Scrappy Camp: The Inside Story...

Why do we call it CAMP? There are no tents (ughhh!) or fires (double ughh!) involved.
Only air con, & for SOME of us, King beds (NOT shared. Hmmmff!) & en-suite bathrooms...
While Bec & I 'slummed it' in this room (winks!!)... & had to go down the hall to the loo.. Oh! The Hardship, giggles....
And it was hardly a "Retreat" in the sense of someone else organising it & we paying a pile of money to attend, either.
I dunno what to call it. But it was gooooood.

Mary, Cheryl, Bec, Jo & I gathered from the far flung corners of NSW at Leura in the Blue Mountains from Friday through Monday. Then dragged ourselves back to Real Life...
Would have preferred this for a tad longer:
I travelled lightly by train, but luckily the girls came bearing gifts of food, linen & scrap supplies.
The person who brought her SEWING MACHINE (but not the kitchen sink) shall remain nameless...
I didn't say FACELESS!!!
We could 'share' a technique, idea etc. I shared how I created a canvas, which Cheryl (Ooops.... not nameless now...) is doing here. It warmed up enough one morning to get outside & create.
Bec hard at it...
Mary & Jo...
We learnt a pop up card technique- which may have taken a wrong turn...
Set up 'sad' photos are such fun! We also learnt how to make felt. MORE FUN!
You get this combed wool & rub it with detergent between netting until all the fibres 'meld' & basically that's it!!
Cool, huh?
I hope Cheryl doesn't mind me sharing.... She die cut her felt & created these:
Amazing, eh?
Mary thoughtfully brought her selfie stick which we surprisingly quickly (sort of) mastered:
Took me over an hour to photograph the 19 pages, 3 cards & 1 (unfinished!) canvas I completed. Now to edit them. GROOOAN.
Meanwhile, since I arrived early at Leura & they have SPRING FLOWERS & BEES up there ( that's the only down side of coastal living)...
...I flitted from one side of the road to t'other walking to our accommodation madly ooh-ing & aah-ing & taking photos.
Then I had time for lunch.
Before anyone else arrived:
Typical Aussie 'pub'- The Alexandra...
Love my lemon, lime & bitters!
And I 'found' a waterfall the other side of Leura, after walking past these:
Dunno the name? Way pretty...
Spot the bee!!!!
Pretty houses & magnolia tree..
Blossom everywhere gave way to this:
Bit more rugged!
Steeper than they looked!
Babies @ the Waterfall!!!
So, sadly it was hello & goodbye from Leura.
And the footwear we basically lived in:
[I'm the fluffy reddish ones!!!]
Some of our bits...
Need I say more?
Hard at it!
Of course, there was Secret Santa!
Yup! Even the Old Fella made an appearance;)
Cheers for now & Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy xo


  1. I (the nameless one) had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with all of you and hopefully many more to come
    PS Love this post xx

  2. Love this blog Lizzy! Its a perfect telling of our story this weekend!

  3. Oh looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Great Spring blossoms fun creating photos, great selfies, and I bet you girls are already planning the next one! Sorry you had to come back to reality!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend and you all had a ball!! Awesome!! Love all the photos .. the scrappy friends, the yummy food, the uggies, the felt making (looks fabbo) .. and the amazing flowers and landscapes .. brilliant. Yes, I'll bet you are already planning the next one. Fabulous post Lizzy!! hugs xx

  5. seems like your weekend was fun, scrapping and enjoyable! )))) and so many works made in this time are something unbelievable for me! )))))

  6. Love this post, perfect run down of the getaway. Wish I had gone on those walks with you ..... next time :)

  7. Now that's my kind of camp.
    Nineteen pages did you say? Nineteen? That's amazing.

  8. How fun! LOVING all the photos!! A little disappointed I don't see "Tim Tams" in the food photo!! LOL!!! Those are MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't have them here, but a few Aussie friends have sent them to me before and ohhhhhhh are they good!! :)

  9. I am so jealous!! next time me too I will come :)

  10. A beautiful post with all the spring flowers, old buildings and Wentworth Falls at Leura. We had a wonderful family camping trip there many moons ago. How special to gather with your tribe and play all weekend - so good for the spirit and any scrapping achieved is a bonus. Although one of you may have imagined she was at the Scrapbooking Olympics! Tee Hee !

  11. Aaaaah scrappy camp!!!! LOL Lizzy... so fun.... felt your fun!! Delightful photos!!! Aaaaah .....go the sisterhood! I'm off on mine next weekend and cant wait! Camp? I think that's because we all 'bunk' in together and spend a heap of time doing what we love and LAUGHING till we cry! Glad you had a fabulous time ...and so productive!!!!

  12. Oh wow...what a lovely retreat with like-minded individuals. And you were very productive too!

  13. Oh, how fun! I loved looking through your pictures! Looks like great fun. The flowers and water was so lovely! I'm glad you had a great time!

  14. What a brilliant time indeed!
    Thanks for sharing so many pictures!
    ( so strange to see the beginning of Spring ;)

  15. It looks like you had an amazing time and it sounds like you were very productive!

  16. Awwww!!! Please!!!!! Give me a break😍😍😍 I am SOOOOO JEALOUS Lizzy!!!! You girls have had a really good time that is for sure❤️ Anna xo

  17. Wow that sure was a loooooong post Lizzy. Love all the photos you took. Looks like you all had a great time too and by the looks of all those bickies and yummies, you sure got your sugar fix for the weekend I am glad to see. Glad you all had a FUN weekend. TFS. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  18. Looks like a fabulous scrappy getaway Lizzy! What could be better than nature, creating, friends, fun, laughter, good food and "me" time! I am sure you had a blast! ;-)

  19. Looks like you had an amazing weekend away with the girls. I have to say I am a little jealous even though I did have a little getaway of my own. :D :P I am blown away by how much you got done in the scrappy department and you still had time to explore and take fab pics. That is so cool <3


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