Happy New Year & the first KRAFT PLUS CHALLENGE for 2019

Hey there! Welcome to 2019. Eeeeek!
Anyways, with the holiday season here, hopefully you'll have a bit of spare time to craft.
And perhaps have a 'go' at this very Australian inspired mood board from KRAFT PLUS:
Yup, some Aboriginal Art.... isn't it amazing? You can take inspiration on so many levels.
For me, I went with the middle, top image, which reminded me of waves.
Then I remembered I hadn't scrapped my elder son's 30th birthday. 
Here is what I came up with:
I hope you can see the waves and the sun! And then, because white looks SO nice against
Kraft, I hand wrote the title. It really didn't need much more embellishing, so I kept it
nice and 'CAS'.
 Ooops! Just realised this is 2017 - not 2018. Time does FLY!!!

I hope you get inspired to join in with us at KRAFT PLUS. You can either upload your creations
via the blog, or straight onto the Facebook group, which is a lovely friendly bunch of crafters.
Take care now, and Happy Scrapping,
Lizzy xoxo


  1. Happy New Year Lizzy! and yes... eekk! 2019 already! I remember when it was going to be 2000 and everyone was wondering how the computers would cope with that date.. and now it is 19 years later!!! anyways I hope you have had a great start to the year, and yes we saw the year in at friends place.. but feeling the tiredness today... not used to that late night!! hehe!! Your page is fantastic, and yes I see the waves in the dots and love the way you did the title.. Wonderful inspiration for this challenge!! now shall we buckle up for this year to fly by like last year!!!??? hehe!!

  2. And around we go again! Yikes - I think someone stole a couple of months out of last year. Our Grand Boys are at the beach as we speak learning to surf. Such a relaxing pass time. Your page, is as fresh and clean as the photos - I can almost smell the sea. Love the use of white on Kraft and what's a year here or there between friends!

  3. Hqppy New year Lizzy !! I loved your take on waves.. recently got some Kraft cardstock time to start using it ;)

  4. Love love love this! LOVING those waves!! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Wow Lizzy!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My head is still spinning from last year! Yes, looking forward to winding back a notch! I absolutely love the inspiration for this challenge and you rocked the spot work! It works fabulously with waves and beachy feel! Have a blessed year ahead... lets hope its the best yet!!

  6. What an inspiring challenge Lizzy and I love your take on it, especially the title and the design you've created with white dots against the kraft background - perfect!! :o)


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