While the Cat's Away....

.... there's a scheduled post! Giggles. With no mice in sight. I hope. Goodness knows
what sort of a mess the DH is making in the kitchen while I'm not home.
The mice MIGHT come out to eat!!
But of course, I DON'T CARE!!!!
Besides, I suspect I'll be making a slight [cough!] SCRAPPY mess myself.
I won't list what I managed to fit into one bag for the train to the Blue Mountains.
Put it this way, my scrappy mates who drove have provided me with linen and food.
Because, as we all know - it's MUCH more important to pack SCRAP SUPPLIES!!!!!!

Anyways, I digress.
Onto a previously unsighted page. Photos in no particular order
[actually, it's how Blogger downloaded them!]:
 This was taken when my DIL & son & family went over to NZ. They went camping.
 And since I'm on 'scrap camp', I figured this was appropriate!!!
As usual, old papers, ancient flair mixed with punched hearts & newer puffy stickers!
 Hmmmn....if THIS photo had popped up first it would've saved me a few words!!!
 The gold doily was from K-Mart. They have some cool stuff - you've just gotta keep
 a check on it. Bit like the Reject Shop!
 Little off cuts of pp make great 'backing' for clusters!
Didn't bother with a title....sometimes I think when I journal, that's the place a title
might go, but if it's one or t'other....then journaling will win. There's no 'rule' to say
you must have a title, is there??!!!!
Please note the VERY busy bg patterned paper.
That's why the rest of this page is relatively 'simple'.
And that's because ....well...keep reading!

For scrap retreat, I made up 20 kits. Yes, TWENTY! Goodness knows if I'll scrap them
all. But I can do the rest at home. This means, as above, I'm scratching at the
bottom of the pile, so to speak. What pile? This one:
Top L is all the patterned paper I have left. Top R is a small pile as well.
That's IT! NO OTHER PP in my stash
The cardboard stock - 2nd shelf down on
 the R is healthy enough.
This is now my aim. I'm going to start on the cardstock.
LOOK OUT....I'm going to
make 'coloured' bg's popular again, giggles.......
AND for pp, I'm going to start using
up my 6x6 paper pads. We'll see how we go, eh??!!!!!!
And if you look down to the bottom R ink sprays shelf, I should be able to make my OWN
bg designs for a whiles anyways!!!
And if you're a real 'sticky beak' like me, on top of this cupboard, you'll see the flowers?
That, my friends, is my COMPLETE flower stash.
Shock? Horror? Applause??!!!!
On that note....bye!
Hope you're having as good a weekend as I intend having!!!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hi Lizzy, I hope you are having the most wonderful fun filled time of laughter, food, friends and of course scrapping! Your layout looks great.. love how you have use busy back grounds.. fantastic layering too.. and I hope Tom is enjoying himself too... travel home safety... xx

  2. Hope you are having fun! LOVING your lo!! LOVING the colors and the little hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'll bet Tom is having a great time while the cat .. ummmm you .. are away!! Either that or he's totally lost having to cope in the house all by himself .. LOL!! Bet you're having a ball though .. good on you!! Love this page!! Always amazed at how you can make busy backgrounds look awesome .. keeping it simple on top works a treat .. although your definition of simple might be a bit different to mine!! LOL!! Love the photo and the colours are fabbo!! Enjoy yourself Lizzy!! Wish I was a fly on the wall .. bet there'll be some great stories to tell!! hugs xx

  4. That is a great page with a lovely photo and I think the background paper is just right. I hope you've had a lovely, scrappy break away x

  5. What a fun post Lizzy, it almost like I'm sitting talking to you. Can't believe the "pile". You deffo need some more supplies. Busy pages are a snap for you and they really look great. Too many favourites bits, but I must mention the banner, the yummy strip of dramatic flowers across the top and the flair. Not sure about the title or lack thereof, but I hear what you are saying. Almost left one off myself last night, but computer said NO. :D

  6. Oh well, let him make the mess as long as he cleans it up before you get home!
    Really sweet layout! :)
    And you are doing sooooooo well with your paper piles. Wanna help with mine? It does look like you will be running out rather soon....

  7. Hope you had a fabulous time Lizzy and got lots of scrapping done and had a ball! Love your layout too :)

  8. Hope you have been scrapping up a storm. Though is it at all likely that you haven't ?!

    A lovely page: the detail shots really bring out your amazing attention to detail.

  9. you makes me laugh Lizzy with your post ))) firstly should say your LO is totally awesome as always and I adore how you work with patterned papers like this! )))) and secondly I wish you spend lovely time with your scrappy friends! )))

  10. Lizzy my dear!! You are awesome !!! Love to read your posts and LOOOVE to see your art!! Can't wait to see what beauties you have been created at your retreat <3 :) Anna xo

  11. Love this post ! Love the way you tell a story, it was a wonderful weekend, wish we could catch up more often, but grateful for the times we do. Fab layout , just right for busy paper. Now to get my stash back in order !

  12. Listen you are making me feel very guilty about my stash which I have promised myself I am going to start using up and I won't buy any more until the next gorgeous range of something appears... :/ Seriously I am impressed Lizzy that you manage to up-cycle, re-cycle, use up, re-make and colour and you come up with fabulous layouts. GO YOU!
    I hope that you and the girls had the most amazing weekend and I was stunned at how many layouts you got done. WHen us girls go away we all have the best intentions till the margaritas kick in... :D

  13. LOL...you make me laugh...love your quirky posts gal! You are definitely stash busting....but really gal...you need some more flowers! A girl can NEVER have enough flowers! ;-) It really does look a bit lean on the bloom side! He he he....


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