Don't die of SHOCK, now;)

....I'm not sure whether I'm back or not. But despite doing this to my thumb yesterday,
I managed to 'woman up' & create both a LO AND 4 cards for the current KRAFT PLUS challenge:
We have moved into a retirement village & because the place is pretty much new, it means I've been cleaning [this has  nothing to do with my coffee page!] I'm madly scrubbing the exhaust fan above the cook top, & somehow my nail got caught on the stainless steel mesh. It HURT.
ANYWAYS.... here's what I puddled around with today:
The LO:
I do ENJOY my coffee. I was blessed that Tim's GF & her Mum, who live  in Colombia, gave me
some REAL Colombian coffee after his visit over there. It's the best in the world...well, that I've tasted!!!!

Used some splatters & stamping on the bg & layers & stickers & some stitching, but I got mad cos it wouldn't sew properly. It's getting CHUCKED. I've had it for 34 years!!!
Anyways, that's why only one side is stitched!
 Stuck a puffy heart over the wooden coffee cup! A lot of these bits came from Happy Mail which I've been REALLY enjoying the past year!
Now, onto the cards, using my new Brutus Monroe stamp set I've been wanting to try out!
 As usual - some things never change! I've swung between CAS & lotsa MM....but that may've been because my Glitter pen SPILT all over the card.... ooooops :(
 Anyways, I managed to save it!
 The basis for all the cards was heat embossing of the coffee cup....then things sorta switched up as ideas struck. Sometimes I double heat embossed as the 1st coat wasn't fabulous.... & if you're going to do that- well, you might as well swap colours!!!!
 LOL! Made an interesting effect;)
Anyways, I'm way rusty at this blogging gig....... I don't think I'll be doing this too much.
Maybe once a month? If I can get organised!!!
Take care now ~ here's to a very happy 2018 for y'all & thanks for checking this post out!!!!
Cheers ~ Lizzy H


  1. Well hello Lizzy and a happy new year to you. They say housework never hurt anyone. How wrong they are!!! Crafting much better use of time. Hope the thumb heals soon. Lots of fun ideas here. Hugz

  2. Hi Lizzy!!! So lovely to see you here even if it's only once in a while! You certainly haven't lost your touch! These pieces are gorgeous!! I love the coffee theme even though I'm not a coffee drinker myself .. I prefer a latte!!
    Always knew there was a darn good reason not to do housework .. it's obviously hazardous to our health!! LOL!! Sorry you hurt yourself .. looks quite nasty and sore. Hope it feels better soon and hope to see more of your wonderful works! Take care my friend. big hugs xx

  3. You're back, you're back (jumping up and down) ouch that looks sore. So glad you still created though ❤

  4. So good to see you back!!! I love love love all of these!! The colors are FABULOUS!!! And sorry about the thumb, hope it gets better soon!!!!

  5. Ohh your thumb looks scary !! Must be real pain.Still you managed to create and in you style :) I loved the coffee lo a lot!

  6. Great to see you back Lizzy! Hope the sore thumb improves quickly. Best wishes for your move and the New Year.

  7. soooo happy to have you back in blogland again!! missed you!!! and ouch!!! that must have hurt!!!! hope it heals well and fast. I love your page - good to see you scrapping and joining in on challenges again!!! xxx, Sanna

  8. Hi Lizzy! Have missed your lovely creations! So happy to see you back! But, what an ouch you have on your thumb! Love love love your coffee creations! Happy New Year to you! Hugs, Vickie Y

  9. Oh. I'd say you're back! LOVE Brutus Monroe and these are my favorite cards I've seen using this set (including the one I!)... beautiful and awesome layout too! I'm going to share your post in the Coffee Lovers group (hope you don't mind... if you do, you have a limited amount of time to stop!) Welcome home!!

  10. Yay!!! She Scraps!!! How lovely to see your blog in action with it's lovely chatty, droll sense of humor. Great layout too with the quote right on the photo. Coffee with a friend in a cafe is always a good thing to do. Had to smile about the whoopsie on the card, but you managed to save it. Good on you. Thanks for playing along at Kraft+ despite your injuries. I'd give the housework a miss if I were you!

  11. Happy New Year!! So glad to see you blogged... but not good about the damaged thumb.. ouch... housework is dangerous.... but glad you scrapped, the layout looks fabulous, still got it!! and the cards look fabulous, great stamp for you to use.. and I simply must say.... thanks so much for joining in with Kraft+ this month with your layout and cards!! (hope to see you join in next month too!! hehe!!!)

  12. I hope you will blogging more often my friend, I miss you :)

  13. Yes, I nearly died of shock! I'm so glad you are back! Happy New Year to you and yours! There seem to be a lot of changes here. Congratulations on your move. Please tell us more (when you're ready).
    Your finger looks very painful. Ouch! It is one of those really stupid accidents that you could kick yourself for.Take care it doesn't get infected (especially when you are cleaning). The inside of gloves often have lots of bacteria. Use a wound spray if you have one.
    Your coffee page is great. As are the cards. That stamp is awesome.
    I have started scrapbooking again after more than a year where I didn't have a craft room. For me this year is about using all my old stash. When I say old, I mean really old. It is stuff I have brought over from England in 2010. I have got all my boxes out and put the stuff on shelves. Loads of papers and peel-offs (! Yes I know they have gone out with the ark). I don't care. When people look at my pages in years to come, they won't know what was trendy in 2018 or not.
    Well, I shall keep my eye out for you and hope you feel like blogging soon again.
    All the best,

  14. Welcome back to bloggy land! Once a week isn't too much....really. *lol*
    That thumb looks really bad. Please take care. I injured my index finger on my right hand while spring cleaning too. Twice. Housework is really dangerous. Be careful. *winks*
    Well look at you go with your projects! Awesome stuff.

  15. So you're presented a clear case that 1) Housework is hazardous to the health and should be avoided; 2) You haven't lost your creative touch. Fabulous creations, thank you for sharing your talent and humour :) I hope you are settling in at your new home.

  16. Oh it's so good to see you back Lizzy! Yikes - that finger looks nasty! Hope it's healing well now. LOVE your lo and cards. As usual, you've nailed the challenge with your unique take. Hope to see you in here again soon. So glad you could join in the fun at Kraft+.

  17. Ouch! See, cleaning is dangerous, haha though sadly an unavoidable thing...though I'd love to ;)
    I adore your layout...that coffee looks so yum! I seriously do miss my coffee. Your cards are fabulous too, that stamp is really sweet. Thank you for joining us over at K+ this month :)

  18. Oops...I hope you settle into your new place in no time at all!

  19. Welcome back gorgeous friend. Ouch😮🤤😢 that's a nasty accident. Hope it gets better soon.❤ Totally adore your creations missed you. Thank you so much for playing along with us here at K Plus xxx

  20. Hey Lizzy....great to see your creations again, fabulous work! Love the layout and the variety of cards you designed with that cool stamp look great!


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