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Decided to join in again with Sian over at FROM HIGH IN THE SKY.
'Cos a couple of days ago I got some fabulous Snail Mail... surprise Snail Mail.
I didn't take a photo of it, but I showed it off over at our Happy Mail
FB page like this:
It looks all fancy 'cos I did it like this for my Instagram feed. SOZZY
to those folks who've already seen it over there :)
And that there is my first attempt at a BUJO or Bullet Journal.
I'm in loooooove!!!!
Here's some links for them:

Mine is all over the show. I'm ONLY using notebooks I've got
sitting around home. This is the Stash Busting Year, after all!
But anyways, here's a bit of what I've done so far.
This is my favourite! I'm tracking 3 things I want to
get better at & be more consistent with:
 Right at the bottom I've got my 'score' for January, so I can see if I
improve this current month! It's really working for me, so far.
RIDER: The eat sweets column? That's eating them AFTER TEA
only!!! HAHA...should see me gutsing them during the day cos
I know I can't eat 'em at night now....!!!!!!!
I had bits of paper, notes on my iPhone, some on my notice board,
some in my now at least all my books I've heard about or
want to read are in one place!
 The house work tracker [bit of a joke in my case!] will provide a giggle for
certain. I proudly do NOT do it if I can help it. My mother is askance at my
'tude......but too bad! Anyways, I do it so little that I forget what I've done
when so this is rather helpful!!!
 Same with my blogging this year. It's a bit hit & miss & my old system, since
I'm not doing DT work, I've ditched & the bujo is an easy replacement to keep
 The notes are just that. Some ideas, mostly not followed through. But at
least now I've got somewhere to jot them!
Below is my gratitude page I haven't started. Just having fun with stuff.
I ain't no artist, but I like doing this!
 This is the first of my gratitude pages. I do it when I think of something
that fits. So it's not everyday. That stops any pressure. And it is nice to
read back on, 'cos it's like a quick snap of what was going on at that time.
Which is why I add the date when I make an entry.
 I've been experimenting with different pens, markers, writing styles.
I'm completely a confused personality when it comes to writing & can do
lots of styles..... one day I guess I'll pick one??!!!!
You can see here I've been working out how to make my columns
more efficient. I'm not really a 'logical' thinker, so it takes more. I mean.
Graphs are maths, right? And I don't 'do' maths!! OR math. Whatever!!!
I probably won't bother showing you any more of this again, but if you're a
list maker and like crossing off stuff when you do it....then 'Bullets Journals'
might be a thing to consider.
Gotta leave you with a LO!!!
 Using my fountain pen for journaling again:)
And 'V's for my 'A's...
 A Funky Flair with an older one, & some Kaiser Craft die cuts from
the Kitaholics Kit...
A little subtle stenciling with texture paste [added paint for the colour] on the
background & to add some of 'me' to this Kaiser Craft pp. Sometimes I find this
 type of pp difficult to use, but I got there!
Oh~ And my Mum is still in hospital, but her hip operation went well. The recovery
 thing might take a bit, there's always a hiccup or two, I guess :)
Thanks for checking out my as usual rambling posts. Hope you find something
that tickles your fancy & gets those creative juices flowing!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Love that journal Lizzy .. brilliant idea! Been thinking about making a 'to do' list for housework for ages but still haven't done it. Haven't done much housework either. Not my fave thing. What you've done is excellent. Writing it down after it's done .. think I need one of those 'cos I can never remember when I last did stuff. Love that layout! Great photos, nice touch with the stencil and I love the alphas .. they look brill!! Love, love, love this post!! Enjoy the rest of the week Lizzy!! hugs xx

  2. Love love love your journal pages! Those are fabulous! And LOVING the lo!!! Those photos are gorgeous and loving the serene colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Wally Log has to be my favourite page :) A no eating sweets log? You're scaring me. And if I logged the sweets I ate I'd scare myself. It's liquorice at the minute..I'm telling myself maybe I need the iron?

    Don't know how you can say you aren't an artist: I love your doodling!

    Have a great week Lizzy. All the best to your Mum.

  4. Hi Lizzy! I hope your mum recovers well, and doesn't have any hiccoughs but just keeps plodding along getting stronger little by little.. I don't know much about these listy things, I would probably spend more time making lists than getting them done, haha but yours look good. All these journal planner type things are all the go now.. Love your layout, great photos too. Have a great day, thankful up this way that the heat seems to have gone for now at least... Just need more rain! Xx

  5. I have avoided the planner thingy and at this stage I think I will keep avoiding it, but love looking at yours. Love your layout, gorgeous photo's and you have really made them shine, just the right amount of embellishments and colours . Hope all keeps going well for Your Mum, a little better each day hopefully

  6. I am a total list maker and I have them all over the place then I can't remember where I put them. This is a fabulous idea... Want to take a look at it... They look pretty cool and go you on not eating sweets... that is working as well for me as not buying new stash... NOT! Anyhoo Tomorrow is another day to try :P
    I do love that layout and the journalling in a fountain pen. My best. I am just playing at the moment and having fun. I have about 50 or so albums and they are all over the show so now I am trying to organise them. :D I think I definitely need to do a planner thingy. I don't want to buy one though. I think I may do like you and do my own. :D

  7. I'm so into my planner - use a MAMBi - and love making lists and love crossing things off even more. I've been inspired by your tracking pages and may just have to include something similar in my planner. Beautiful scrapbook page too Lizzy. you rock!

  8. You are so organized Lizzy!
    BRAVO! and Bravo for your page which is gorgeous.
    Hope your Mom recovers well!

  9. A fun ramble through your lists, although I did have a spasm at the thought of no sweet things after dinner!!! My absolute downfall. I succumbed and bought a planner on sale this year - such a BAD move. It's too small and I don't have the drive to decorate and tizzy it up like those I see on line. Somehow seems like a waste of product when I could be making a page. Ho hum. Lesson learned. I'm much better with an A4 dairy which copes with everything I throw at it. All in together with different highlighted spots for different DT deadlines. Anyway I do like your lists of things; my housework list would be miniscule, something I avoid until it becomes discraceful!! Love the Paradise page with the soft stencilling and lovely flairs. Have a good week - it's cooler here too, thank goodness, about 30C

  10. your bullet journal is so wonderful! ))) love those colorful pages )))))
    and your layout is beautiful as always! I adore colour palette like this ))))

  11. oh goodness, you are so very Lizzy ;-) love the post! made me happy!

  12. Love the whole post!!! And that LO of your paradise is awesome!!! Love the stenciling!! Anna xo

  13. I started bullet journalling this year and I love it, yours looks great :)

  14. Wow....your bullet journaling is super and love all the different lists! I am pretty good at starting them but kinda fall by the way side eventually! Terrible actually! Loving your's really stunning and I love the styling! The colours are so cool and beautiful too! ;-)


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