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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Christmas Camping Fun!

LAST YEAR FOLKS....no, you haven't missed the Big Day, LOL!
Actually, over in NZ last Christmas, this is what was going on:
Isn't it lovely giving your children experiences that have meaning to you?
I think it is, anyways...
I am still using a lot of MME paper that was given me. Feeling
GOOD using up stash! And it's a challenge to use 'strong' patterns
like this as your bg, when the popular thing these days is white with
mixed media.....
Thank you Yvonne Y for these LOVELY chippy stickers! 
A few older word stickers in there....& a bit of gold, of COURSE;)
Lovely Funky Flairs badge & some Cocoa Vanilla puffy stickers.
I find myself often nabbing FB photos to scrap. This is one of these.....
& for that reason alone, I really am glad it exists! 
Anyways ~ Thanks for taking a peek at this page & HAPPY SCRAPPING!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Funky Flairs Studio

on the 29th with lotsa new flair

Come on by FACEBOOK to see their beautiful new flair!
Like this set:

Monday, 24 October 2016

Off The Rails TUTORIAL ~ October 2016

Hi There! I'm up at Off The Rails with a fun tutorial on all the ways you can use VELLUM!
Here's a taster...for more, you know where to go, giggles;)!!!
Ways of  'fussying up' Vellum include:
Added sparkle with some glitter nail polish:
 Hand stitching [remember to poke those holes first!]:
Here's the LO I created. Can you find all of the different Vellum ideas on here??!!!
Nothing like a challenge!!! Check out if you're right over at OFF THE RAILS!!!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday Frenzy...

... JOKE! I'm scheduling this for the morning. The only frenzy that'll be happening
is me running after my 2 little Grand Boys!
This week has been a frenzied week of scrappy activity tho.
Cos I had a bit more of a tidy up. And found all sorts of bits that I'd
tucked away because at the time I didn't know how or what to use them on.
So, CHALLENGE TIME for myself.
USE it. OR LOSE it. As in dump it in the bin.
Proudly, I have made 20+ cards in all sorts of weird and wonderful
configurations and used up the strangest bits of stash.
Unfortunately, I took very few photos. They're not cards I can repeat,
in the main. Except this one that I LOVED making:
Years ago I'd won this digital sentiment stamp. Printed it out, then left to rot.
Well, not quite. I added a strip of gold washi to the top, then punched that row
of hearts in the vellum overlay that I added.
Even punched the bottom edge! And those wood peeps? Find them HARD to
use, but coloured them up & added some Wink of Stella.
Waaaay happy. So, is anyone getting married? I've now got 3 or 4 wedding
cards done. And no-one getting hitched. LOL!!!!!
And here's another LO that I haven't shared.
Notice, I'm not entering challenges still!!
But still having fun scrapping:)
I've also been doing a little bit of Happy mail.
This is one made with Project Life cards,
joined with washi tape.
A great way to use up some of those PL cards, that
also BREED in the cupboard!
The macaroons I fussy cut; the little girl image
was a RAK I was given, so I coloured her in.
That 'envelope' washi is from K-Mart. Got it for 50c a roll!
And of course, the hearts are actually paint chips
punched out.
Oh! And the 'happy days' saying is fussy cut from a PL card.
So, you could say my Happy Mail is also an opportunity
to use up Stuff from the Scrap Vault;)
This is the inside, with all the little folders flipped open.
You can see some of the bits I've made - the glitter reinforcing rings, on the right.
The fringed round embellie in the middle.
The embossed vellum envelope on the left.
Top L are the flowers I made from the bit of black plastic
from a shopping bag base. I've cut it into flowers, then
heat embossed it.
Top right is a doily 'pocket' with mini doillies I've
die cut inside:)
I get a great THRILL from making little bits...
This is it closed up. The fringed tag on the L is not mine.
I got given it from a Happy Mail!! But I added the little
envelope [made with Liquid Pearls :)]...
Beside the little kitty on the bottom, R, is a fake
flair, made with an epoxy resin bottle cap.
I like making those!
Here's the back [outside]:
It sorta looks odd being upside down because they are
the sides that get folded up & in!
I do like that saying. It's from a Reject Shop
bunch of bits....& the 'dream' butterfly embellie
is one of a group I made to use up scraps of pp.
OOOPS! All of a sudden I've done a huge long post.
Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are in this
wonderful world we live in ~ Blessings!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Hey there! Sharing my Funky Flair project for October today!
LOVED this photo & wanted to make it 'star' on my page..... think it's worked.
Tried to 'create' a sun in the corner, with a stencil and pile of different inks & Gelatos!
Then simply added a couple of clusters!
Those little JELLI HEARTS FLAIR are sooo versatile! The arrows are actually washi tape
popped onto card & then shaped at the front to the arrow shape!!
I'm 'into' vellum at the moment. And staples make it easy to attach! The 'noted' flair
works a treat here. They ARE happy days!!
I just realised I haven't JOURNALED on this page! Now that is sooo unlike me.
I'll go do it right now! MUST record at least the basics... you never know, if #2
son doesn't make a bonfire of my albums, as he keeps informing me, then maybe
someone will want to know who this was & why it was taken [winks!]
I'm thinking you can figure it's my DH and our lovable mutt Wally,
taking an early morning walk on our local beach at Ettalong.
Feel lucky to have been able to capture this moment!!!
Don't be shy - take a peek at the FUNKY FLAIR STUDIO shop.
What I like most is that they're plastic backed, which means they do NOT rust.
Which gets a big hooray from me!
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Becca Cruger is running the HOP to STOP again this year.
It's in order to increase awareness of Domestic Violence.
As well as the hop, there is also the opportunity to help by making
cards to donate to her local Shelter. They're particularly after
thank you, birthday and encouragement cards. And to leave them blank
inside to make them more usable :)
I've finished a bunch which I'll send off tomorrow:
There are about 10 I think all up. And it will cost me about $7-50, which
is not too bad to the USA. I REALLY enjoyed making these cards!

For the HOP itself, there are a pile of WONDERFUL sponsors:
You need to use PURPLE in your card. Here's mine:
I created the bg paper first, using a sheet of A4, then cut it up for a number
of the cards. I sprayed & dabbed on some mists & butterfly stamps.
Butterflies to me signify new life and renewal:
I've use my new fave 'Wink of Stella' on the butterfly! And some pretty tinsel.
The sentiment is heat embossed......
So, over to you. It's a great idea ~ hoping you find the time to make a card
& support Becca!!
Cheers for now & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
And remember:

Saturday, 15 October 2016

OCTOBER OFF THE RAILS... Grandpa Walder & the Cherry Tree

G'day folks!
I'm with you today to show you my mid-month reveal of the OFF THE RAILS CHALLENGE
Now, this one was difficult for me. For a variety of reasons I have absolutely no
interest or intention of scrapping Halloween. However, note the 'RIP' on the board.
And of course, Halloween is based on the Holy Festivals of All Hallows and All Saints days.
Where we remember & celebrate & pray for the lives of those loved ones that have died.
Taking ALL that on board AND the colours, I came up with a photo of my dead, but
still much loved Grandpa:
My journaling is in the little bag on the L side, that I made, if you're interested:
I haven't got a typewriter, but I use a downloaded font from the internet on my computer.
I have quite a few 'tiny words'. These are from Studio Fourteen 40 & I thought they
led nicely to the journaling.
 A lovely FUNKY FLAIR STUDIO flair above.
I really enjoyed pulling out as many papers that worked with the colours as I could.
And I used up some stash! YAAAY!!!!
Hoping you can join us for this challenge - Halloween if you want, but family, or someone
close that may have died, if not :) Plenty of choices!!!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Thursday, 13 October 2016


...in a GOOD way is BECCA, who is having a BLOG HOP
to support awareness of Domestic Violence. Even if you can
join in, this will help ---& there are prizes as well!
You can find her blog post about the coming hop HERE.
But I thought I'd share a few bits of it on this post, so in her words:

Coming October 15 - The Hop to Stop 2016
Purple is the color of National Domestic Violence Awareness month. 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence over the course of their lifetimes. 
Let that sink in - 33% of all the women you meet.

On October 15-30, I'll be hosting the 3rd annual Hop to Stop Domestic Violence. The Hop is designed to raise awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

How can you be involved?
1. Link up a card that *features* the color purple during the hop October 15-30. Show your support! 
2.  Hop along! The first year I did this, I wasn't expecting the tumult of what happened. Bloggers from all around the world were sharing their own stories and receiving encouragement from one of the most supportive communities out there (crafters of course!).
3. Send a card. During the Hop, you can send me cards that will be delivered to the Community Violence Intervention Shelter in Grand Forks, ND - a nonprofit that provides emergency shelter, counseling, supportive services, and safe visitation. 
It's a worthy cause & something that we can do
without too much effort to boot, I reckon :)
Anyways, since I'm here. I'll share with you some
CHRISTMAS CARDS I've been making:
I'm going to pepper them
in this conversation so you don't
get too
bored ;)
Trying to catch up to Certain Girls
who have beaten me to the post this year!
I'm swapping a few cards, with other scrappers.
You have NO IDEA how much pressure one puts on oneself
to 'perform'. I never realised, actually....cos they are scrappers
I REALLY admire & love their work.
So, of course,
I want to do my Best Work for them......
And I wanted to do Interesting Stuff.
So, in order to get 3 relatively interesting &
mildly 'different' cards, I made 14 other cards.
 That are just fine, but not up to my exacting standards.
Now, you KNOW I'm not a perfectionist scrapper.
So that bit is a Joke.
Exacting means I actually RUBBED
OUT the pencil marks on the edges where I did NOT
cut the card straight!!!!
And yes, I'm AWARE the ribbon isn't
quite straight on the card above.
But who PINS before they sew on paper?
Oh, please, please don't say you do!!!
ANYWAYS.... I was really pleased to
get a pile of cards done!
And SIMPLY [pun? CAS card above??!!!]
thrilled to pop this lot on the eensy
teensy Chrissy card pile I had.
Thanks for looking.....
PULEEZE make a purple card and link it to Becca's Hop
when it starts....
& Happy Scrapping!!!
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Latest...

... is that I've been privileged to Guest Design over at SCRAP IT WITH A SONG!
They always have easy to join challenges, based on the lyrics of a rock and a pop song
each month - here's the link to OCTOBER'S CHALLENGES.
I'm adding some sneaks -but because I'm a lazy blighter [at times], I'm going to simply
link to HERE for the page I did for them this month, based on the ROCK song,
'Dark Necessity' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Now, those of you who know me well, will know I DO NOT DO MUSIC.
Don't let that stop you from joining the challenges! It's about words. And WORDS,
I do do!!!!
I dunno. I've been fliffing fluffing [words of the day!!] about in my scrap room.
Seem to make lots of mess, but I'm not sure much is being DONE!
Here's a LO I made at scrap 'camp' - similar in colours to above.
Since it's supposed to be 33 Celsius here tomorrow.... a summer page
seems appropriate!
 Decided if I was going to pencil in circles, then I could use them for the journaling!
The star paper is OLD Teresa Collins, I think; the ripped anchors etc new-ish Cocoa Vanilla.
Ampersand flair  is Funky Flairs; the doggy from Feed Your Craft:
 I decided a bit of stitching wouldn't go astray on this one!
Assortment of Cocoa Vanilla bits with some stash items. 
Trying to use up some of those PL style papers & frames. They truly DO breed, you
know. You have to keep a severe eye on them to stop too much shenanigans going on!
Anyways, that's enough from me today...
Sweet summer my behind!
Jumping from 22 C today to 33 C in one day is slightly crazy,  in my view.
Then there are the floods covering a whole pile of the country,
not to mention I heard of the 1st bushfire on the news last night.
Australia is certainly a land of
Take care, wherever you are in this crazy world of ours...
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, 8 October 2016

OCTOBER LESSology Challenge ~ ROCK ON!

Well, sort of. Actually the LESSology challenge is called MUSICAL CHAIRS: INCORPORATE
This month I've created a LO using musical notes in a couple of ways.
And it IS a 'rock' page. Of sorts!
As you can see, I've pulled out some very old music score & used it
as a matt for the photo. Which isn't the best quality, but important to record.
Jeff adores music, so visiting Hard Rock Café in London was
a MAJOR highlight for him!
I found some music manuscript paper & used a chicken wire die cut as an embellie.
Worked a treat. And you can see some ric-rac, ribbon and a green button which
 are also upcycled for my page.
You only need to incorporate one upcycled item - but
I often seem to find a few more;)
Like the green coloured bubble wrap behind the photo, LOL!
Amazing what can be used on a page;)
To create the webbing hearts, I simply cut a heart free hand then layered it
on an old index card, gluing it down with PVA glue.
Once dry, I fussy cut it, leaving a small border.
And my little 'fake flair' tucked in behind? It's old cardboard from
a biscuit packet. I've hand written on some musical treble clefs, then added a
sticky acrylic round over top! Such FUN being creative:)
Here's a closie of another one I made. Hope this gives you some ideas for joining
our LESSology challenge this month!
Cheers ~ Lizzy H ♥♥♥