Thursday 1 April 2021


 Slightly bizarre title, but it's all about SYMMETRY over at KRAFT PLUS this month. Here's our mood board:

Now, I'm one of those people that if the sign says 'Do Not Touch -Wet Paint'... then I'll want to touch it. Similarly, because this challenge calls for symmetry - straight away I wanted to do the opposite!
Sooooo.... I decided to do what I like to call 'Disrupted Symmetry'. Or perhaps unsymmetrical symmetry? Take your pick... after all, the design is there as a PROMPT - not as a 'be all end all'.
Enough rattling on. Here's my page:
The hearts are symmetrical - but they aren't all the same size of in the same position. I 'disrupted' the symmetry of having the photo in the middle, by tipping it on its side... the stitching is there, but I've made it 'messy'... you get the idea!
I made the glitter paper myself - some glue, some white cardboard and lots of glitter! Still cheaper than buying it, since I had all the bits at home to use up:)
These two are like peas in the same pod. And their personalities are alike, too. I LOVE this photo!
When my step Grand Girl was down, she made me a pile of little fringed hearts - so I've used some here.
And sprinkled some VERY small hearts around - not so easy to stick down, but worth the effort, I think!
I do hope you can join us this month over at KRAFT PLUS!
Cheers, and happy scrapping ~ Lizzy xoxo


  1. A gorgeous page packed full of love. I smiled when I read your "ornery" response to being symmetrical. Sounds a bit like someone I know! Love the stitching the plethora of hearts and that delightful photo. x

  2. I love your thinking!! and all the hearts look great.. and the messy stitching is fantastic.. lovely photo too.. and happy april.. how did that happen..???


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