Sunday 24 March 2019


Hey there friends!
Thought I'd join in with CSI Case File #275 this month:
I've used some frames, journaling in one of them, the colours and some stripes.
I really liked the 'graphic' and clean lined look of the inspiration picture, so
went with that. 
This is our sweet Great-Grand Girl, who is such a girly girl in some ways, but a real farm girl
in other ways!

Got some of those self stick on! How much EASIER they are!
The bigger frames were gifted from Yvonne Yam:

The 'splatters' on the bg are actually stamps, which I am using MUCH MORE this year,
having made myself either use 'em or lose 'em! These are therefore keepers, LOL!
I used quite a few bits from my Kitaholics Embellishment kit, too. I really do like
their kits!
Anyways, hope you're busy scrapping as well as living~  have a good one,
Lizzy H xxoo


  1. This is GORGEOUS! LOVING the photos, the colors and the frames!!!!!

  2. Oh how cute, I love the photos and the fabulous layers around your frames look wonderful.. I hope she will always love horses too..

  3. Very sweet page Lizzy, all the different frames look so cool and I love the clean and simple look and the splattering and sprinkling really brings it all to life. Also very cute photos :o) xxx

  4. Love the use of white space and the frames are perfect for the two sides of this little munchin. I see no problem at all with being a ballet girl one minute and a farm girl the next. Hmmm...I may have been like that myself back in the day! Stick on sequins you say - will have to hunt some down, the other type are likely to cause a conniption an time attempt to scatter them around artfully!. Gorgeous x


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