Memorandum Monday & some other Stuff!

Hey there!
I think the one real joy I'm finding from NOT being on Design Teams
or going into competitions is I can both blog when I want and fancy it!
And I don't have to 'schedule' posts. That's a HUGE change for me!
So, this week I have mail going out.
I was blessed [NOT REALLY!] when my DIL, Neri, gifted me some
vintage 6x6 paper pads.
So, what to do with them? Well, since I'm a member of a 'Happy
Mail' FB group...I asked if anyone liked vintage mail & I got a
Yes! from a fellow scrapper..... I don't think she reads my blog,
so I figure you can take a peek at this pocket letter happy mail that's
heading her way :)
Thanks to SIAN from HIGH IN THE SKY
for hosting this idea about mail... I sorta went overboard with the trim...
And I managed to use a tassle, too, Lynette J! Miracles..... ;)
Speaking of fellow scrappers...Margy M, I used some of those CUTE resin
moulds you created! And below, you can see I've actually stamped,
and stenciled etc before adding the little bits and bobs:

Now, if you can bare to look at a Christmas page. SORRY - not really [again!],
then this is of my son & his family at the Carols in 2016.
I wanted to make it like a pin-board, where the photos are 'pinned'
at random. I think it worked?
It was for the Other Grandfather & his partner so they can hang it up
for a while, & enjoy memories of that night :)
I've also made some Christmas cards. SERIOUSLY. No shaking your head now.
Did a pile of Very Simple ones, but I didn't bother photographing them 'cos they
were soooo simple!!! How many you ask? Only 7. They were so easy, y'see. I
didn't MEAN to do that many!!
Righto, tomorrow I'm off to Stampin' Up with my Mum. Friday Tom has
his cataract operation. Mum was supposed to have her hip done the following
Wednesday, buuuuut they rang today & put it off til March. She was less than
impressed, so hoping something can be done before then. Time will tell.
We also have Ollie's 2nd birthday party on the weekend. Busy life atm,
which is all good.
Makes the focus on the HOT WEATHER not quite so intense.
Who am I kidding? It's awful. But it makes for good photos if you're
up at 6:30am cos it's too hot to sleep, so pop on down for a beach walk.
Like this:
First 'pano' attempt!
Yup! That's Wally caught in the sun's ray by the water's edge!
Right, on that note, I hope this warms up my European friends...
not sure what's happening in the USA!
And I hope the water brings a bit of coolness to you other hot and bothered
Aussie folks. Apparently it's going to be close on 40C AGAIN in a couple of
Wonderful [NOT!!!]
Oh....& since Sian's into 'firsts' / new things...apparently it's the hottest overnight temperatures
for 2 of our nights this year since records began. One was 33C, from memory.
Blessings one & all ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. What a lovely daughter in law giving you vintage papers lol, she should be my daughter in law ! The lucky lady who recieves this will be thrilled. Love the Christmas layout and like your idea of a pin board effect, looks great. Nice Pano shot and who could not love a pic of Wally with the sun beaming on him and all. And I am ignoring you talking about Christmas cards ! although you will be impressed to know I have made one :) Yep One lol
    Not looking forward to the high temperatures forcast for the end of the week , eek.

  2. I always love reading your blog posts. They're so personal and full of interesting bits and pieces. Your creations here are fabulous as always (love the vintage work!) and those photos are awesome! Keep cool!

  3. Loveeeeeeee those pocket pages and your lo!!!! Loving the way you scattered the photos on your lo!!!! And hope it cools down for you soon! I can relate to that ... Arizona is the HOTTEST state in the US!!! We average temps in the 115+'s daily for MONTHS!!!!!! Stay COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sending Tom all good wishes for the op. And thinking about you too.

    The pocket letter is a stunner. There has to be a phrase for more-than-just-happy mail. Amazing mail?

  5. Lizzy - your "mail" amazes me. It blesses so many folks but how do you say good-bye to such loveliness!!! Each one is WONDROUSLY - what a FABULOUS treat. Wow wow - just adore them all. And your Christmas page is PRECIOUS. Loved seeing it too but the pocket letter just was total EYE CANDY! Xj.

  6. Love your PL, really beautiful. I do the occasional PL too if you'd like to swap sometime. Jane xx

  7. Those photos are amazing and that pocket letter is a real work of art, stunning!

  8. Love, love, love the pocket letter and so pleased you found a use for those resin molds (thanks a bunch for the shout out too)! Your pin-board page is awesome .. you rocked it!! What a wonderful gift for the 'other' grand folk, I'm sure they will treasure this. Not even going to talk about the Christmas cards !!@@??## Haven't done a single one yet .. you're just trying to show us all up!! LOL!! Onya Lizzy .. might just get me gee-ed up enough to get started .. maybe! Looooveee the 'pano' shot, well done for your first try and who wouldn't love a shot of Wally .. he is so adorable!! Don't really want to think about the weather either. We had a lovely couple of days of rain .. lots of rain! Was wonderful if a bit muggy but today it's back to 41c, tomorrow the same and then a few days in the high thirties. Ugghhh!! Can't wait for winter. Enjoy the rest of the week Lizzy (apart from the weather of course) hugs xx

  9. That Happy Mail is gorgeous are so thoughtful...I love it!
    Your pin board Christmas layout works a treat. Great idea.
    and stunning the pano one.
    Stay cool... heading for 40+ here,hot,hot!!

  10. What fun to blog just because you feel like it! Your pocket page is a delight, someone will be a happy little vegemite to receive that. The Christmas page is a corker (cork board) ged it?? Sorry, it's the 41C, it's making me febrile! Christmas cards you say? Just the seven was it? I've just put all my Christmas stuff away and you won't be tempting me to get it out again anytime soon. That pano is sublime - just begging to be scrapped and dear little Wally dog, he's always a delight. TFS

  11. Yeah it is a bit the same here too Lizzy but the last two days have been overcast but no rain which we are so desperate for.. I can't take the heat either... I love the vintage pocket letter it is beautiful and I am sure the recipient will love it. Love the layout too so sweet to catch these moments. As for the Christmas cards... what Marg said *(&^.. But good for you getting them out the way. I say that every year... no one here sends cards anymore which is a shame and I didn't get any of the ones that were posted back to me so whats the point really... I agree with everything you said on my blog and I am happy with my style now and I am happy playing and getting stuff done. I love the busy overdone mm layouts but they are just not me. I want to see the photos and the stories, and if I can add some splatters or stencilling or something good.
    I hope that Tom is ok or will be ok and that is so not cool that your mom has to wait so long. I hope that she is ok. Enjoy stampin up.. we don't get it here at all.. love the look of their stuff though and I follow a couple of the blogs and love the inspiration.

  12. Shame must be melting! As Val said above...we have been blessed with it has cooled a little bit...but not much!! ;-) Loving your pocket letter...the vintage feel is right up my alley and so adore this one! Just beautiful. Super Christmas page too....and Christmas cards...sjoe Lizzy!!!!!! You go girl!!!!

  13. Hi Lizzy. I always love reading your blog posts because your sense of humor makes me giggle and I start the day off in a good mood! WOW, girl, I absolutely LOVE your gorgeous vintage pocket letter page. It is so full of amazing details!!!! And I love your beautiful Christmas page and cards, too!! So happy that you love just blogging for blogging's sake!

    1. P.S. I really like your beautiful photos, too. The panoramic one along with the other sure tells the story of lots of heat. Don't melt!!! (We are getting snow here tonight into tomorrow - Oh no . . .)

  14. oh shoot... the hot just keeps on coming.... I love the pocket letter happy mail, you are very clever in doing them... for the life of me I just cant seem to work out how to do them... i think it is the heat.... great layout of the family carols night.. lovely photos too.. and good on you for starting christmas.. you can shake your finger at us slacko's when it is november and we are just starting ours! hehehe.. great beach photos.. lucky wally at the water edge... a bit of a reprieve today with a wind of sorts.. but i hear the heat is coming back with a vengence on the weekend... groan... take care...

  15. Just love stopping by your blog Lizzy, always so many new and inspirational ideas and these projects are no exception! Have a great day :)

  16. beautiful projects lizzy! think if I shouldn't post my works I didn't do it! and only my DT's making me less lazy and post it ))))) and hope you will have cool weather soon ))))))

  17. Happy lovely post ❤ you are Amazing my dear!!! I wish I could share some cold weather from us here in Sweden. It is ish -9 and that is high temperatur for this season... Strange world... Hope you have had some fun with your free cut files ❤😘 Take care and good night!!! Anna xo

  18. You have certainly been busy, both creatively and with your family Lizzy! I love what you did with the vintage happy mail, it is stunning. Thanks again for the wonderful catch up the other day, we enjoyed your's and Tom's company immensely xx

  19. Well well you have been the crafty one - even without the DT deadlines. Love that pocket card - such great details.

  20. Well, you did well with those vintage papers...I love all the details...lucky recipient!

    P/s: Your hot weather is my daily reality (unless I'm travelling). Average temp is 34C.


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