OCTOBER LESSology Challenge ~ ROCK ON!

Well, sort of. Actually the LESSology challenge is called MUSICAL CHAIRS: INCORPORATE
This month I've created a LO using musical notes in a couple of ways.
And it IS a 'rock' page. Of sorts!
As you can see, I've pulled out some very old music score & used it
as a matt for the photo. Which isn't the best quality, but important to record.
Jeff adores music, so visiting Hard Rock Café in London was
a MAJOR highlight for him!
I found some music manuscript paper & used a chicken wire die cut as an embellie.
Worked a treat. And you can see some ric-rac, ribbon and a green button which
 are also upcycled for my page.
You only need to incorporate one upcycled item - but
I often seem to find a few more;)
Like the green coloured bubble wrap behind the photo, LOL!
Amazing what can be used on a page;)
To create the webbing hearts, I simply cut a heart free hand then layered it
on an old index card, gluing it down with PVA glue.
Once dry, I fussy cut it, leaving a small border.
And my little 'fake flair' tucked in behind? It's old cardboard from
a biscuit packet. I've hand written on some musical treble clefs, then added a
sticky acrylic round over top! Such FUN being creative:)
Here's a closie of another one I made. Hope this gives you some ideas for joining
our LESSology challenge this month!
Cheers ~ Lizzy H ♥♥♥


  1. Fab layout, gosh you are coming up with some great embellies using up cycle . Might try and join in this one

  2. Yep .. you are definitely the Upcycle Queen!! Love this page Lizzy. The music paper, the bubble wrap, the handmade flair .. you make it all look so gorgeous .. absolutely love it!! .. and those webbing hearts .. sigh .. so clever!! Love, love, love this!! hugs xx

  3. I just LOVE this!! I still can't believe you used bubble wrap! So cool and funny! Love the look of it and wish I'd thought of it!

  4. Necessity is the Mother of invention and her name is Lizzy! Is there nothing you can't appropriate as "just the thing" to add to your page! I'm constantly amazed by your inventive streak and the fabbo layouts you create out of, (dare I say it) junk. Way to go Lizzy, this is another corker :D

  5. Dyes that is a great moment to Scrapmatts! He looks happy! Love the old music paper, fabulous embellies, and clever creating of the Clair's too, enjoy the weekend!

  6. oh my goodness....I texted someone the other day "It works a treat" and got ???? back...and then I was like ohhhh Lizzy...you have gone and made me speak Aussie in NY....I'm working on importing that word here! Super cool page! I dig it and it rocks! Love being on the DT with you...this time I didn't sneak a peek!!!

  7. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeee the photo and the music paper!! And I finished my Lessology project last night -- just have to photograph it now! LOL! It's been tooooooooooo long since I've played along with my old teamies!!!!

  8. I love how inventive and creative you are Lizzy, I re kin you could make scrapbook pages without any scrapbook supplies at all and they would still be fabulous! The webbing heart and the treble clef flair look really cool, love the whole page xx

  9. Hi Lizzy! This is absolutely amazing. I love the photo taken at the Hard Rock Cafe in London! And I really love the way you used the music score paper here. You are so creative, my friend! Also want to thank you for always visiting my blog and giving me a smile!!! HUGS!!!!

  10. I'm very taken with the chicken wire diecut. It adds such a lovely touch of texture. But how can I pick out just one piece? It's such a beautifully chosen collection of "stuff"! A perfect page ful of energy.

  11. really awesome layout Lizzy! love how you used musicsl theme here! )))) and all of those hand made embellishments just amazing ))))

  12. oh geez I just reread my comment... what the heck was in my tea?? I hope it gave you a laugh... Blinkin spell check... It should have read.... Oh that is a great moment to scrap!! blah blah blah.. clever creating of the FLAIRS too.. I must have been on my ipad, it is a shocker for putting words that i dont want!! hehe!! I hope your day has been good...

  13. Great use of musical notes and a perfect page for that photo :)

  14. I agree with Jo! I just love your use of the musical notes!
    This is such a creative page and I love all the details you have included.
    Thanks Lizzy!

  15. All the elements work so well together here. And the very appropriate photo too! :)

    P/s: If we try, there are always bits and pieces we can upcycle/reuse...:)

  16. Such a cool and vibey page! Love the different textures and the cool photo! ;-)

  17. WOW! yeah you blow me away. I seriously need to think OUT of the box like you do. I also love your handmade embellies. They are just the ticket. Another fabulous layout and who cares is the pic isn't the best it is all about the memories. I do miss telling the stories.


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