I think this is my fave colour combo!

Blues. With cream/white.
It seems to be my default combo.
More multi photos, again from a whole range of dates.
STILL using up those alphas!!!
The 'Es' are actually 3s & the 'A' a 'U'.... dunno what got smudged
on them. Aaaaah well! Least of my worries;)
I also used some stamping! Sorting them out means I [sort of]
know what I have!

For this Yvonne Yam inspired card, below, I used her technique of
clustering 'unlike' objects together! And some GOLD Ecoline ink she sent
me. I've never had any before. And sorta used it wrong. But, hey!
It made brilliant 'faux' drops.
Oh! And the water colouring? I actually did that!
I'm not 'arty' - but it was fun having a play;)
Anyways, back to the blues... a SINGLE PHOTO one below.
This is my almost Grown Grand boy, which means that photos
of him are rare! Anyways, I nabbed this one from Facebook.
Found a feather on the way home from the shops, so on it went!
 I am SO not good at using chipboard....so that's the 'latest' challenge.
I have found if I pop a little bunch of stuff on my work desk, then
I'm much more likely to use it. So that's my strategy re: stuff I find
hard to use! I'm glad it's working:)
 Stitched down arrows & REAL shells! Inspo from both Mitra P
who gave me the little shells, and Anna U who uses stitching amazingly!!
Bet you've got some Pearl Drops in your stash? I like to use them
to attach sequins - they make a cute little centre bit!
The layers behind my photo are OLD papers.
Mixing old and new again....works for me!
I hope you-all had a lovely Easter. It was a nice, quiet one here.
I got a fair bit of scrapping done - some Happy Mail sent out.
I've had a birthday since last time I posted, so more mail for that
All in all, I've had a rather GOOD month!
Hope you're having one too:)
Cheers ~ Lizzy H ♥♥♥


  1. What fabulous pages and beautiful card, Lizzy!! Your love for your grandchildren just shines in that first one. What a great way to use up the last bits of your alphas!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  2. Glad you had a Happy Easter - we had a quiet-ish one too. You just can't go wrong with blues and creams, they work for almost any kind of layout. Cute photos of your special Boy and I especially like the lifetime love ticket. Clever chickie with the stamped and water coloured card - it turned out beautifully. The last project works well on the weathered wood background; perfect for the beach photo. Always a treat to drop in for a cuppa. TFS

  3. These are GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeeeeeee that color combo too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. your posts make me smile! quite enjoyed this one with some ice tea in my office! Super cool pages and I'm glad you had a good month! Hugs!

  5. Blue & white is my fave colour combo too ..love that page! You work so well with the multi photos but then you work well with single ones too!! Simply adore the card .. very arty indeed and another gorgeous combo of colour .. beautifully done! Love the wood background on the last page .. works beautifully!! Glad you had a wonderful Easter and hope you spoiled yourself and enjoyed your birthday!! Our Easter was fairly quiet too. Got together with family on the Sunday (was a great day!)and I got a little paper play in on the Monday which was fabbo. Enjoy the rest of the week Lizzy! hugs xx

  6. Oh yes April has been good, I just wish it would slow down a bit!!! Your layouts are wonderful.. I love looking for all those 'bits' you put on your pages, and you use chipboard really well.. great photos, and fabulous card, love the water coloring.. and I hope this week has been good so far too!

  7. Love the fact that you include yourself on the layouts!
    Beautiful pages Lizzy!

  8. A lovely combination of colours. I think teal must be my fav colour.
    Great photos too.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you had a nice Easter too.

    The photo on the last page looks like a postcard, the view behind that handsome man is so perfect!

  10. Any combination that includes blue will be my favourite. Stunning pages and projects.

  11. your works are always beautiful Lizzy! love all your creations! ))) and think I should try your strategy ))))))

  12. Did you just really say "I'm not arty?" Pshhhhh girlfriend, you are the DEFINITION of arty. Smack* smack* smack* I'm crushing on the little bits and bobs you've used in all of your designs. I must now go find one of those wicked cool feathers. <3

  13. Wow! So much goodness here... she did? She said she's not arty???!!!! Wait...hold on...yup... she said it... I'm sure that was a mistake.. anyway... LOVE the layouts... your layouts are just the best... my favorite part is your journaling... I love that it's always there and I love that it's in your fun handwriting... and that beautiful card and the watercoloring... very arty of you :) .. um... you do realize you are an artist, right? Cause you are...

  14. What fabulous pages and love the card STUNNING!!

  15. Wow..Lizzy fabulous creating! Your layouts are always fun, love all the little bits and pieces! Awesome handwriting too....I wreckon your really arty!

  16. Gorgeous layouts. I love the colour blue but I never have any success with it on my layouts :( x

  17. Gorgeous projects....love the sea-scape one....just beautiful! ;-)


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