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Sunday, 29 March 2015


I haven't played with SCRAP THE BOYS for a while. I really like the sketch this month:
Here's my journaling:
 I really like this Kaisercraft paper - it makes it so easy to make a page!
Recognise the flair, Mitra?!!! Lots of paper layers!
 Some tabs near the photo:
 And my whole page. The stenciling on the bg is using a 7 Dots Studio mask:
And how's that for a fairly short post! Miracles do happen;)
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Friday, 27 March 2015


That would be TIM TAG TIME!!!
I am soooo enjoying them! Mine is sooo not like His this month.
See, I read the post. Then I jot down my notes. Then I do it. With the supplies I have.
Wanna see my notes? I actually write down all the challenges in this old unused diary.
Works for me!
Obv I'm gonna sort of go off the track at some stage. 
So, the GOOD thing this month? I BOUGHT some Tim Tissue Tape [ooooh! another TRIPLE T!!!]
The BAD thing? None of his paints. So I used the Distress Stain.
Sigh. The ink does NOT cover the tape at all. Well, I know for sure that Gesso does. See?
Soooo mine's a soft, subtle spring tag!!!
Then you had to do the stamping. Well, I was HEADING for a butterfly. But this bee got in the way:
Now, Tim has this wonderful sticky paper to mask your animal with. I used some plastic from a stamp pack. And I had to use Blu Tak to stick it on. Worked FINE:
And THEN the theory is you use a mask and texture paste. Add your embossing powder when it's wet, then allow to dry.
Like allowing anything to dry is gonna happen in this scrappy space!!! 
I am an IMpatient scrapper. 
Naturally, the texture paste smudged. And the embossing powder sort of got everywhere.
But hey! I LIKE the messy look. Should see my house;)

And then I added STUFF..
 To finish it off! Thanks Nat M, Mitra & Bexta 76
 And TA-DA!
Thanks for taking this journey with me!
Hoping it inspired you to become a Tagger!!!
And of course, tags are GREAT - they make a really quick card. Just plop 'em on front.
So they are useful:):)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dusty Attic March EXTRA post - Peace, Man - ALex surfing

Hello there, Dusty Attic fans!
Today I'm using one of the pages I created when doing this post HERE.
For the photo I wanted to use, this was a bit strong. So Gesso came out to play!
Then, I worked out where I wanted said photo to 'sit'. Do you scrap that way?
I often slide my photos around the page.
Then usually pencil off the area, so I don't waste 'making it pretty' where it won't be seen.
I used LOTS of DUSTY ATTIC PAINTS on my background.
The really neat thing about the containers is that you can squirt them out.
OR unscrew the whole top.
   Image 1    Image 1     Image 1  
Often I'll squirt out too much paint. But these make it easy-peasy to scrape the paint back into them again. No waste!
 The ARROWS #1 pack have been painted as have the MINI SEAGULLS - all with DA paints.
That lovely grey-blue 'drop' is NAIL POLISH!
Loooove that stuff. Replaces enamel dots beautifully *winks*!!
 Naturally. The day you got married. You surfed. Didn't you????!!!!!!!!
 I figured since this was a boy page, I could sneak in some of the lovely SPARK PLUGS, alongside the LIGHTHOUSE.
 Of course, the SEAGULLS are there watching the surfers.
Thinking they'll have hot chips to share, no doubt!!
Once again, painted with DA paints!
 I had been 'saving' these STRING FRAMES.
They are my ABSOLUTE FAVE DA product.
They worked sooo well, given a coat of SILVER DA paint.....
And I used the PEACE from the WORD PACK #5.
Painted & outlined.....you've been very patient!
Here's my whole page:
So there you have it! DUSTY ATTIC chippies ROCK.
I've hardly needed to use anything else on this page!
They're available ONLINE HERE......
don't forget our MARCH CHALLENGE, either!
As always ~ happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Monday, 23 March 2015


For SCRAP OUR STASH, this month it's about STENCIL
Not to use one. To do this:

 Sequins [also stamps and staples!]
 T for twine:
 E for the word 'enjoy' [repeated!!!]... & N is for numbers [see above on washi & the '2' on the circle.
 C is for circles. Lots of 'em. And also cup [stamped] & the camera clip.
 I is for ink used in the stamping. And finally L is for layers under the photo. Also alphabet letters.
 I do adore my latte flair from A Flair for Buttons. Thank you Monique L!!! And L is for Latte. Of course!!!

 Oh, I did so have FUN doing this one. I hope you enjoy a good cuppa with a friend every now and then!!
Thanks for looking ~ happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, 21 March 2015


LET'S GET ARTY is sort of a new challenge. I'm going to copy the info from their blog!
We've been here since 2009 as 'Let's Get Shabby'
Times have changed and many of us have found our styles have too!
So it's time to move forward and add in being a little
This does mean you can certainly still do Shabby, or any other style...
just show us a bit of arty too!
Any genre is accepted...
Off the page
Home decor

 We just ask that you:
-follow the criteria
-link back to us
-create only for our challenge if you want to be a winner
but it's okay to enter into other challenges to be chosen as favourite!

Colour Swatch Challenge! 

PICK a photo from your photo gallery
UPLOAD it to  ‘Chip It’  to  get your swatch colours….   

CREATE a project  based on at least four colours from the colour swatches.  
“If black and white are not part of your colour swatches, then they may be used minimally as title work/journaling etc”  and your choice if you want to use your photo as part of your project.

How to use ‘Chip It’
Once in the site, scroll down a little and click on ‘Upload an Image’ 
A box will pop  to ‘Agree to Terms of Use’…. click the tick box
Once your photo uploads with one set of colours… if you click on the ‘edit’ button, another set of colours drops down too.
You don’t have to ‘Log In to Save’    - just save by right clicking to your computer

On your blog we will need to see:
Two photos….
One of your ‘Chip It’ photo with the swatches
One of your project
And list the colour names of your choice.
Soooo...I know that sounds like a lot, but it was actually easy-peasy & honestly, I found it REALLY simple to create a page based on the swatches!
Here 'tis:
 A GORGEOUS photo of our newest Grand Boy, Oliver! 
 The 'awesome' star is from Mitra - LOVE those Heidi Swapp stars!
I've created my own 'flair' with a clear resin round, stamping on a bit of orange card.
 Couldn't resist trying out the BOKEH effect again....with hearts, this time.
The little tabs are from FLUTTERBY DESIGNS:
 I was soooo pleased with the 'cloud-like' effect it gave! The little gold shiny hearts felt 'right' to add.
The inks behind are a mix of all sorts, applied with bits of sponge cut up from an old foam mattress!
The little words came from SANDI....they are soo what I feel:)
 I forgot to add the date! Just realised. Not like me! I'd better rectify that, eh??!!!!
Thanks for looking. I hope you give LET'S GET ARTY a 'go'.......
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Thursday, 19 March 2015


And it's called 'SCENT'.
Well, now, I scrapped about FISH!!
The journaling will explain it all!

I couldn't believe it when I came across these 2 photos:
 Alex and my bro, his Uncle Roden above.
Lucas and his Uncle Tim [Alex's bro] below:
 This paper had some sort of 'pretend' tape and stitching...so I added a bit more washi for effect!
So, there we go! The anchor is from the stamping packaging from my 7 DOTS STUDIO stamps!
Waste not, want not as they say!!
Thanks for looking ~ Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I am just sneaking this one in. I had difficulty with the SCRAPPY CANARY sketch...but persevered:
And came up with this:
I was VERY fortunate to win some goodies from Ronda Palazzari, including a PILE [& I mean that in the literal sense!] of scrappy papers from MME. 
New stash. Gotta LOOOOVE that!!

 The stars below have been coloured with 'white out' or 'liquid paper', as it's also called!
 That bit of yellow paper got pulled outta the bin & into service!!
The 'happy' is an SRM sticker.
 I don't have a lot of photos of Geordie these days.
He's at the 'SERIOUSLY? Stop snapping me' stage.
Sigh. Shame they become teenagers in some ways!!! Still, at least I've got SOME, eh??!!!
Thanks for looking
Scrappy Canary always have lovely sketches, & a delish DT...it's just too many challenges and not enough time!
Check them out, though. You'll enjoy, for sure:)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥