Sort of - we've just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, so not THAT sort
of 'fixed up'!
This one is my scrap room.
Yup, said bedroom of son who is MIA [working OS] has been partially
seconded for a Good Cause. AKA my scrappy space.
I went away for 4 days to visit my BFF & came home to it almost finished.
Shame it's been so hot. Poor Tom slaved and laboured under difficult
Then when I came home I sweated it out doing some painting and varnishing.
Spent a WHOLE day re-figuring out where I wanted stuff, & I'm [almost]
embarrassed to say I've got more room than I need.
So I even made some 'pretty' shelves with decorations.
HOLD ME UP! It's a miracle!
This is not a 'fancy' scrap space. I've never been to Ikea.
Nothing matches & the floor is the concrete garage floor, oil spills
& all. This is the way we roll here.
Doesn't make my room[s] any less functional;)
So - how to show you. I think I'll try and find a 'before' & 'after'
shot....think that's best. Orf we go, folks:)
Originally my table was against the adjoining door between the front and back
of what was the whole garage; it was then converted into
2 bedrooms for my sons.
Tom had put up those shelves for my inks & punches years ago & they worked a treat.
Of course, I had to move away from the door. My request was to have EXACTLY
the same configuration in front of my table, & to the Left [see above photo]
as was here. It worked so well, I didn't want it different...
Shelves gone & door cleaned up. The dresser was moved from the wall where you can
just see the table has been shifted. Lots of swapsies whilst I was being fixed up!!!
And this is this wall FINISHED!!!!
Lazy bones decided it was easier to throw up some LOs onto the door for
both decoration [we need to SEE & ENJOY what we scrap, surely?!!]
and this has the added bonus of covering up most of the red bits.
The rest I'm describing as 'shabby chic'.
To the right of the dresser are now my 'mirrored' shelves like on my other wall.
Closer before:
We just popped the shelves that were on the wall there to get an idea.
That's not really 'we'. That's TOM!
Happy, happy, happy! My hubby did GOOOD!!!
Closer of the 'bespoke' [love that word!!] shelves for my punches etc:
And the corner shelves that have been put in, they are just perfect.
Best of all is the sort of long narrow shelves -they're my fave &
my 'must haves'. SO now I have 3 instead of 2 - air punch 'yes' to that;)
I even have a place for my hand towel! First time for everything.
Further along from the table, Tom added some more bench, so it runs
right the length of the room. Plenty of space for my Lazy Susan.
Apologies to Susan!
Lots and lots of shelves above the table & room for stuff below.
I didn't alter my little chest by the door, but you will notice I had a towel
rail for my paint stuff, that I'm using for displaying bits I've been given.
Lateral thinking is not my strong point, but I reckon it works nicely!
And back, past that chest of drawers to my door:
That big bank of shelves is still a 'work in progress' - apart from my
Albums, which will be there forever...but I do now have room on some shelves to
get all fancy pancie.....well, for me, anyways!
Now, taking a few steps back, back to the door to this room, here is
what it looks like with the joining door open [the shelf above is hidden in the left]:
Don't squint too hard. Yes, they ARE fishing rods. Some things are verbatim.
Removal on the fear of Death. My family are 'fishers'; the rods must stay!!!
Tim's room before:
I've got some shelves by the window there. And nothing much to
put in them I made them pretty. Before the dust and cockroaches
decide it's probably too neat a home not to use!
After with the door between open:
Close ups of the pretties:
 Mum gave me that pretty hessian & lace. It was from a $2 shop & I don't
want to use anymore of it!
The other thing is that Tim's room has a basin! YAY!
From this [which is at the top of the page]
To this:
YES! More shelves on the wall and my electrical bits HUNG UP! And Tim's
bench now houses my sewing machine & my Brother Scan'n'Cut is easily
I did leave most of his stuff in the drawers, since I didn't need them. Good Mum
that I am.
I also have a MM / painting area!
Before. Tim had painted the cupboards years ago:

A new wide bench with some old laminate top we had from when we'd
done our kitchen up, & a splash of white paint. It's going to get filthy anyways-
paint and gesso and ink sprays will see to that;)

And that's about the end of the journey....
Sorry about the overload of photos. No, not really, I'm not really sorry.
Thanks for joining me today.
Take care now, especially if you're in Aussie & you're in The Heat!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Howdi! So happy for you and your lovely new space... i hope you get many many blissful hours in it creating to your hearts content! It all looks neat and everything has a place and you will know where stuff is and can grab it and get scrappy!!! and fabulous layout too.. looking forward to seeing the tips!! I hope you have a great week ahead.. and yes it has been sooooooooooo hot up this way!!

  2. Ohhhhhhh your space LOOKS AMAZING! I love love love love it all (even the fishing rods ... adds character! LOL!)!!!!! And loving your page! GORGEOUS! LOVING the texture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So cool to have all that space - well it would be apart from the weather! So many nooks and crannies all neatly filled with shelves and crafting goodies. Lucky, lucky you!

  4. Oh wow your new space looks amazing!! Enjoy and just love your layout! Gorgeous :)

  5. Fantastic shabby chic space and all for you, great job guys.

  6. I love your new room, it all looks amazing and I'm a big fan of mish mash, mixed up furniture :) That page is stunning and I can't wait to read how you did it. Enjoy your new space x

  7. It looks amazing and totally functional. Can't wait to come play...I am invited right?
    Having your own basin is a major plus for the mixed media cleanup!
    Btw, you have way more stuff than I do! And now more space for more stuff. *winks*

  8. What a wonderful welcome back from your hols .. (hope you had a blast!) .. your new space looks totally awesome!!! Can understand that you are happy and madly creating again .. brilliant space to be doing it in and who cares if things don't match as long as it's functional and you are happy with it. I love that set of shelves with all your pretties on it and .. you have a sink!!!!! AWESOME!!
    Love that layout too and looking forward to the tips and tricks!! Happy scrappin Lizzy!!! hugs xx

  9. Gorgeous! Awesome! Fantastic! Marvelous! Or I JUST LOOOOOOVE IT!!! It is PERFECT Lizzy!!! ❤ Anna xo

  10. So when you have a take over, you really go for broke! I'm suitably impressed, not only with the encroachment, but also your husband's skills at making exactly what you want where you want. Go Tom! You're a legend. Deffo deserve some lazy days fishing now :D Love all the before and after shots, and all the storage space. Can you see my green face about the MM station? And already you are churning out the goods. Rock on Lizzy, you deserve to play all night and every day! Hmm - was that a song some time last century? Seriously though, I'm thrilled to bits for you. Enjoy and thanks for sharing :D

  11. Wow , Wow, Wow ! all that space and storage ! all those Shelves! Well done Tom ! You are going to scrap away blisfully in this space. As you know I have my scrapping stuff spread out in cupboards in 3/4 rooms of the house. Oh and I love that you can have your albums stored on shelves in your scrap room, I think Victor would love to have linen in our linen cupboard instead of albums . I sometimes think I would like to have a pretty , everything matching craft room, but I just think its more interesting not to have matching, well thats what I am going with. Love your space and I hope one day I can join you in there chatting and scrapping. And the layout, LOVE. The background looks fabulous and I really love the colours . It is a stunning layout Lizzy. Hope you are staying cool in the heat

  12. Happy Anniversary! That's some present you got! What a labour of love. It's fantastic. I'm so jealous you have a sink! I drip water and the rest up and down the stairs. Enjoy every minute of being in there. You deserve it.

  13. Oh, Lizzy, you are so lucky!! I wish I had a room! It's wonderful! And I love love your beautiful layout! I love those colors together and your mixed media is so pretty! Wonderful!! xoxxo Have a great week, Lizzy!

  14. Oh, Lizzy, you are so lucky!! I wish I had a room! It's wonderful! And I love love your beautiful layout! I love those colors together and your mixed media is so pretty! Wonderful!! xoxxo Have a great week, Lizzy!

  15. Wow! Perfect! What a lovely hubby you have. I can imagine you are over the moon with your space. It's absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!

  16. How wonderful to have such a great place to create!! So nice to have a place for all of your supplies. Your hubby is a real keeper doing all that work!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  17. oh Lizzy i like your layout so much! I fall in love with those cracked background! and your scrappy room is really awesome! )))

  18. Fantastic job Tom and Lizzy of course ;-)
    Love your new scraproom!
    That Layout is gorgeous and what a fabulous background you have created here as well!

  19. OMG this is quite marvellous! I am, as we say in this neck of the woods, well jell!
    What an awesome chap T truly is 💜
    Without wishing to pee on your chips those empty shelves better be staying that way for 2017 😉
    Just also have to say that you've made my day with part of your decor 😄
    The creativity will certainly flow in that fabulous space. Let's hope T continues to love life on foreign shores for a little while longer 😹

  20. Your new space looks amazing and so great that you and hubby could make it special. So many little nooks and crannies for all your goodies....and they sure are needed! I know. ;-)
    I am sure everything has it's place now and that's all I ever want in my room too! ;-)
    Love your super, sunny the colours and your gorgeous stencilling! Perfect! ;-)

  21. oh Wow!! Lizzy, your new space looks amazing, you will have so much fun in there :o) It looks comfy and functional and full of personality and I LOVE it!! So good to make space to display and enjoy stuff you've made or been given. Have fun messing it all up :o) xxx

  22. Wow Lizzy...Your scrap room looks fabulous, what a transformation! I must say I love the pretty aqua door ( my fav colour)Love all the storage and shelves. Your room looks so inviting and really warm...perfect for creating!


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