Just popping in to say hi....

.... & to share a couple more LO's that you guys haven't seen.
I've been scrapping away quietly in the bg here...... enjoying using up bits & bobs.
OLD OLD paper.....Kaisercraft plastic bag. The last of it. Makes me sad:(
This is one I did whilst away with my scrappy GFs:
I loved 'matching' up my pp's BEFORE I went on camp.
Made it way easy to scrap! Loved doing teensy tiny but lots of layers.
And frames! I find them hard to use, so I was pleased to use this one!
Isn't he a sweety boy? He loves swinging. Like most kids!
Last closie. I think they're Kaisercraft word stickers, too. That's my Mum, or
Grand Nan, as they call her, in the bg there:) We're lucky to have these swings
literally 5 mins walk up from our house!
I'm also enjoying my 'new' stuff when I get my Kitaholic Kit each month.
This seems a good balance for me! And stops me buying much stuff in between.
Mostly. [sometimes I slip!!!]
This LO was done yesterday. I've been trying to scrap all my older photos
before I start scrapping the HUGE lot I just printed off. So, even though
the 3 photos below aren't from the same time...I'm challenging myself to
still do multi photo pages using a variety of snaps!
And purple!
No-one said kits always came with EXACTLY what you like. That's part of the
fun I reckon!
ADORE those words that I've used in the title below:
The 'love is gold' was in the kit. How PERFECT for that photo
of Riley dressed up for the NZ Union World Cup win?!!!
And the little stickers - like 'for the record', above.... !!!
Below I did a 'line' of embellies to break that quite strong
B & W pp..... a Funky Flair in there, too [not in the kit!]
And last one of this lovely, LOVELY Great Grand Boy:
I don't know WHERE the time is flying to...but it's
away from me, for certain!
Hope you're still finding some scrappy time in
all the busy-ness that is the end of the year
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Love love love love these!!!!! You are rocking the stash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know, I liked that second page so much, with its trail of photos across the background, that I hadn't even noticed it is purple! That's clever.

  3. ha ha..I thought you have started loving purple ;) !! I loved the use of various pps on your layouts and design of second looks fab with multiple photos.

  4. orgeous pages Lizzy - and look at your gorgeous grandbaby !!! That smile!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Lizzy!! (waving from up here!!) I am sure you are still scrapping away the spare hours in your busy days!!! these look wonderful.. I love how you place the little embellies, I sit and stare at my page for ages trying to decide where to put one dot!!! hehe! great happy moments special photos fabulous designs.. and good to use up stuff too! and there is only one way for me NOT to buy any new stuff.... stay out of the shops!! hehe!!! Have a good thursday.. yes thursday already... over halfway through november.. Had the school awards night on tuesday night.. that always signals
    to me that school is nearly over for the year.... YEECKKKSS!!

  6. Cuteness overload!!! Love all those happy snaps .. can't help but smile right back! Both pages are awesome .. the kids enjoying themselves so much and your pages simply radiate fun and happiness. Love the bit of plastic bag .. the rest of us probably would have just thrown it away .. shame there's none left but you certainly used it brilliantly. Love the purple page too .. the photos, the embellies and all the little sayings .. simply divine!! Love, love, love your work!! hugs xx

  7. Good on you for stash busting - it really can make one feel quite frugal!! Love that little frame; I think I have several of those buried somewhere! Who knew that purple would look good with that strong black and white paper? Great job with the multiple photos and did I spot some purple sequins in there? Woohoo!!!

  8. oh you always rock purple! Love the swing photos, made me smile! HUGS!

  9. WHAT? More purple... go on and admit it you quite like it now :D I keep saying I am not going to buy more stuff until I see more stuff them bam out the door it goes. I have no willpower :P
    I love that first layout - my grandies love swings too. Spence like to get into the tyre swing and "swing low Glan" so that he can unwind... seems a perfect way to do it to me.
    AND... the second one - you know the one with the colour you dislike. I think you rocked it. Love it.

  10. Your pages are stunning. Your grand babies are way cute. They always provide the necessary inspiration for a page. You seem to have the best of ALL worlds. The beach and a park, no wonder you have your little ones over regularly xxxxx

  11. Beautiful pages Lizzy!
    I always love your bold titles ;-)

  12. Privlidge to see the top layout come together, you really rocked at putting your kits together, most of the time I just sat there in awe and amazement watching you speed scrap and they were soooooo good. The second layout ..... Purple ! hehehe , you have done a good job on it and good on you for getting multiple photo's done. I like your little challenges to yourself. I am challing myself to use my stamps more at the moment and old stash. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Lizzy, it is our Grandboys birthday tomorrow :)

  13. OOOHHH!!!! So much loveliness at the same time, GOSH!!!! I have missed SOO much while been of in the USA. Love to be back to be able visit you here again my dear friend! Thanks so much for sharing so much joy! Love Anna xo

  14. 2 fresh and cute pages! Love the photies and soo cool that you de-stashing! I am really on a drive to do that too...but I keep getting new DT stuff that adds to it! LOL

  15. Looks like you are scrapping up a storm! And quickly using up those bits and bobs!
    Beautifully done! Those kids are adorable!

  16. I started saving those bags after I saw another post of your, such a cool idea! So Creative, fabulous pages. I'm on a mission to use up old stuff too!

  17. I love them both, you always have such great photos to scrap!


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