The Story of the The Background...

... this particular background paper was just too strong for the photos.
But I was DETERMINED to use it. It came in my Kitaholics kit.
['scuse the mobile phone photo....]
Whether I like the kit or not, my aim is to 'kill' it. This
way I don't feel guilty about getting the next month's!
So, what to do. I thought of gesso. But I wanted to
keep the 'crisp' look.
So, this is what I did:
Used a copic marker. Took an age. Was worth every minute!!
This is the finished page:
I really love all the little embellies with the kit this month.
Once again, channeled a 'project life' style LO, in order to get
more than one photo scrapped. Especially since they were
all of the same event.
Love those little gold glittery hearts....I know I can make them,
but it was a treat to not do so!
 Those big "XOs" are a fave, too. My blue eyed boys!!
 The family really enjoyed the 'fake' snow. About as close to the real
thing we're ever likely to see here!
I actually made 3 pages today. I am loving scrapping soooo much atm!
I'll leave you with some photos of Grand Boy Ollie's little family 2nd birthday
party that we had on the weekend.
This is the t-shirt we bought him, Bahahaaaaaa!
 My Mum - hoping her hip operation goes well tomorrow!
 And the birthday boy, excited MUCH at blowing out his candles,
clapping himself cos we clapped him..... so we repeated it a few more
His Mum did such a FABULOUS job of the 'Thomas' train cake, too:)
Take care now & happy scrapping !!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Oh you are clever once again, love the black splots on the back ground.. and great way to use 4 photos too... could have had some of the fake snow last week...!!! and great birthday photos, and all the best for your mum.. pray it all goes well and she recovers really well... take card of yourself too Lizzy...

  2. Wow!! You clever duck!! Brilliant to alter your papers like that .. love it with the black dots (defo worth the effort) and love the multi photos too .. you are so good at that. Great birthday photos .. happy 2nd birthday to your grand boy .. looks like he had a lot of fun. Best wishes for your Mum as well Lizzy. Hope and pray it all goes well and that she recovers quickly. hugs xx

  3. Only you would think to alter a whole sheet of paper! Paid off though, brilliant page. And aren't your photos just so adorable and don't two year olds look sooo grown up these days!

  4. What a clever chicken you are; never defeated by a seemingly impossible paper. You tamed it and created a fun page. Lucky little kid lets to enjoy the snow. Two year old just love the whole Birthday candle ritual. It must seem like magic to them. Hope all goes well with you Mum's surgery.

  5. Loveeeeeeeeeeee what you did with that background! This page is FABULOUS! And loving the birthday photos!!!!! I hope all goes well with your Mom's surgery!

  6. You definitely killed it !! Cool Idea to use a black marker ,it has changed the look a lot :)

  7. Oh, I remember the days of the Thomas birthday cakes..

    That background is stunning! It is so stunning I can't help thinking it should have come like that in the first place. A very, very neat trick...she said as she looked about her desk to see what she could colour in..

  8. You are just too clever, love how you just make everything work , never defeated. Worked a treat. Love the photo of Ollie blowing out his candles, a nice capture and love the tshirt , now you will have his Mum and Dad thinking ! lol Your Mum should be on the road to recovery now, hope she is feeling well asap

  9. Hi Lizzy!
    Your cheerful post is the antidote to any cold winter day!
    Love what you've created and my oh my! You have some handsome boys for sure!!
    Thanks for sharing~

  10. Oh, that was so smart, Lizzy! It really turns out terrific! So cute! Hope your mom's surgery goes well! My best to her! xoxox Melissa

  11. Oh goodness gracious you guys have FAKE SNOW!!!! I think I would like it much better like that than pelting me on the face!!! So awesome! (We took a hill kinda sideways with our van today at work so I'm in a "mood" about snow) LOVE how you colored all those bursts in super cool! Kit bashing rocks!

  12. fantastic idea Lizzy! colour patterned paper to the black - what could be more creative? and it works great!
    fake snow? come to Russia in winter and you get a lots of real snow! ))) hahaha ♥♥♥

  13. Glad you were determined to use up that paper - love the creative way you made it work for you!

    Ollie is sooooo cute! 2 already? That train cake looks fabulous!

  14. Arent you just the clever one. I would never have thought of that and the end result is lovely... Love the t-shirt and agree 100% on the sentiment. Hope you mum is doing ok... how did it go... by now it will be all over. Gorgeous cake I wont dare post a pic of Paiges Barbie cake... epic disaster and the end result looks like she is sitting on a long drop... In fact I may just have to scrap the story of the cake :P

  15. What you did with that background paper is simply genius! I LOVE, LOVE the entire page!!! It is fabulous. (And thanks for your visit to my blog - I am glad that someone else doesn't scrap in order, either! LOL!!!!) Hugs to you, my friend!

  16. Brilliant idea for the background paper! You have much more patience than me, but it paid off and looks fab!

  17. Well done on altering that paper, the layout looks great. I hope your mum's op went ok and how cute is the birthday boy?!?!?

  18. A super fun page Lizzy! You did a great job to alter the paper with your copic pen! Great idea! Super photo's of Olli's Birthday too....his little train cake sure was pretty neat! ;-)

  19. NO surprise that you never let it beat you....clever idea Lizzy...looks fabulous. What a cutie your little GS is...and the cake looks awesome. All the best to your Mum. x


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