Winding Down..... I'm writing this it's 8:57pm & still 31.3C. That's 88F.
And we're not the hottest.  A friend just messaged it's 40 at her place.
Crazy hot weather over a lot of Aussie atm.
Anyways, d'you remember the 'pano' photo I took of Umina Beach
Well, I scrapped it!
Made a big photo. This will go inside on our lounge room wall:
It turned out better than I'd hoped & I think it captures the spirit
of the landscape we call 'home' :)

 Even got a tassel in on the act;)
 You know that 'branding' strip along the bottom of the paper?
I cut that off with a little of the patterned paper itself, then punched those
wee hearts - so they appear 2-toned... very little effort for a cool effect!

And Tom has had his cataract operation today.... so that all went well.
We drove over at 5:30am to be there by 6:45. He went in fairly early, so then I
had breakfast at the café in the hospital while I waited,
as he didn't come out 'til about 11:00.
It was yummy!
They sure do make sure they operate on the correct eye with this:
Anyways, here's hoping wherever you are your weekend
about to start or coming soon is a GOOD one!
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
PS: Now it's just Mum's hip replacement next week
& I'm thinking it will calm down for the rest of the year.


  1. what a wonderful layout Lizzy! adore this beautiful photo and the design! I usually save those strips from the papers and love to use them in layers, but your way much intresting than mine! )))))

  2. What a stunning big photo that is!

    I'm so pleased everything went well x

  3. They do the SAME thing to Brookie with her surgeries -- they take a Sharpie and mark the spots they do surgery on!! LOL!! I love love love your page! LOVING that photo, the colors and that tassel!!!!

  4. I think that photo turned out wonderful, especially with Wally dog in it :) and I love your two toned hearts and very happy to be the recipient of some :) Glad Tom's op went well, now for your Mum and then hopefully things will calm down like you said. I would not have been happy with the early morning start though

  5. Love all the elements and the photo on your layout, Lizzy!

  6. Wow!! That was quick!! .. and totally gorgeous! A really fab photo and you've scrapped it brilliantly .. but, of course, you always do. Love the two toned hearts (brilliant .. again!!) and the tassel too!! So glad Tom's op went well and keeping our fingers crossed for your Mum. Our weather is a little cooler today. We had some lovely rain last night accompanied by lots of thunder but no wind thank goodness. Still a bit muggy but much more comfortable .. hope it lasts. Enjoy what's left of the weekend Lizzy!! hugs xx

  7. Ah lizzy that is a beautiful photo and a beautiful layout. It will look wonderful on your wall. Such a good idea to punch the hearts like that. So glad Toms op went well and that they marked the eye :D :D :D don't want any mistakes. Hop your mom gets sorted too - soon.
    We are also experiencing ridiculous temps here. So not cool. I hate it. Good to stay inside with the aircon on and scrap

  8. Oh yes the heat is on! I love the photo across your page? Did you print it or get it from a store, it is magnificent! Love the embellies, and you do indeed live in a beautiful place. I hope Tom is recovering well and the heat is not making things uncomfortable for him.. And I hope things go well for your mum too.. And you stay well lizzy! It sounds like you have to hold the fort! Keep cool....somehow.... Hoping rain comes soon..xx

  9. Lovely to see that brilliant photo scrapped and know that it will be on display. What a glorious sky. What am I saying the whole scene is beautiful! I'm trying to see if that little brown heart is punched washi? And if it is, how you manage to do that? Good to hear the eye op is over and done with. Hope you Mum doesn't get bumped from her hip surgery. Take care in the heat. We've got a cool change here today, so will be able to open up the house and get some food in.

  10. Oh I'm glad the surgery went well!
    Your hubby seems to have such a sunny upbeat temperament!
    Love all the goodies you so cleverly placed on your beautiful projects Lizzy!

  11. Wow! Lizzy what a stunning photo with the big big sky and love how you've scrapped it, it will look wonderful on your wall. I really like the little knick-knacks you've clustered in the corner and that's a very nifty idea with the branding strip :o)

  12. So sorry it's so toasty there. We have rain today so I don't doubt our snow will melt away. Love your page! It's so happy!! And a hug to you for keeping those awesome people in your life straight with their medical things!

  13. Amazing photo, amazing page! And we could do with some of your heat here in the UK and you can have some of our cold - would be perfect! Glad Tom's op went well and best wishes for your mum next week.

  14. That is a stunning photo and you've made it in to a great layout. I'm glad Tom's cataract operation went well, I hope your mum's hip op goes just as well x

  15. oh gawd Lizzy!! SOOOO many hospital trips for you! So glad your Tom's op went well! Great pics!! Love your LO - the blue with the yellow.. oooh that gorgeous alpha! Love that - and the tassel - sweet! HOT! yeah.. we got hot in Brisbane for sure - distant memory now and here..... SNOW fell to 1000metres - go figure! Its reeeeeeeeally chilly tonight! Got the woollies on and the heater! Ridiculous for February!!! I'd love to blow some of it your ways! Blackie has rallies again! When we got back from Brisbane, he looked 'okay' not brill, but okay -so I was relieved and be buggered if he hasn't looked better and better the last week or so! OOOOOOH the rollercoaster of emotions he puts us through! But as usual - waiting for the rug to get pulled under my feet again... sigh. (but good at the mome though!)

  16. Beautiful page and love that large photo! Definitely deserves a place in your lounge! Glad Tom's eye op went well. That breakfast looks yummy too.
    Hoping things will settle down and that it will get quieter for you and the family! ;-)

  17. That big photo looks really good and beautifully scrapped.

    Glad Tom's op went well. :)


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