Monday, 3 May 2021


 Hey there!

Here is our NEW challenge over at KRAFT PLUS:

Focus on faces:
I took my grand boys' in Vietnam's faces, and went with that:
I don't do much 'multi media' these days, but I DID get my stamps out for this one &
also added a bit of colouring with those Posca Paint Pens.
I've fussy cut around each of the photos of the boys, then lined them up. I wanted to journal
about their eyes, and how these are the windows to the soul, and also how I'd like them 
to grow up.
Initially I wrote in white - but you couldn't really see it on the Kraft bg, so I then overwrote with
a black marker, and I really liked that effect!
I think this is a very, very interesting challenge - which could be used to scrapbook lots of different things! I'm hoping you can join us at KRAFT PLUS this month:)
Cheers, and Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy xxoo


  1. You have put a lot of thought into this layout Lizzy, and it is very special.. love the cut out photos of your growing so quickly grand boys!

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