...that would be Clean And Simple...
which is what I aspire to create. But usually it doesn't happen.
In fact, the other day I was so frustrated cos I really wanted to
make a CAS page & this is what happened:
Not QUITE 'cas'.....understatement! Not that there's anything wrong
with that....but, like I say, I was so frustrated that I wrote this
& popped it on Instagram:
Sigh.... then, the funniest thing happened. I made not ONE but TWO
CAS pages. And I think the reason I did is cos I'm so busy with Mum
in hospital, & hot water services breaking down & helping friend's set
up their printer & generally trying to keep on top of life, that scrapping
 has to be done on the run.
It's nice something positive comes out of all that Life Stuff!!!
First I did this:
The papers are Felicity Jane. Late last year they had a really great sale,
so I took advantage of it.... a VERY special treat!
Then I found this photo [original] from 1989:
The 'hahahahaaaa' white writing on the bg is part of the pp. I think this came from
Studio Calico? And I'm trying my hardest to use up those aqua alphas.
Taking a whiles!!!

I have a feeling there might be a few more CAS pages out there for me
cos Mum is still in hospital. She's coming along, but her leg is swollen & she
had to have an iron infusion & her blood pressure is still up & down....
meanwhile Tom's thumb is much better, his cataract is OK but he's been
feeling a bit under the weather just trying to get on top of all that!
Fun & Games....thank goodness we only have a [huge] leak in the
shower tap now... that's nothing compared to NOT having hot water!

Cheery, aren't I?
Hope life is more tip top at yours ~ Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hey you sound a little busy Lizzy!!! I hope your mum continues to come along, and good to hear Toms thumb is mending.. water leak.... not good.. hope that gets fixed.. love the pages.. cas pages look great i reckon... i find them hard to do too as I just keep adding stuff... i think I should set a timer and when that is up someone has to come and take the page away so I cant do anymore to it...hehe... at least it is much cooler up this way today.. just hope we get some rain again soon... and we are in the middle of another week!!! take care of yourself.. sounds like you have to look after everyone!!!

  2. My goodness, you sound like you're having a bit of a bad run there Lizzy .. ain't life wonderful sometimes??? Loving your CAS pages .. absolutely fabulous!! .. and that photo!!! .. the snot nosed grub indeed!! Bet he cringes when he sees that one now!! Hope things improve for your Mum and good to hear that Tom's thumb is feeling better. Sending good vibes (and healing prayers)for both of them to get better asap!!! Have a good one Lizzy! hugs xx

  3. Sorry to hear Mom is still in the hospital and glad to hear his thumb is better! And YIKES! to the leak! :( LOVING all your pages!!!! And see... you could have MY problem .. I keep TRYING to NOT do CAS ... and EVERY TIME I still end up with CAS!!! LOL!!!!!

  4. Ohh..You seem super busy ,Glad you could find time to scrap in all the hustle bustle .Though First one is not CAS but I loved how the Circle ties everything together.Next ones are super CAS ,loved the use of pp and the words on second one , third one is real cool with the alphas !

  5. You have a lot on your plate at the moment. Have a hug! Thinking about everyone and hoping for more good news soon.

  6. Well the pages are fabulous even if the rest is a bit of bummer - I'm told times like this are what make life interesting! Yeah right, sure we all go along with that! Keep smiling Lizzy and keep crafting too!

  7. ahhh, you are still being a great nurse nancy and keeping an eye on your people! AND it sounds like you have a house hangover...the house is giving you quite a terrible headache!!! Love your two pages so glad you were able to make use of your limited time! Sending happy thoughts!

  8. It's amazing how some pages just have a mind of their own and take off willy nilly, evolving into a wonderful surprise. It might not be clean and simple, but I do love the top one with that big cog and the dear wee Bubba. His face reminds me of some expressions on the twins faces when their big Brother loomed large on the horizon. I'm sorry to read your Mum's had a few set backs and send healing thoughts her way. The two C&S pages look fabbo Lizzy. Love the background paper for your BFF and what a hoot with the little Grubby Bubba. I think we've all got some candid camera moments like that. Good luck with the leaks and hope your Chef feels better soon too. :D

  9. Ohhh!!! Your layouts are sooo lovely!!! You are the Queen of every style my friend!!!
    It Sounds s bit busy over there for you girl ❤
    Take care!!!!!! Hope it all calm down and get fixed soon.
    Thanks sooo much for all the Love you give me all the time. Means sooo much !!!
    PLEASE be kind to yourself ❤

    Anna xo

  10. I like all these pages, but then I'm a fan of both white space and "clutter". I was discussing that very thing on my blog last Saturday. Sometimes it can be hard to stop yourself adding more stuff! Here's to a better week and less busy times ahead.

  11. It's funny because I look at your wonderfully fussy pages and say to myself " I wish I could do that" Your CAS pages look great. Sorry to hear that your mum is unwell at the moment, I hope she improves quickly x

  12. CAS, the best therapy for when life happens and takes over a busy schedule. As always, your pages are adorable! (especially love the snot-nosed)

  13. WOW, well done! LOVE your CAS pages and the first one as well. I want to have your skills to do pages like your first one! Have a nice day! Hugs Åsa

  14. So glad you can find bits of time to craft, Lizzy, and your layouts look great! Hoping things calm for you and your family and wishing you all well!

  15. Well, CAS actually takes longer because every element on it serves some purpose...look at you go! ;)
    Great layouts! Hope life slows down a little for you soon. Way to go on using the stash! *high fives*

  16. Oh my... so here I am complaining about work... and you've got your hands full too... love all of these pages... CAS or no... I could try CAS... it won't turn out that way.... but I could try! That sentiment you created on the Alex page... omg... so cute!!

  17. oh CAS layouts are so dificult to me I always try to add more than enugh! but you've dne great job Lizzy!

  18. You know the saying "Everything happens at once " , seems to be the way hey. Hope you on the horizon for good days ahead now. Each of these layouts have their own story and are perfect in their own way. You know me I keep adding as well , but hey as long as it has its journey and you are happy with it at the end. I think some stories only need cas and some need more :) Love the one of Alex

  19. Gorgeous pages...all 3 are just fabulous! Love that first one very much, even though it wasn't "Cas"! ;-) Sorry to hear that life was really hectic and tough...but also glad to know it is going much better now!

  20. Im very late leaving a comment here Lizzy, hopefully things have slowed down for you now and your Mum is much better, you have the leak fixed and Tom is much better.
    I actually love your first layout...not CAS but it loos fantastic. CAS is actually hard to do but you have nailed these two layouts also.


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