I tried. I really did...

...to make a 1/2 decent video.
I seem to have gotten a bee in my bonnet
and simply HAD to conquer The Video!
Who am I joking? It's 1/4 decent. Sort of.
See, for some strange reason I got into my head I wanted to share
how I use up those pesky die cuts and cut aparts that seem to
breed [along with the rest of our stashes!!!]
by making cards.
And so the Journey to The Deep Dark Depths began.
My prob is I do so few videos [cos every time I do one I swear
it's my last] that I forget what to do.
And of course, I filmed on a 38C day. The camera over heated
& kept cutting out.
So, it's a film with no end. Actually, a really funny end.
I forgot what speed I'd FF it in, in some parts.
It jumps around a bit.
There are black bits that aren't black.
And a DOG barks.
WALLY! Honestly!
So, here you go. I actually made these 3 cards in little over
20 minutes 'real time'.
So it is a terribly simple & effective stash busting technique.
But it took me days and days to finish the video.
Give me crafting any day, I say!
And the hesitant voice over at the start....didn't know if I
was 'on air' or not. I DO get better!
Here's the cards. Using scraps up. The only bought stuff is some old
rub-ons from the Op Shop - now THAT was s find!
I made 5 cards all up, but only 3
for this video.
The bg pp is from my stash. Go me;) 
I've popped the cards in here, cos I know not all of us
like watching videos.
And here is the video. Click only if you have a tissue /hanky
to cry /laugh into.
You have been warned!

Hope this provides some inspiration of some kind.
 Or a laugh at the very least.
And for all you Aussies out there,
 Happy Australia Day :)
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Happy AUstralia Day to you too.. i hope it was a good one!! This is wonderful.. loved your chattering all through the video, loved the way you just put the layers together, I tend to fuss... perhaps something else would go too... DAHH just stick it together!! love the cards.. have a great friday.. yes how did it get to friday already!!!???

  2. Happy Australia Day Lizzy!!! Hope you had a good one. Love your cards and love how they went together so easily .. well, at least, you make it look so easy. I tend to procrastinate .. will this work?? .. will that look better?? .. does this colour suit or not??? I'm hopeless!! Always have to walk away time after time until I get the right elements in place .. but you, you just go with the flow! Oh how I wish I could work that way .. brilliant!! Amazing cards and totally awesome and thoroughly enjoyable video!!! big hugs xx

  3. I love love love those cards! The colors and layers are perfect!!! And LOVING the video ... you make me :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your cards are just so lovely Lizzy but your video was THE BEST! What a treat. So inspiring. WOW. Thanks bunches. Xj.

  5. You have a very "listenable -to" voice! You can accompany my morning coffee break any day :)

  6. Well you tried and you succeeded Lizzy! Well done you - I know how frustrating editing the videos can be - yes it does take days. Perhaps if we did them more frequently it would become easier. Hmmm on the other hand, like you, I'd rather be crafting. Love the cards and the way they just flowed together and your voice over is such fun. Congrats :D

  7. LOVE the video, I have packets & packets of collectables , so guess what I am going to do tonight ...... make a card. Always you are inspiring , thank you for sharing and just keep doing what you are doing because it works ! and I would much rather watch your video than cook !

  8. Lizzy your cards are wonderful! love this palette, so trendy ))))) and your video is great too!
    for me both parts are difficult - create video is hard because of not enough day-light most time of the year and edit it is not easy too ))) I like to craft the most! ))) but sometimes is great to make something hard! )))

  9. Those cards all look amazing, well done on persevering with the video!

  10. Lizzy, you are way too funny!!! The video was awesome and I totally love all of your cards! Especially your 'throwing of the sequins...what", how perfectly they landed!!!

  11. Loved your video, Lizzy, it made me smile, and not for the reasons you put in your blog post! Because... I have heaps of bits and bobs in ziplock bags and I always need a bit of a push to use them up, and I only think of making cards when there's a challenge prompt or something! It takes me WAY longer to make a card than an entire layout. And so, you totally inspired me to make some cards to use up those bits and pieces (though I suspect it will take me much longer than 20 mins). My favourite bit was your chatter and your "dodgy door" comment :) :)

  12. Brilliant cards Lizzy, great way to use up those scraps we all have and I LOOOOOOOOVE your vid, please do more :o)xxx

  13. Great video Lizzy! It is always both fun and interesting to see a fellow card maker'c creative process!
    Love the result!!

  14. What do you mean 1/4 decent!!! It was brilliant! I love how you put those cards together & the gorgeous results. Cards seriously do my head in, but you made that look super easy. I hope you do more videos, as I'll certainly watch :)

  15. I think your videos are great and I don't even want to try and go down that road. These cards are fab and I love that you are using up yours stash. My goal for this year. Such a good idea to use those envelopes to hold scraps by colour. Think I need to do that. I have two big pizza boxes... one for patterns and one for plains. It is a pain if you have to look for anything. I love these cards. So pretty.

  16. Enjoyed watching your video Lizzy, think it's great! Fab cards too, love the colours and watching how you move things around and change things up as you go.

  17. Gorgeous cards...really love them! Will have to check out your video at home, as the content is blocked at work!!! ;-)

  18. Hey girl...came back to say I watched your video and you did a super job. Loved it. Really super. No flies on you mate. 😘😘😘😘😘


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