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Monday, 29 September 2014

OFF THE RAILS, GUEST DT for CRAZY MONDAY Kit Club & a JOT challenge...

Good morning! I have a post on how to use lateral thinking skills on replacing those PESKY alphas that there are NEVER enough of in those packs they sell! Just a few suggestions that might be helpful.
EG: I had all the other letters but an 's' - so I used a different one!

 For lotsa other ideas, head over to OFF THE RAILS:)
AND I am SOOO happy, & PROUD to announce I'm the GUEST DT for the SEPTEMBER KIT over at CRAZY MONDAY KIT CLUB, which operates out of New Zealand!
Here's the kit:
NOW do you see why I am excited???!!!!
And here's sneak of what my FIRST project is like:
sept14 CM SSSH! lucas sleeping journal bag cup

For the 'lowdown' of what I created & how, click HERE

Meanwhile, I joined in with the
Isn't it gorgeous? And you should pop on over & check out the LOVELY DT creations! 
My take:
Something floral - the photo & the LOVELY BoBunny patterned paper [thanks Lindy G!!]
Something new - the wood title & the flair [thanks Flutterby Designs!!
Something chevron - I've used wooden chevrons
Something blue - in my flair & the pp as well:)
 Would you believe I journaled with a white pen....& as it dried it went pink! Obv 'meant to be'...serendipity is GOOOD!!!!
 The butterflies were wood, that I've covered with pp & the wooden title & chevrons have been given a coat of gesso...
A closie of the bottom cluster.....LOOOOVE the Flutterby flair. Love flair. You noticed??!!!!!
So, that's it from me ~ Happy Scrapping one & all:)
Flutterby Designs

Saturday, 27 September 2014


The other day we had the Grand Boy over for his usual Friday day at Ours, when a cement mixer/truck arrived over the road. I'm not sure he'd ever seen one in RL before - or at least this close up, & he was fascinated. But he's fascinated by 'diggers' 'trains' 'buses' 'twucks'...such a boy!
Scrap Our Stash actually has what they call a 'Back to School' Challenge...well, in Oz we've been back at school since late January. However, I joined in!
I've used Ruled/lined paper from List A, then from List B I've got alphas, numbers, paper clips & rulers [washi tape & ribbon].
 That ribbon like a ruler came with some Zeus & Zoe goodies....really nice!!!! And those Glitz 'scrabble' letters are a firm fave:)
 He always has this expression when he's concentrating. Soo cute!!! I rather enjoyed lining up my paper clips:)
 Part of my title 'U ♥ Cement Trucks'...the wood arrows have been coloured in with my Pitt Artists pen...
I was happy I got these 3 photos in....don't you love the little platform Tom made by the fence [bottom R] so he could stand & watch. We made it a bit higher later on....saved holding him!!!
Heard the call for more entries into 123 this month....so I answered at the last minute!
I think maybe the khaki put peeps off??? Here's the challenge:

& using 'emphasise' wasn't the easiest!
I did my LO.....
...then re-looked at the criteria. SHOOT! Or some similar word may have issued forth from my mouth!
I was sooo busy getting the 'emphasise' in & the khaki...forgot about the hidden journaling. After I'd photographed it, edited them etc etc. Of COURSE!!!!!
BTW...the journaling reads:
This photo really emphasises how you're beginning to use imaginative play. I'm really noticing this developmental milestone. And, of course, loving it almost as much as you! You ADORE pretend games - like being a pirate here...or playing at being shop keeper when we go down to the Play Ground. I eat a LOT of leaf/sand/bark sandwiches that I buy off you! I pray you will ALWAYS have an active imagination. Lucas Knight....etc etc
Sooooo.....I made some FLAPS to create hidden journaling. Not easy. And HERE is my final LO:
I like it better!!! Some closies - a lot of the goodies are from JOY TAYLOR's giveaway:

Thanks for looking at these late in the month entries.....& as always,
Happy Scrapping
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Scrap Around the World Challenge

Good day my friends! Today I’m joining in with SCRAP AROUND THEWORLD. They’ve a GORGEOUS mood board, created by Amy Voorthuis
I’ve taken the blue colour & ethereal feel of the top L image – creating a dream world of castles – which fits right in with the quote about Fairy Tales!
The castles chippy is MOLOSSI from a win over at FEELING SKETCHY. And the title alphas are from a challenge prize provided by SCRAPPY CANARY.
I’ve also used some DUSTY ATTIC chippy – the hinge around the photo - which I got from a win over at OFF THE RAILS [before I joined the team!!!] 
 The books on the mood board made me remember [FINALLY] to use some old book paper, & the metal in the picture prompted me to use some gold – embossing on the bg & Inka Gold on the chippy & also around the photo. 
 I even added some gold to the cork chevrons! Thanks for the enamel dots, Sandi T:) And of course, I 'had' to add some flair!!!
This Ormulu badge one came from a giveaway over at POLKA DOT CREATIVE....there are some more going on atm, so well worth checking out!!
I really enjoyed trying to think ‘outside the box’ for this challenge - & this present stage of my life really IS like a ‘fairy tale’…..so I’m wallowing in it while it lasts!!!
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping – Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hi there! First up, I'm 'on' over at OFF THE RAILS....doing a bit of a 'how to' to create the background from this page, I had up a couple of months ago:
It's based on the challenge currently running [link to it HERE] with this mood board:
Sooo, if you'd like to join in or if you'd just like to see how I manage to cover up an AWFUL blooper....then pop on over HERE:):)
Meanwhile, back in the scrap room, inspired by the lovely Loopy Lou aka LINDA EGGLETON, who had made these candles for her KAISERCRAFT DT work:

I was seriously impressed.....thought they looked like a lovely simple Chrissy pressy for my writing group ladies who I'll be meeting at the start of December...so I made these:
Still using up scraps from the SCRAPTASTIC KIT giveaway I won!

So, Linda....THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU, my friend:):)
And I hope you ENJOY my major 'blooper' over at OFF THE RAILS!!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, 20 September 2014


I was lucky to win a set of stamps from the lovely KELLIE WINNELL...& you guys who know me, know I'd have to rip into 'em right away & USE them, right? The thing was, it was a WINTER set...& it ain't winter. Hmmmnnnn.....well, it IS Spring, Which reminded me of the AUTUMN challenge over at CHALLENGE YOUrself.
The challenge: FALL FAVORITES. Well, we call it Autumn, & They spell favourites wrong. But we'll forgive them, *winks*!!!!!
So.......I used the 'Winter Road Trip stamp', the 'today is a scarf kind of day' & 'tissues are my thing' stamps....but didn't ink up the crossed out words...so I could do THIS:
LOL!! Nothing like 'doctoring' a stamp! And, as you can guess from the journaling - I took the theme & moved it from a physical discussion on the weather to a more esoteric approach about the seasons of life & why I liked my 'Autumn' of life. See, this is where the 'Winter road trip' stamp took its place. In the title:
You'll see a few rub ons around the show...thanks once again Joy Taylor. Your giveaway was SENSATIONAL!!!
After this title, I added the following journaling:
SPRING is the pre-cursor  - of growth & promise
SUMMER is the height - of being & doing
AUTUMN is the slowing down - of preparation & change
WINTER is the post-cursor - of acceptance of the completed cycle
...then went on to talk about our family photo....which represents the 4 seasons of life! And yup, home-spun Lizzy philosophy there!!!
So, the whole page:
 A lot of masking behind it all....[Julie, over at Time To Create has a FAB range!] & another FLOWER...the last one in the pack from Joy T....almost sad about that [don't choke on your weetbix!!!]...I really felt like writing on this day. So, I did a LOT! Sometimes that happens:)
And for the BERRY71BLEU challenge
...the writing continued [I scrapped these on the same day - like I said, I was UBER-EXCITED to bust into Kellie's stamps!!!]
The journaling says it all for this challenge which was all about 'THINGS YOU LOVE'....& since there was a lovely tea cup stamp in the set.....this page created itself. The journaling is long....scroll down quick if you're not a reader!!!
I love food & drink for the obv reasons - they sustain me.
But more - they're an act of love - either in the giving or the receiving.
I'm blessed that Tom does 95% of the cooking & LOVE the variety and thought he puts into his 'menus'.
And sometimes I still cook - like this Parfait Cheesecake I made for Mum.
Most of all, I ADORE the visual stimulus that food & editing programs provide. Especially the FIONA CHILDS series. Oh! They are such JOY! I've downloaded them all as screen savers!
And I even had a 'go' at doing one myself.
Lastly, food is about shared memories. A shared lemon tart [best food in the UNIVERSE!] takes me straight back to a fab shopping day with Sue @ Birkenhead Point, Sydney [8/14].
 The title: 'Mmmmmmm Love My Food'.....['mmm soup' stamp from the set as well!!!!]
The teacups are super cute! I even heat embossed one:

Such FUN!!!! 
The badges are from Badges Folies [just got some...YUM....the 'wonderful' badge] & the 'enjoy' is from A Flair for Buttons.....Shelley has an AMAZING range! The bottom one is Stash Panache, from my scrappy mate - but I don't think they make them anymore. Sadly:(
This was a bit rambling....but I feel so blessed to be given such LOVELY scrappy stuff from so many wonderful sources....& it's NICE to shout out & share the love...so that's what I do:)
Happy scrapping ~ & if you don't already know these wonderful challenge blogs, BERRY71BLEU & CHALLENGE YOUrself...then pop on over & check 'em out:)
Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

PL post....up over at Scrap 365 AND Scrap The Girls Challenge...

Just for a change, I thought I'd share my whole post which is up over at SCRAP 365 atm....hope you enjoy a little peek into our July!!!!
"Hello there, my scrappy friends! Lizzy with you today, sharing how I use PL...which is monthly. Mainly 'cos I don't have little kids, don't work [through choice - & feeling VERY blessed about that one!] & don't do a lot of different stuff day to day...sooooo monthly works for me! Here's July 2014 for you:)
I have used the same PL plastic sleeves for both sides this month. It always changes! You'll notice lots of colour...this was going to be blue & browns. Hah! I always find a little embellie that 'needs' to be used [like the bright pink one on the stamped date pocket]....& the scheme sinks....aaah well!
Did you notice the large white chevrons? They 'tie' my pages together when they sit side by side -they're Silhouette cuts......& the 'Always' card, bottom right? The 'As' are actually upside down 'Vs'..the 'W' is an upside down 'M' & the 'S' is actually a cut up 8. PL is my STASH BUSTER!!!!!!
The pages together:
The other thing is I've used little word stickers [old Authentique ones] on a few of the photos too....
I really like writing on photos...having a pen that does so is a good investment! If you've got a series of photos, try making a photo collage [I did mine on Picassa - there are LOTS of programs out there].....
And if you know me even a little, you know I'm pretty keen on journaling...so the Story gets told. Multiple times...
 Note the cut cork arrow at the top....it connects the story to the cake pic.....
 Squish your bages! They won't cry or feel hurt & they fit a lot better....& be cheeky...write over the speech in the bubble like I have here!
...& I shall finish 'hup' the closies now!
Thanks for taking a peek.....& did you notice? NO STAMPS have been harmed in the making of these pages, LOL......"
HOWEVER...to balance THAT one out, below is my OTT stamping take for
This page is of Brenna - same time as above, so it's fitting to pop it in here:)
The sketch by Rikki Graziani

 And my take. I know Rikki is a bit of a MM girl, so decided to go with that!
It WAS plain white cardstock. teehee!!! Lots of stamping, a bit of masking & misting...
An A Piece of Cake Cherry Flair...the enamel dots come from Sandi T in a giveaway, & in a Citrus Twist Kit I got my hands on...
My journaling.....& a bit more of a peek at that lovely 'criss cross' Kaisercraft stamp on the R, THANK YOU Lizzy C!!!!
The title is chippy [you are - coloured with Pitt Artist Big Pen], then stamped [today], then Thickers!!!
I won't ramble on anymore.
If you've gotten to the end here.....WELL DONE:):)
Hope you enjoyed this & as always, Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Let's Get Shabby #58 & Once Upon A...SKetch:

It's hard to believe it's already September - dunno where the year is flying to! Here we are 1/2 through the month already - but you still have plenty of time to join in with our FABULOUS challenge at ONCE UPON A SKETCH this month! Here's what you need to do:
Journalling Theme: Open theme...with a twist
For this month's challenge, you can scrap about any theme BUT you need to include your own handwritten journalling on your page!
You are free to interpret our theme ANY WAY you like. It is for your inspiration and this theme word DOES NOT need to be part of your title or journalling. But please make sure your layout is based on the sketch below and includes journalling (hidden journalling is fine). Acceptable journalling is MORE than just a sentence, or generic writing such as date/place etc. It needs to be present and at least 3 lines long. Remember, hidden journalling (under a photo/tag or behind your page) is perfectly fine but please DO let us know in your post where your journalling is!
And here's the most important element of this challenge - the handwritten journaling:
 My whole page:
I've had this Studio Calico paper for a while - to me, as well as suiting children, it has a sort of 1950ish sort of vibe....so, a bit of gesso to soften the pattern, & some green heat embossing for texture.....
 I've used some very old The Girls' Paperie stickers & alphas....the 'good stuff' is an Amy Tangerine stamp & those delicious gold embossed 'coffee stains' are a 3rd Eye stamp - designed by Sanna L!!!
 Brad hearts, ripped paper with a peekaboo to some older Stampin' Up paper...glimmer glaze splots...
 ...I actually STITCHED the ampersand! Took a while, too..... [are you proud of me, Sanna;)!!]
...my title, with an older Purple Pumpkin flair. It's gotten a bit rusty around the edges - but hey, it sorta matched in anyways!!!!
I do hope you join us & challenge yourself with some handwriting on your LO this month at OUAS!!!
Meanwhile, I couldn't resist the 'wood' challenge at LGS!
Wooden hearts & I actually layered a couple of wooden birds up---then covered them all in ----- you KNOW, don't you? YUP! Nail polish:):)
THANK YOU Lindy G for these DELISH Bo Bunny papers! I've used the wood-grain one behind it all..so plenty of wood in there.....
And the 'hello' is my own writing - I was mucking around on some writing app on my iPhone, & it turned out OK, I thought:):)
That's it from me today!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
Sanna L [who, by the way, is going to be taking a SCRAP CLASS IN POLAND. Info HERE!]