....Well, for these bits it is!
It's not THAT long 'til Christmas, right?
I made a few different decorations a few years ago,
that needed a bit of a revamp.
I pulled everything off around the image and started again,
using a dark red paper with stars applied with texture paste then
a bit of glitter added whilst it was wet:
 Some Dusty Attic chippy, & Lindy's gold mist...
 You can see the glitter on the star above.
The deer comes from Mary B:

The next thing I tackled was a heavy metal plaque.
It started like this:
It actually pulled apart really easily. It sits outside near
our backdoor, so I guess it's a bit weathered! 
The only thing I kept was the little 'wish' frame from up top.
I used it on my last project - not this one!
Next it got coated in white gesso, then gold paint. 
I made a 'wreath' by tearing 2 strips of calico, & plaiting them with
some Christmas trim I had:
Just felt like trying something different! It worked well. I simply
tied a knot to start it then a piece of ribbon to finish it - just like you
do with your hair!!
 Heat embossed a greeting on my doily. Also on the wooden stars.
 The ribbon ends were scrunched with water, then left to dry:
 The star in the middle of the 'wreath'.
My whole plaque:
Lastly, I 'switched up' my 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season'
canvas. Well, it's printed on the back of a pizza box.
But 'canvas' is close enough;) This is a more subtle change.
I left the tree & presents. I just didn't like the bauble banner on top
& I ALWAYS hated the bird!Also removed the tree's pot.
Can you see how I added the 'wish' frame with the presents?
And a MUCH nicer dove!!! 
 Also added some more definition to the 'Jesus' banner:
 Fussy cut the 'joy' out. Added some bling
& lots of stars!!
I was really pleased that I decided to play around with these.
Feel much happier. Waste not, want not & all that. BUT they look fresher.
Here's some before/after collages:

Hope this gives you some ideas & inspiration
Cheers & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Love these!! Fabulous idea to make your own Chrissy decos in the first place and the re-vamp turned out amazing!! Love the fresh look of each piece. The angel background, the braided wreath, the more defined banner .. it all looks fabulous! Brilliant work as always Lizzy!! Not long to go now!! Hope you've been good this year!! LOL!! hugs xx

  2. You have been busy! These revamped items look fresh and ready for the festive season.. It is amazing how much our taste and style changes over the years.. I hope your weekend is going great!

  3. What a great post! I think this Sunday will see a lot of us casting our eye round some crafty creations to see what we could freshen up a la Lizzy. I might even be persuaded to try a red background now I've seen how you have made that piece pop. Love it.

  4. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwww! I am loving these re-do's!!!! Just ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wonderful transformations indeed Lizzy, a whole new lease of life. That deep red really makes the blue pop doesn't it? Love the "reason for the season" quote !! XX

  6. did a super job with these! I really like the angel transformation and the plaque. They are really festive and beautiful. xx

  7. Fabulous transformations, like Lizzy C said they look fresh and ready for the season. Good work

  8. Wow you have been a busy lady! Love how you have re done these projects, they are look super awesome!

  9. What amazing transformations!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  10. They all look fresh and new with your make overs Lizzy. Especially love the braided fabric and the red background with the stars. Yep, the wish frame looks perfect as part of the presents. Clever girl - you are always full of surprises :D

  11. Clever, clever, clever!
    Love the makeovers! They look fresh and so much more reflective of your current style!:)

  12. Oh look at you :D This is what I am doing at the moment but not with Christmas stuff.. BUT I may just tackle that next... We are busy repainting and I decided all of my scrapped frames needed a re-vamp... all while the house is being painted of course. :P
    These are stunning projects Lizzy and while I liked the originals they do look fabulous all spiffed up. Go you.

  13. Yep I've got lots of ideas.......very clever, love the transformations! Great ideas :)

  14. What fun to remake your makes. I tend to hang the same old same old with a few new additions each year. You inspire me to upcycle and revamp. What fun!! If you have time Bibi is having a birthday and it would be lovely to see one of your lovely makes in the gallery at Rubber Dance Hugz

  15. I love what you've done, they all look great x

  16. what a great transformations! Love all of your art, so amazing idea to upcycle some old decorations )))))

  17. Wow Lizzy the transformation is just amazing. Your skills have improved over the years and these all turned out gorgeous...beautiful!!!


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