What a week...

... Poor Tom had a wrangle with the electric bench saw. His right thumb
came off rather poorly. He cut it lengthways. Basically stuck his thumb into the blade.
Couldn't extract it before he turned the machine off. Lost 1/2 his nail, had a pile of
stitches and some of his flesh is so mashed up they have just had to leave it.
NOT nice. So he's in a lot of pain. And had a lot of pain relief,
in this picture, heehee!
So am I [in pain, that is].
Because he cooks. ALL our meals. Including my brekky in bed.
Every morning.
Oh dear! I've actually had to rediscover the kitchen.
Our own home grown tomatoes. Cooked by me. It deffo was a 'DIY' moment;)

ANYWAYS. The scrapping continues.
Today I finished off an A4 page with a photo I took out front of our
house. It's a little OTT - but I like it!
I do these types of LOs so I can hang up in our house. It's nice to
look at a vase of flowers, or the clutter of outdoor furniture under our
tree..... sort of homely!
 Some more stenciling & I'm rather fond of that sparkling washi tape!
 Layered the 'documented' sticker onto the tab. Lots of older bits of
odd papers under the photo...
 Even got out the date stamp! A few sequins & wood hearts scattered...

As well as LOs I've finished my Melbourne trip 'diary'.
[Used a Myer's catalogue as bg paper - since this is where we spent so
much time... & money!!!!]
Traveller's notebooks and planners and junk journals seem to be really popular atm.
Last year I found an old photo album, with those fine tissue paper bits between the
pages in the Op Shop, so I've 'upcycled' it to record my annual visits to my BFF.
I guess it's really a visual record with journaling. Anyways, it works for me!
It's quite a thick book, consequently, the edges close to the spine fold back
a LOT, so you can't really stick things close to the centre of the pages.
Fine for journaling, though...
And I've cut my photos to fit. I haven't used all my photos. Just enough
to give a 'feel' to our time away together:)
And of course, because of the thickness of the book even BEFORE I stick stuff
in, it has to be mostly flat.... do you like our brekky?
Haha!!! Had fun with that gold acrylic word.
Stapled on, of course! I've used a little washi tape as decoration around my pages

then I decided it was time to do some Happy Mail. This one is going OS:
It's made with 4 envelopes, joined together then decorated with pp I had in my stash.
Below is the flip all folded open.....
...and the other side:
I think this is my fave page. I created the centre card using my FMS 'Little Moments'
app on my IPhone:
So, that's it for me!
Hope it's cooler at yours than it has been here.
Think 34C at 3am this morning! Luckily, it cooled down this afternoon.
A bit of a breather before the next heat wave hits, I'm thinking.....
Take care now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Oooohhh noooo!!!!! Poor Tom❤ All my prayers to him!!! And Poor you to have to rediscover the kitchen😘 You may have to apply to Master Chef Australia after this little episode!! Giggles.
    Wel... so much loveliness again from your scrappy hands !! You are Amazing Lizzy!!! Love them all❤ So much gorgeous inspiration! Thank you! Anna xo

  2. Oh no Poor Tom, after having my hubby out of action with a finger injury I can totally sympathize with you. I hope it heals well.. surely he could cook occasionally for you.. hehehe... no seriously, i really do hope he heals quickly.. it sounds nasty.. and good to see you are still creating your fabulous pages.. love the subjects you scrap.. just the everyday.. which makes up our lives.. love the back grounds.. and you do the BEST pocket pages.. I should know.. that is an art in itself to create them... thanks for mine. I love it all.. anyway i hope the weather is a bit kinder tomorrow.. take care..

  3. Ugh ugh ugh ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lizzy... how terrible. My hubby uses one of those every day playing with his workwork so it's a nightmare of mine you are living. Dear me. Poor Tom. POOR YOU. On the other HAND - eheheh - YOU have not only been busy in the kitchen but you have been making lots of YUMMY layouts. What fun to see all your creativity. Your 2017 moments are so fun. Loved seeing that photo of you too!! But your happy mail folding card is just WONDERFUL. You are just so talented at making pieces into works of art. Xj.

  4. You have been busy my friend. Lots of goodness in this blog post & I hope Tom is on the mend xx

  5. Poor Tom , the bench saw certainly won, but lucky not even worse than it is. You must be under all sorts of stress having to cook hehehe. Love the layout not OTT at all ! Love the colours ,and love the pic, the whole page just shines with lovliness. Clever using the Myer bag (our Myers is just about to shut down) A lovely photo of you and your BBF and looks like you had a lovely time in Melbourne. Another lovely happy mail on its way to someone. HOpe you are not too stressed out cooking and that Tom heals quickly

  6. Oh no!!! Poor Tom!!! :( So sorry to hear he got hurt!! LOVING all your pages!! They are just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Feel so sorry for Tom .. He must be in quite a bit of pain. Feel even sorrier for you though Lizzy (LOL!!) having to rediscover your kitchen!! Personally the less time I spend in there the happier I am .. not that I can't cook .. I just don't often enjoy it so, I can sympathise. Fabulous scrappin there .. loving the layout with the stenciled bg and your photo journal is fabulous. Also really love how you do that happy mail .. looks soooo pretty!!! Hope Tom's hand heals really quickly .. such a bad injury can be a real worry but I hope it heals well too. Blessings to you both. hugs xx

  8. So sorry to read about Tom's accident and I hope the outcome will be full use of his finger. As for poor Lizzy having to get her own breakfast! Gracious, what is the world coming to? :D Clearly, it has not been deleterious to your scrapping output - if anything it's spurred you on to greater heights! Love the OTT blue and yellow of your back garden. The girls time out sounds perfect and the use of the Myer catalogue is clever. Love the little happy mail, especially the typewriter page. Get well soon Tom.

  9. OH no! Poor Tom and Poor YOU! My heart goes out to the both of you and I hope he's feeling better by now...
    On a side note, really, brekky in bed? every morning?! You are one lucky girl ;o)
    Love Love your projects here, so any details and fun additions!
    Well done you!

  10. Hope Tom is feeling better real soon Lizzy, poor man.
    Loving all your work (as always) x

  11. Aw, no! Poor Tom! I hope his pain starts to subside very soon (though the medication does look good haha..)

    So much to look at and enjoy here! I love that first one especially: very hang-able!

  12. I hope Tom is feeling much better soon.
    Your brekkie looked pretty good Lizzy even if you did have to get it yourself. Nothing like the taste of home grown tomatoes.
    Love the photo of your garden/backyard...a beautiful piece to display.
    SO many great photos and memories in your Melbourne trip album...amazing Lizzy.
    love your little piece of os mail.
    Inspirational as always. Thanks for sharing. xx

  13. oh my! I have been thinking about Tom's thumb at the moment and about your heat. Is it a hot sticky heat with lots of humidity? Really enjoyed this journey through what you've been working on at the moment. Fun times!!! I am anxious to see your room, so jumping back to the next post....

  14. oh poor Tom! hope he get well soon! so painful acnident (((((
    but your scrap process still doing and amaze me )))) love all your projects with lots of creative ideas! ))))

  15. So much fabulous creativity! Poor Tom, I hope he heals quickly x

  16. Ouch for TOM and you!!! Hope his thumb is better really soon and I can imagine that it is reaaaally painful (eina as we say). Get those recipe cards out Lizzy...maybe its time to get really creative in the kitchen!!
    Loving your creative bits...really like the Our Home page and your travellers journal. So special and definitely made with much love! ;-)

  17. You are on a roll! Despite having to "work" in the kitchen, you've got so many creative projects done (unlike me).
    LOVE how you are using your stash!

    P/s: Hope Tom recovers soon and returns to his husbandly duties of serving his wife her brekky in bed...and other meals. ;)

  18. You are such a busy bee... So sorry to hear Tom had an accident... hope he heals fast... he needs to get back into the kitchen.. Actually I felt more pain about you having to cook :D :D :D I deffo didn't train my hubby right - except he does breakfast on the weekends. Yours looks yum btw... Awesome layout, I have loads around the house too. I love the idea of that upcycled photo album... Good job and then still some happy mail. I think I may have to go lie down for a minute I am exhausted :D :D :D Good for you Lizzy...

  19. Lucky you having a man that cooks.. I hope Tom is on the mend, how alwful! Fabulous Journal.....you are so creative using so many different bits and pieces, great up cycling!

  20. Hope Tom's finger has mended well! So many fab projects, Lizzy, especially loving the up-cycled book you made!


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