazing, i was going to ask if they were stamps or something cos they look so good.. well done on that.. great photo, now getting photos of instagram... humm i might have to join up with that one too.. I just printed off a few hundred photos at big w, I picked the ones I wanted then hit continue and then it said finalize order... humm thats not right havent edited them yet so went back and edited only to find i now had 2 lots of photos... i was then running late so I just got all the photos printed off.. i will know next time that you edit as you go now... the software has changed on the machines... oh well more to scrap!!! and yes friday again.. already.. i am getting my hair done.. must be the week for it!!! have a great day with your grand boys!!

  2. Wow!!!! You have been BUSY!!!! I love love love love all of these!!! That last lo is just GORGEOUS! LOVING the blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love those Mandalas .. brilliant colouring .. can't wait to see the next one!! Totally loving the cards you are making at the mo .. you do it so easy??!! and come up trumps! Specially love the middle one with the PL card .. so pretty!! Adore, adore, adore the pooches page!! Such brilliant names .. love them!! 'Course the grandgirl's page is gorgeous too. Love the photo and your writing is amazing. I could never, ever get it that good .. awesome!! My prayers go to London too. Absolutely horrendous .. really feel for everyone over there. Just can't understand how people can do that kind of thing .. beggars belief. You are absolutely right .. we should be sure to enjoy every minute of life because we never know what's around the corner. Let's hope and pray people wake up to the truth and that there is no more of this kind of horror. Wishful thinking I guess. Having said all that .. I hope you enjoy your weekend Lizzy!! Blessings to you and yours. hugs xx

  4. Busy Beaver indeedy ! love all of these , the cards look fab. You have done a awesome job with the puppy layout and my absolute fave is the one of your granddaughter. LOVE the script writing, looks like you are a pro at it. I love the fact that you have left the photo like a instagam pic , without cropping that out, looks great. I just love every bit of this layout, a new fave. Enjoy your Grandboys, we are just home from Sydney today after seeing our DD and son in law's ceremony after lots of hard work and study, so very proud. Have a lovely weekend my friend

  5. How fabulous to see your gorgeous colours on the Uniko mandela, so pleased you had fun with it. And your scrap pages are glorious as always and totally inspire me. Feeling so blessed to have discovered you as an internet pal!

  6. Is there anything you can't do? Writing with a fountain pen too? I'm delighted to hear that you had the time and energy and brain space for some creating. Well deserved!

  7. Hey Lizzy, what a fun and fabulous post! Especially love that last page, so whimsical, beautiful colours and that gorgeous watercolour background . Love it! X

  8. Wow you have been very busy! As always fabulous projects :)

  9. All that in two days?!! Good heavens. I'm obviously way over thinking everything I do! Love the cards and that you are upcycling goodies. I'm must be the only gal in Oz that's not into colouring, but that brilliant mandala could almost tempt me. Awwwh - those dear little dogs, they just make my heart melt. Fab work with the Grand girl and no- I'm never going to get to the bottom of my photos. Have a good week.

  10. Well, those are 2 days well spent! These are awesome! My fave is that last layout. Just love the blues and the script. :)

  11. a lot of lovely projects Lizzy! so different but still in your style! love to see the details! )))

  12. Hiya Lizzy, WOW... what a fabulous post. LOVE that PL page you got just my style. I have tried the colouring thing and I am not sure I am sold so the jury is still out on that one. The cards are just beautiful and the layouts so cool. Beautiful photo of your girl and the pooches... just plain adorable. You have been a busy girl. So where is the pick of your cut/permed hair.?????

  13. Every week is a creative week for you and you do some really amazing work! x

  14. Sooooo much loveliness going on here as always!!! You already know I Love your mandela card with that GORGEOUS little tassel!! And that wander layout !!!! 💙💙💙 LOOOVE it !!! I always leave your blog with a happy pleased smile on my whole face ❤ Thanks for sharing snd reminding us to enjoy the little things in life!!!
    Blessings Anna xo


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