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Monday, 28 March 2016

The Year that February Flew...

You do agree, don't you? I feel like we need to replay February
just so I actually know it DID come and go......
Funny, we were so busy, with tripping around, that the rest of the
month I squeezed into ONE Project Life page spread!
Of course, using photo COLLAGES helps a heap!
We did lots of day trips with our visitors. Weird how you generally
only do that stuff when you have visitors....SHOULD make the effort
to do it anyways....but somehow that simply doesn't happen. Or maybe
that's just me:)
And you can have a closie of my date card. Since it's practically the
only 'artsy' one on the page!!
I DO enjoy PL...but find I'm always filling it with photos and not using up
the masses of 3x4 & 4x6 cards I've got in my stash. Roll of eyes....aaaaah well....
Happy Scrapping now! Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Hi there! This month I got to join the FUNKY FLAIRS challenge.
You link up on their FB page HERE, but I thought I'd pop it on my
 blog as well. 
Here's the LOVELY mood board:
I've used old and new stuff together...that lovely striped heart is from JO R.
The crocheted flower is from YEARS ago!!
And the 'freshly squeezed' will make sense when you see the photo!
 Thank you MITRA for the wood. Didn't take me long to use it;)!!
Below is the Funky Flairs flair. YUM! Especially the flamingo!
 Another fabulous acrylic embellie from Mitra. I backed it
with white card stock, to make it stand out...
 The title is Kaisercraft word stickers. It matched the bit I cut from a Kaisercraft
plastic shopping bag I had.....you know, 'waste not want not'!!!
 I've also backed the little heart locator so the heart 'popped' &
added another cute Funky Flair flair to the 
top cluster....
OOOPS! Just realised I've written 2016; should
be 2015! Must change that;)
I'm really, REALLY needing to use up the stuff I have in my room.
Tom came in & took a photo of me working. Don't ask me why! 
But when I looked at what I was surrounded by, EEEEEEK!!!!
Wanna see?
I have a feeling a lot of you will be having a
giggle and nodding their head.
Anyways.....that's enough from me for now!
Happy Scrapping ~ Blessings, Lizzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sand Pit Love....

.... that's our Ollie! Give him a bucket & a shovel & it doesn't
matter where he is, he's happy:)
The family have moved now - so I'm glad I had some photos of where
they lived. Nice for the kids to look back on in 20 years or so, I daresay. 
Did you see above? HAND STITCHING. 'Rustic' style. Which means I couldn't
be bothered measuring the holes...... [winks!]
The little cork bits are from the Happy Scatters etsy shop. Cute! And
lots of Cocoa Vanilla goodies including the pp & the alphas above.
The little green shovel under the title is
a sticker from Jo...worked well there, I thought:)
 I am really enjoying scrapping Ollie atm. Those little clouds were a gift
made from a Lawn Fawn die. A few bits of older collections, like the
arrows & vellum star & 'hey dude' circle cut from old pp.....
 The little house below is a transparency from Basic Grey, I think:)
And that's it! No ink splatters even here. I just wanted to create
a slightly 'retro' look to match my little Grand Boy....think it worked!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

And Summer leaves us....

...but we remember it with some summery LOs!
For this page I dug into stash that had been given to me from
Mitra [who obv understands how much summer we get!!!] & Jo R
& I 'slipped' a little with my stash busting attempts and sort of 
had to buy some Cocoa Vanilla goodies at the start of the year.
At least I'm USING not HOARDING them. Right??!!!!
And Jo Tritton sent me the 'great day' plastic words. Easy to attach
with staples!!
The little 'enjoy' tab is from Studio Fourteen 40... I got the enamel drops
from the Reject Shop. They're SUCH good value!
 Old and new word stickers together....
 The ice cream flair is Ormulu. I don't think they even exist anymore :(
Had a BALL creating that top cluster...even got out the roller stamp.
It had to be dusted off....!!!!
Hope this makes your day a bit brighter [sorry.....but all that yellow!!!].....
& happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


Sunday, 13 March 2016


Hullo my scrappy friends!
Our LESSOLOGY challenge this month is all about using your 
OWN HANDWRITING on your project :)
Since I LOOOVE writing, I was in my element!
 This A4 page is all about a FABULOUS meal Tom served up to me.
I actually didn't believe he'd made these pork rolls - I thought he was
tricking me & had bought them....but he hadn't! Such a GREAT cook:)
The 'picture perfect' comes from Jo R -Thank you, my friend:)
 I used my writing to 'ground' my photo...I've used string, a doily & some 
gold jewellery wire as my recycled/up-cycled elements.
The little 'owl' is a critter I made with my step Grand Girl when we stayed
last year. It finally found a home!!
Also splashed around some writing ink to create the white spots.
This is an easy peasy challenge ~ so I
hope you get a chance to join us at LESSology this month!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Friday, 4 March 2016

ARTastic March 2016 - The Place We Call Home:

Good morning [well, in Australia!!] friends!
Today it's time to show you the new ARTastic challenge for March.
The CRITERIA is WOOD VENEER. Here is the inspiration picture:
This is created by Maria Taninaka. 
My inspiration comes from the browns and blues, & natural
wood look. I've added a 'pop' of the yellow and pink. as well:)
 There is plenty of wood! It was a great excuse to get it out & USE it!!
The 'ahoy' comes from Mitra P.
Below, a few birds.... since the art picture has one;) And the house, which I've
had for ages finally found a home.... [SOZZY...puns...]
it's a Happy Scatters one:
 I used washi that fitted the colours in the picture. I've outlined
the alphas to make them stand out against this woodgrain paper:

 This page is A4 - one of those I hang inside on a little A4 hanger in our lounge
so that we can enjoy them!
Do you like this inspiration picture? Have you wood veneers that are 
asking to be used up?
Hoping you can use them on our ARTastic challenge this month!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I simply did NOT know how to introduce this one in my heading. 
So here's the K+ CHALLENGE for you!
Houndstooth. There's a story here. As I was searching for a
completely irrelevant thing I found ONE piece of 6x6 houndstooth
pp. SCORE! So I gleefully created not one, but TWO complimentary
cards. Was so happy! Here, I'll show you.
You can figure out what I did wrong.....

Sooo... 'back to my lonely writer's room in the attic...' [you have to be a 
Harry Chapin fan to get that song reference!!!
AND I had to print a houndstooth pattern off the internet. 
Spot the houndstooth, folks!
Too cute! I've done a heap of journaling on the back of this one.
Basically saying how busy The Family were when this was taken.
Both Neri & Alex studying - the boys young. Little did they realise
just 12 months after this photo was taken, baby #3 would have arrived.
Life is forever changing....
 Some close ups:
Stickers from my mate Jo R, cork from Jennifer Grace...
Flair from Funky Flairs....

And a pile of washi & bits that I pulled out & piled on!
Only a couple of months now, & we'll see whether it's a 
3 boy family or a 2 boy & 1 girl! Exciting times ahead:)
And nothing like a surprise, I reckon!
SURPRISE us at K+ & join in this one....it's not called a challenge
for nothing, LOL!!!
Lizzy ♥♥♥