...I'm wandering round the house after dozing off and waking myself up
snoring... not sure what I want to do with myself.
Colds, or flus or nasty, nasty bug things do that, I'm working out.
If I was young my bro would say 'Stop being such a GIRL!'
Image result for cold bug image
I really should 'man up'...but sexist talk asides, this is one doozy
of a bug Tom passed on to me. AND kept for himself as well.
So, not looking after grandkids. Can't even look after us properly.
I'm still shaking at times and sweating at others. Currently sweating.
Too much information? I'd like to know how a body can manage
to drip and drop sweat from eyes and noses and mouths and pores
and still stay slightly mostly alive.
So, I'm wandering around when I found myself looking at photos of
TWO layouts that I've gotten published in JOT MAGAZINE this issue.
Highly pleased & of course, I took screen shots so I could pop them into
my brag album that no-one has seen. Or ever likely to see. Maybe I should
call it a record album. But they're not for playing music. Hahaa. A joke.
Actually, Sandra has seen it 'cos I finished #1 & thought that was enough,
but she convinced me to keep it going.
Anyways. Then I thought about how I usually get published in SBM.
For non-Aussies, that's SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES magazine.
And I realised despite my whingy and whiney state, that I really am
BLESSED in my scrapping.
This is one of my entries into 2016 SBM Master's competition. I was delighted
to get Honorable Mentions in 3 out of the 4 categories, I think it was:)
If you want to see the others, let me know....
Sure, I put myself out there & get lots
of rejections, but I'm thick skinned [except for this gruesome cold].
Today is supposed to be an Ollie day. But I can't even think straight
for myself let alone a 2 yr old. So I'm missing the boy...
Mum's home from her hip op, having community care & all that;
she is walking a bit more easily each day & hopes the pain will soon ease.
Tom is not good. The cataract is though, he's off for #2 later this month.
So, thank YOU for your kind comments, ever faithful support & prayers
both here & on FB.....
We. Are. Surviving.
Sorry I've got behind on commenting myself. Can only do a little & then
it all becomes too much. I'm sure I'll be back.......

Take care, keep WELL wherever you are in this big wide world
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Ohh..So much going on again..Hope that that bug goes away completly ad you feel healthy and cheerful soon :) I am totally in love with the fist blue and clean look ..Congrats on being published :)

  2. PLEASE!!!! Dearest Lizzy girl, TAKE CARE and be KIND to YOURSELF!!!! Sooner or later you ar back on the road to scrap, comment and baby whatching ❤❤❤ I have allready said it at Instagram but again, HUGE congrats for your featuring!!! You are sooooo GOOOOOOOD!!!! YAYAYAY!!!! Anna xo

  3. oh dear dear... I sure hope you all feel much better soon... It sounds like you really got a nasty bug, but on the bright side.. hopefully you have had your cold for the year and wont get any more in winter... Rest and drink lots of fluids.. I know everyone probably has told you that!! I also take immune from Swiss, have been for years.. I think it helps.. I hope your mum is getting a little better each day too.. and well done on your layouts getting the publicity in mags, both printed and online.. You can be very proud of getting all those HM's too.. good on you for subbing.. frankly.. i just dont seem to have the time lately.. not sure where my days go... oh yeah thats right.. family... anyway I hope you have a restful weekend, dont do anything.. take a break.. and next week will be a better one for you...

  4. So sorry to hear you are now sick and that Tom is still too! :( I hope you both feel better soon!! CONGRATS on the pubs and the honorable mentions!! That is WONDERFUL news!!!!! I love love love love your lo's!!! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. oh Lizzy hope all of you get well soon! your LO's are absolutely amazing and I looove them both )))

  6. Well bummer Lizzy - so sad that you and Tom are so terribly challenged BUT... so VERY VERY proud of you for counting your blessings in the midst of the misery. Congratulations on your publications and such worthy works they are too. I so enjoyed seeing them both. NOW... take care of yourself girl. By now I am praying you are much better! Hugs. j.

  7. Gosh you are not having a good time of it at all :( with one thing and another. Glad to hear this morning that you are starting to feel better though. Wishing you all to feel back to tip top condition asap. Both these layouts are super fabulous. You have really made the layout of Ollie shine, what a beautiful photo and scrapped perfectly. Love the second layout as well, bright and happy times recorded. Love the colours and you did the diagonal thingy fabulously

  8. Your lurgy really has knocked you around Lizzy. Glad you are being kind to yourself and resting as often as you need too. Does make us grateful to all the days we enjoy in good health. How adorable is the photo of Ollie; all bright eyes and eager anticipation for a fun filled day. Love that you kept the photo as the hero. You did brilliantly with the triangles on the Christmas in Europe page, especially like the spotty bow. Sending healing wishes your way, it's sad to be so sick that the Grand Boy has to be kept away.

  9. Oh my goodness .. does not sound good at all. Both you and Tom down with the dreaded lurgy .. awful!! So sorry to hear that my friend and hope you will be back to your perky self again soon. My best advice is rest .. rest .. REST and drink .. drink .. DRINK plenty of water. You need to be kind to yourself .. at least for a little while. Huge congrats on the magazine gig .. love that photo of Ollie .. so precious .. and brilliant page!! Amazing work with the triangles too .. don't know how you do it but you are so clever with unusual shapes, etc. Love, love, love your work. Sending healing prayers to you and Tom and to your Mum too. Hope you all get better really, really soon. I won't be around for the next two weeks .. off on another cruise to .. yep! you guessed it, New Zealand .. my fave holiday destination. Take care gorgeous girl .. get well soon!!! hugs xx

  10. Hahaha! That faucet nose been there! Hope you feel so much better soon! Love the layout you had published and love new one as well! Love all of the little surprises I keep finding on your pages! I think maybe this is the weekend I dive into that awesome "pocket" (more like sack) letter you sent... yes... rubs hands together ... I think this is the time....

  11. Aw, no! I'm hoping that by now you are starting to feel quite a bit better. I'm thinking of you all..

  12. Hoping you are feeling much better soon......I'm fighting a cold too, I know how you feel! The photo on your first page is awesome..those eyes! Great layout! The second one is so much fun..fabulous too!

  13. Oh I do hope you feel better soon, it's horrible being so ill. It's good to hear that your mum is getting more mobile though x

  14. Please please please....just rest. I know I got mine because I was pushing myself too hard and not resting enough. I've used 6 months of tissue supply in a month! I took no meds and just let my body do its thing which was about 2 weeks for each cold. Drink lots of water and just chillax. You are supposed to enjoy this stage of life. ;)

    Great layouts...congrats on being published!

  15. LOL....I love your posts Lizzy! They are so real and honest and that's what makes them so special! I really am glad to hear in your more recent posts that you are better and that your Mom is too! Fresh and funky page the fun photo's and those little flower clusters! ;-)

  16. Ah man I am sorry that you are feeling shite. Sucks big time. Hope that by now you are better though. These pages are fab and not surprised that you got honourable mentions. You are so good. Glad to hear that your mom is ok too..... :D


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