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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed I've been using a lot of the same-same turquoise
alphas? I'd bought 2 packets in 2015. And I'm SERIOUSLY trying
to use them up.
This if from my January holiday diary.
Yup! 2 months & I'm still using them. Never realised
how far the little blighters go 'til you try to get rid of 'em all!!
Yesterday my good scrappy buddy Leanne came to scrap, &
it was really weird, somehow I felt like I hit my scrappy 'stride'.
It's like, I could 'feel' that ME, MY style finally came together.
And it was a joy to scrap these pages. And yes, pretty much did them
all in one arvo. Just had to add dates & some journaling ;)
You'll notice some chippy 'cog' waste in there. I also challenged
myself to use that up. And HAVE!!! YAY!
For the LO above, I added gesso, paint, ink spray and ink pad,
smudged onto my finger and rubbed in. That'd be the brown bits;)
The page below doesn't have either cog waste
or alphas, but I did use up some bits from my Kitaholics Kit!
Even added some FUSSY cut FLOWERS!
And then I did this one:
I've been wanting to scrap this one for simply ages.
And I did it just for me!
That is washi & sticker decorative tape along the bottom.
 Used a cut apart from a We R Memory Keepers patterned paper, above.
And below, added a few bits to the photo. BTW, the "S's" WERE number
8s, cut down. Worked fine if you don't look too close!!
 And I got to use up a little green paper clip, below. Cute, huh??!!

In other info, Mum is out of hospital, but as you can imagine,
recovery is taking a bit of time.
Meanwhile Tom's had a nasty, nasty cold.... it's fun & games
on our home front with not everyone being 100% for a bit longer,
it would seem :/
Anyways, I just wanted to share what I've been up to besides
looking after the clan!
Thanks for looking ~ I hope you can glean some ideas that might be useful
for your own scrapping,
Blessings & thanks for all the kind comments re: the Sick Folks here!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


...that would be Clean And Simple...
which is what I aspire to create. But usually it doesn't happen.
In fact, the other day I was so frustrated cos I really wanted to
make a CAS page & this is what happened:
Not QUITE 'cas'.....understatement! Not that there's anything wrong
with that....but, like I say, I was so frustrated that I wrote this
& popped it on Instagram:
Sigh.... then, the funniest thing happened. I made not ONE but TWO
CAS pages. And I think the reason I did is cos I'm so busy with Mum
in hospital, & hot water services breaking down & helping friend's set
up their printer & generally trying to keep on top of life, that scrapping
 has to be done on the run.
It's nice something positive comes out of all that Life Stuff!!!
First I did this:
The papers are Felicity Jane. Late last year they had a really great sale,
so I took advantage of it.... a VERY special treat!
Then I found this photo [original] from 1989:
The 'hahahahaaaa' white writing on the bg is part of the pp. I think this came from
Studio Calico? And I'm trying my hardest to use up those aqua alphas.
Taking a whiles!!!

I have a feeling there might be a few more CAS pages out there for me
cos Mum is still in hospital. She's coming along, but her leg is swollen & she
had to have an iron infusion & her blood pressure is still up & down....
meanwhile Tom's thumb is much better, his cataract is OK but he's been
feeling a bit under the weather just trying to get on top of all that!
Fun & Games....thank goodness we only have a [huge] leak in the
shower tap now... that's nothing compared to NOT having hot water!

Cheery, aren't I?
Hope life is more tip top at yours ~ Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Monday, 20 February 2017

Memo, Mail etc...

Decided to join in again with Sian over at FROM HIGH IN THE SKY.
'Cos a couple of days ago I got some fabulous Snail Mail... surprise Snail Mail.
I didn't take a photo of it, but I showed it off over at our Happy Mail
FB page like this:
It looks all fancy 'cos I did it like this for my Instagram feed. SOZZY
to those folks who've already seen it over there :)
And that there is my first attempt at a BUJO or Bullet Journal.
I'm in loooooove!!!!
Here's some links for them:

Mine is all over the show. I'm ONLY using notebooks I've got
sitting around home. This is the Stash Busting Year, after all!
But anyways, here's a bit of what I've done so far.
This is my favourite! I'm tracking 3 things I want to
get better at & be more consistent with:
 Right at the bottom I've got my 'score' for January, so I can see if I
improve this current month! It's really working for me, so far.
RIDER: The eat sweets column? That's eating them AFTER TEA
only!!! HAHA...should see me gutsing them during the day cos
I know I can't eat 'em at night now....!!!!!!!
I had bits of paper, notes on my iPhone, some on my notice board,
some in my purse....so now at least all my books I've heard about or
want to read are in one place!
 The house work tracker [bit of a joke in my case!] will provide a giggle for
certain. I proudly do NOT do it if I can help it. My mother is askance at my
'tude......but too bad! Anyways, I do it so little that I forget what I've done
when so this is rather helpful!!!
 Same with my blogging this year. It's a bit hit & miss & my old system, since
I'm not doing DT work, I've ditched & the bujo is an easy replacement to keep
 The notes are just that. Some ideas, mostly not followed through. But at
least now I've got somewhere to jot them!
Below is my gratitude page I haven't started. Just having fun with stuff.
I ain't no artist, but I like doing this!
 This is the first of my gratitude pages. I do it when I think of something
that fits. So it's not everyday. That stops any pressure. And it is nice to
read back on, 'cos it's like a quick snap of what was going on at that time.
Which is why I add the date when I make an entry.
 I've been experimenting with different pens, markers, writing styles.
I'm completely a confused personality when it comes to writing & can do
lots of styles..... one day I guess I'll pick one??!!!!
You can see here I've been working out how to make my columns
more efficient. I'm not really a 'logical' thinker, so it takes more. I mean.
Graphs are maths, right? And I don't 'do' maths!! OR math. Whatever!!!
I probably won't bother showing you any more of this again, but if you're a
list maker and like crossing off stuff when you do it....then 'Bullets Journals'
might be a thing to consider.
Gotta leave you with a LO!!!
 Using my fountain pen for journaling again:)
And 'V's for my 'A's...
 A Funky Flair with an older one, & some Kaiser Craft die cuts from
the Kitaholics Kit...
A little subtle stenciling with texture paste [added paint for the colour] on the
background & to add some of 'me' to this Kaiser Craft pp. Sometimes I find this
 type of pp difficult to use, but I got there!
Oh~ And my Mum is still in hospital, but her hip operation went well. The recovery
 thing might take a bit, there's always a hiccup or two, I guess :)
Thanks for checking out my as usual rambling posts. Hope you find something
that tickles your fancy & gets those creative juices flowing!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Story of the The Background...

... this particular background paper was just too strong for the photos.
But I was DETERMINED to use it. It came in my Kitaholics kit.
['scuse the mobile phone photo....]
Whether I like the kit or not, my aim is to 'kill' it. This
way I don't feel guilty about getting the next month's!
So, what to do. I thought of gesso. But I wanted to
keep the 'crisp' look.
So, this is what I did:
Used a copic marker. Took an age. Was worth every minute!!
This is the finished page:
I really love all the little embellies with the kit this month.
Once again, channeled a 'project life' style LO, in order to get
more than one photo scrapped. Especially since they were
all of the same event.
Love those little gold glittery hearts....I know I can make them,
but it was a treat to not do so!
 Those big "XOs" are a fave, too. My blue eyed boys!!
 The family really enjoyed the 'fake' snow. About as close to the real
thing we're ever likely to see here!
I actually made 3 pages today. I am loving scrapping soooo much atm!
I'll leave you with some photos of Grand Boy Ollie's little family 2nd birthday
party that we had on the weekend.
This is the t-shirt we bought him, Bahahaaaaaa!
 My Mum - hoping her hip operation goes well tomorrow!
 And the birthday boy, excited MUCH at blowing out his candles,
clapping himself cos we clapped him..... so we repeated it a few more
His Mum did such a FABULOUS job of the 'Thomas' train cake, too:)
Take care now & happy scrapping !!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Friday, 10 February 2017

Winding Down.....

...as I'm writing this it's 8:57pm & still 31.3C. That's 88F.
And we're not the hottest.  A friend just messaged it's 40 at her place.
Crazy hot weather over a lot of Aussie atm.
Anyways, d'you remember the 'pano' photo I took of Umina Beach
Well, I scrapped it!
Made a big photo. This will go inside on our lounge room wall:
It turned out better than I'd hoped & I think it captures the spirit
of the landscape we call 'home' :)

 Even got a tassel in on the act;)
 You know that 'branding' strip along the bottom of the paper?
I cut that off with a little of the patterned paper itself, then punched those
wee hearts - so they appear 2-toned... very little effort for a cool effect!

And Tom has had his cataract operation today.... so that all went well.
We drove over at 5:30am to be there by 6:45. He went in fairly early, so then I
had breakfast at the café in the hospital while I waited,
as he didn't come out 'til about 11:00.
It was yummy!
They sure do make sure they operate on the correct eye with this:
Anyways, here's hoping wherever you are your weekend
about to start or coming soon is a GOOD one!
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
PS: Now it's just Mum's hip replacement next week
& I'm thinking it will calm down for the rest of the year.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Memorandum Monday & some other Stuff!

Hey there!
I think the one real joy I'm finding from NOT being on Design Teams
or going into competitions is I can both blog when I want and fancy it!
And I don't have to 'schedule' posts. That's a HUGE change for me!
So, this week I have mail going out.
I was blessed [NOT REALLY!] when my DIL, Neri, gifted me some
vintage 6x6 paper pads.
So, what to do with them? Well, since I'm a member of a 'Happy
Mail' FB group...I asked if anyone liked vintage mail & I got a
Yes! from a fellow scrapper..... I don't think she reads my blog,
so I figure you can take a peek at this pocket letter happy mail that's
heading her way :)
Thanks to SIAN from HIGH IN THE SKY
for hosting this idea about mail... I sorta went overboard with the trim...
And I managed to use a tassle, too, Lynette J! Miracles..... ;)
Speaking of fellow scrappers...Margy M, I used some of those CUTE resin
moulds you created! And below, you can see I've actually stamped,
and stenciled etc before adding the little bits and bobs:

Now, if you can bare to look at a Christmas page. SORRY - not really [again!],
then this is of my son & his family at the Carols in 2016.
I wanted to make it like a pin-board, where the photos are 'pinned'
at random. I think it worked?
It was for the Other Grandfather & his partner so they can hang it up
for a while, & enjoy memories of that night :)
I've also made some Christmas cards. SERIOUSLY. No shaking your head now.
Did a pile of Very Simple ones, but I didn't bother photographing them 'cos they
were soooo simple!!! How many you ask? Only 7. They were so easy, y'see. I
didn't MEAN to do that many!!
Righto, tomorrow I'm off to Stampin' Up with my Mum. Friday Tom has
his cataract operation. Mum was supposed to have her hip done the following
Wednesday, buuuuut they rang today & put it off til March. She was less than
impressed, so hoping something can be done before then. Time will tell.
We also have Ollie's 2nd birthday party on the weekend. Busy life atm,
which is all good.
Makes the focus on the HOT WEATHER not quite so intense.
Who am I kidding? It's awful. But it makes for good photos if you're
up at 6:30am cos it's too hot to sleep, so pop on down for a beach walk.
Like this:
First 'pano' attempt!
Yup! That's Wally caught in the sun's ray by the water's edge!
Right, on that note, I hope this warms up my European friends...
not sure what's happening in the USA!
And I hope the water brings a bit of coolness to you other hot and bothered
Aussie folks. Apparently it's going to be close on 40C AGAIN in a couple of
Wonderful [NOT!!!]
Oh....& since Sian's into 'firsts' / new things...apparently it's the hottest overnight temperatures
for 2 of our nights this year since records began. One was 33C, from memory.
Blessings one & all ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥