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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Goodbye for now...

... as you know, I haven't been blogging half as much as I normally would.
I just popped on over to Bloglovin', to check out you girls' and your new
posts, & felt myself thinking that I'm finding the whole social media thing
with scrapping a bit of a chore right now.
Which is not like me. But I HAVE been blogging and commenting for years
so I'm thinking I might take a bit of a break.
I'm still loving my scrapping ~ & was blessed to get an email from
for publication last week.
I'm not sure what's going on with me. But I'm going with what I feel.
There is a little guilt attached here, cos a lot of you have become quite
close friends & this is how I connect with you!
But I'm on Messenger, so feel free to contact me if you want a chat &
a catch-up:)
I didn't want to just 'disappear' from view....but I think for now I'll just
stick with my Happy Mail & give the rest a rest!!!!
Hope you've enjoyed the photos of some of my latest bits as you
read this post...
so, for now, I will say 'See you later'!!!
Thank you a thousand times for all your kindness, lovely comments,
and support over the years. I really REALLY appreciate it soooo much:)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

I think this is my fave colour combo!

Blues. With cream/white.
It seems to be my default combo.
More multi photos, again from a whole range of dates.
STILL using up those alphas!!!
The 'Es' are actually 3s & the 'A' a 'U'.... dunno what got smudged
on them. Aaaaah well! Least of my worries;)
I also used some stamping! Sorting them out means I [sort of]
know what I have!

For this Yvonne Yam inspired card, below, I used her technique of
clustering 'unlike' objects together! And some GOLD Ecoline ink she sent
me. I've never had any before. And sorta used it wrong. But, hey!
It made brilliant 'faux' drops.
Oh! And the water colouring? I actually did that!
I'm not 'arty' - but it was fun having a play;)
Anyways, back to the blues... a SINGLE PHOTO one below.
This is my almost Grown Grand boy, which means that photos
of him are rare! Anyways, I nabbed this one from Facebook.
Found a feather on the way home from the shops, so on it went!
 I am SO not good at using chipboard....so that's the 'latest' challenge.
I have found if I pop a little bunch of stuff on my work desk, then
I'm much more likely to use it. So that's my strategy re: stuff I find
hard to use! I'm glad it's working:)
 Stitched down arrows & REAL shells! Inspo from both Mitra P
who gave me the little shells, and Anna U who uses stitching amazingly!!
Bet you've got some Pearl Drops in your stash? I like to use them
to attach sequins - they make a cute little centre bit!
The layers behind my photo are OLD papers.
Mixing old and new again....works for me!
I hope you-all had a lovely Easter. It was a nice, quiet one here.
I got a fair bit of scrapping done - some Happy Mail sent out.
I've had a birthday since last time I posted, so more mail for that
All in all, I've had a rather GOOD month!
Hope you're having one too:)
Cheers ~ Lizzy H ♥♥♥

Sunday, 9 April 2017

MULTIPLES sorted...

Yup! I'm still madly scrapping multi photo pages.
[With the occasional single one when I get a bit bored!]
This one of Tim encompasses a rather long time span.
Lots of different colours. Challenging indeedy!
Instead of 'framing' the photos, I created a bg 'frame' by using strips of
Felicity Jane pp's. And those edges strips with the little scallops on either side?
HAND FUSSY CUT, my friends. Don't die of shock, now!!!
Adding a few pops of colour [used a marker on the wood camera!]
& some little words on each photo. I like to treat them as if
I'm doing Project Life ~ it seems to help me scrap these sorts
of pages:)

I think the triangle thingy is like a paper clip. But I treated it as an embellie!
Here's a single photo one I just completed today, starring WALLY!
And my boys. Here's the journaling:
Do you like my little doggies? They're a stamp. I thought I'd give a couple
a cute GOLD collar, LOL!!! Oh, MORE FUSSY CUTTING!!!!
I've just begun the HUGE MASSIVE SCARY job of sorting my stamps.
Hence the blog title. Multiples sorted for certain. Shall I tell you how many
HEART stamps I have? I'm embarrassed to!
I have taken the sets mostly apart. Put the stamps into word, animal, theme
groupings. I think this way I'll use them more. Here's a photo mid-stream:
Excuse the IPhone photo! I'm slowly getting them into Stampin' Up cases.
The writing on the side is temporary, until I get the sets 'just right'.
I don't mind mixing manufacturers.I'm not on any DT's, so it doesn't matter that they're mixed up!
And don't think this is all of them. It's about 2/3rds. But
I haven't started on Christmas or Birthday ones yet... AAAGH!!!

ANYWAYS.... back to my single photo page;)
I wanted to use navy a fair bit. Oh, the doggies are different colours by simply
'stamping off' the stamp as I went. Once again, I've mixed new paper [Shimelle],
with layers of old papers!
Can you see some of my hand crafted cork peeking out on the right there?
Below, I'm STILL using up those alphas. The 'S' is a cut down 8. The 'L' is
an upside down 7. The 'As' are upside down 'Us'... then I added the cross
bar by colouring around them & in that spot!
And yes! Even a few buttons! My 'aim' atm is to make sure I add at least ONE stamp,
some washi and OLD old stash. Buttons fall into that category:)
What do YOU challenge yourself to do/use on your pages?
I'll leave you with a photo of our weekend. Lovely weather.
Coffee and lemon pie I'd made eaten outside,
enjoying the Last of the Summer Warmth!
We had a very happy weekend. I hope you did too!
Thanks for taking the time to wander around my blog ~ Happy Scrapping!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hello there my scrappy friends!
And hello to APRIL. That's 1/4 of the year well
on its way. WHOA! Scary...
I've had a happy mail, embellie making weekend.
Fun with cork - picked up a sheet for 99c from
RIOT ART here in Aussie.
So I die cut, punched, then stamped:
I was very happy with how they turned out. It did take AGES for the white
ink to dry though.
I can safely show you some of the happy mail!
This one was an envelope flip:
The next I made was an envelope one from a sheet of 12x12"
piece of patterned paper. Here's the inside:
I just bought this paper pad [this is rare for me!] from Spotlight. It was 30%
off, & had 60 pages. It's by DCWV & I ADORE all the patterns in there!
Made me very happy :)
Here's the outside front:
There's a velcrose fastening under the button!
I have been scrapping ~ this is one from a while ago:
This grey heart paper was quite strong. I wanted to use it, so
what I did was add some plain white into the mix.
The back, before stitching:
And after:
I think this idea works really well for 'strong' paper!
Some close ups:
 Washi tape! And lots of little bits on each photo. Once again, multi photo
layouts being done. Sometimes I think I've got as many photos
as scrappy bits to 'get through'!!! But, my GOSH! I do LOVE
the 'getting through', LOL!!!!

Thanks, as always, for popping along.
OH! I must give a 'plug' for CREATIVE MAGAZINE.
Bev Code creates an online mag with loads of inspiration
and a very simple way of viewing it, too.
I feel blessed to be a contributor. There are SO many different
styles and projects to take a peek at!
Click HERE to go to the post with the mag link.

Take care now ~ and Happy Scrapping! ♥♥♥