Saturday 13 February 2021


 Hey there!

I've gone into the SCRAP THE BOYS CHALLENGE this month. I'm trying to do it each month [two times so far!], as I have LOTS of  'boy' photos to scrap!

Here's the sketch for the month:

To create the squares, I used a template and filled the inside with random stamped words. I adapted the position of the photos to suit my own photos as well. But I think you can see how I've used the sketch.

So, that's mine for the month. Now let's see if I can get a couple more done. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Not sure how much most of the world will be celebrating it this particular year with Covid and all. But if you're into that sort of thing - then I hope it's a good one for you. 

Personally, it ain't my thing. But luckily we're not all like that or the florists would be out of business!

Cheers and Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy H xxoo

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  1. This is a fantastic take on the sketch.. love the photo side view of Tim.. Tis your spin on the sketch and it looks great. .and I am not a big fan of Val Day.. but I do take the opportunity to buy myself something when hubby is away!! haha!!you know to support the shops an all!!! p.s. i got myself some art supplies this year.. hehe!! better than chocolate.. well better for my hips anyways!!!


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