Have you noticed?

Have you noticed I've been using a lot of the same-same turquoise
alphas? I'd bought 2 packets in 2015. And I'm SERIOUSLY trying
to use them up.
This if from my January holiday diary.
Yup! 2 months & I'm still using them. Never realised
how far the little blighters go 'til you try to get rid of 'em all!!
Yesterday my good scrappy buddy Leanne came to scrap, &
it was really weird, somehow I felt like I hit my scrappy 'stride'.
It's like, I could 'feel' that ME, MY style finally came together.
And it was a joy to scrap these pages. And yes, pretty much did them
all in one arvo. Just had to add dates & some journaling ;)
You'll notice some chippy 'cog' waste in there. I also challenged
myself to use that up. And HAVE!!! YAY!
For the LO above, I added gesso, paint, ink spray and ink pad,
smudged onto my finger and rubbed in. That'd be the brown bits;)
The page below doesn't have either cog waste
or alphas, but I did use up some bits from my Kitaholics Kit!
Even added some FUSSY cut FLOWERS!
And then I did this one:
I've been wanting to scrap this one for simply ages.
And I did it just for me!
That is washi & sticker decorative tape along the bottom.
 Used a cut apart from a We R Memory Keepers patterned paper, above.
And below, added a few bits to the photo. BTW, the "S's" WERE number
8s, cut down. Worked fine if you don't look too close!!
 And I got to use up a little green paper clip, below. Cute, huh??!!

In other info, Mum is out of hospital, but as you can imagine,
recovery is taking a bit of time.
Meanwhile Tom's had a nasty, nasty cold.... it's fun & games
on our home front with not everyone being 100% for a bit longer,
it would seem :/
Anyways, I just wanted to share what I've been up to besides
looking after the clan!
Thanks for looking ~ I hope you can glean some ideas that might be useful
for your own scrapping,
Blessings & thanks for all the kind comments re: the Sick Folks here!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Love love love these! LOVING that you are using up those alphas!!! I went thru my scrapbook papers drawers and took out A LOT of odds and ends papers (aka OLD papers!! LOL!) ... and I cut them all down to card sized. Then I took a TON of old embellishments and added them to the papers... so now I have a TON (like 100!! LOL!!!) card starters .... just have to add a sentiment and slap them on a card and done!!! :) Feels good to use it all up!!! Glad to hear Mom is out of the hospital and sorry to hear Tom is fighting a cold! I hope he feels better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow you have been on a creative ride !! Loved the turquoise alphas look great on the LOs .Feels nice to use wasted supplies cog looks good on the bright green .Last one is my fav from the lot :)

  3. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours and I love those mixed pattern hearts. I bet your Mum is glad to be home. Wishing her well.

  4. Sorry to hear that you've got lots of illness around you, I hope they recover quickly. It looks like you've been very productive with those great layouts x

  5. Well, you have certainly been scrapping up a storm and created a veritable feast for the eyes!! (Whoa!! I'm getting a bit poetic there! Sorry!! LOL!!) All joking aside, all of these pages are absolutely stunning! Love the alphas .. so good that you are using them up .. and I adore that little green paper clip .. how cute!! Want some!! If I had to have a fave I think it would be Splish-Splash 'cos I love that photo!! Priceless!! Glad that your Mum is home again and hoping she recovers quickly and sorry to hear that Tom is not well. Hope he gets better soon too .. and, in between taking care of everyone else, make sure you also take care of you!! Have a wonderful week Lizzy!! hugs xx

  6. Oh no.. I do hope Tom gets well really soon and more importantly.. keeps the cold to himself... no sharing!!! And I hope your Mum gets there, cant imagine how big a new hip would be... hope I never have to go down that road... so I hope you can see improvements as the days go by... but... so glad you got some scrapping in... great therapy I reckon... love your layouts.. love the styles, love the space and the layers and good to use up the little bits.. fabulous paper clip too.. Well I hope you have a good week ahead... and new month too.... goodness feb went fast!!!

  7. Oh well so much scrappy inspiration! Love them all! Hope everyone is on the mend soon xx

  8. Oh I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through this post Lizzy. Cant believe you got so much done in one afternoon. Looks like your mojo surfaced in bucketloads! I love the way you've mixed up alphas to get rid of them and that Perfect Shot layout is amazeballs! Hope everyone is on the mend soon....

  9. Always something to inspire me here Lizzy and so happy to read that you hit your scrappy stride. I've always thought you were right in stride, but only you know when the stride feels right for you! Such an output for one afternoon and I do admire the stash busting that's going on. Some magical photos and wonderful memories. Especially love the splish splashing layout - just what a little boy needs to do to get the sting out of his legs!!! Hope all your invalids make good progress during the coming days.

  10. Oh I hope everyone gets better very very soon!
    Your layouts are beautiful Lizzy!

  11. Wow what a lovely collection of pages, if I had to pick a fave it would be the "Splish Splasj" one, but they're all fab, and that curly paperclip is soooo cute, haven't seen any of those before :o)xxx

  12. I hope this week sees lots of improvement health wise. I'm glad you got a chance to do something nice for yourself: it sounds like an afternoon of scrapbooking was thoroughly deserved.

  13. Well if this is the result of using those chippies up I'd say use away! Why mess with perfection!?

  14. I can totally relate to those alphas...I've been trying to use mine up for YEARS...most of them are hand-me-downs from friends. You are doing a mighty great job! Fabulous layouts my friend!

    P/s: A cold is no fun. I thought I had recovered but it came back with a vengeance. Loads of fluids and sleep. Take care!

  15. Wow! You have been busy! And it's been way too long since I've been here... tax season is getting the best of me... so while I did bring my work laptop home I spent all my time trying to visit people I haven't visited nearly often enough AND signing up for email updates so I'm reminded to visit more often... so there! Love using stuff up and how creative to make S's out of 8's!! Love it! And love all of your pages and journaling. I really do need to visit you and Mitra much more regularly to get inspired to make some pages... let's see how my plan goes!

  16. Lizzy your layouts are really fabulous! all of them are great and adore how you used your alphas because I've had a lot of them and most of them are stil not used ))))

  17. fantastic layouts and such a fun, happy layout jumping in the puddles, what a good Ma you are.
    I think you always have style Lizzy it just shines through. Speedy recovery wishes to you all !

  18. Super fun and gorgeous projects! Always so great to use things from your stash! I have been making a concerted effort lately, to do that also! ;-)
    Loooove the splish splash one particularly...too cute! ;-)

  19. Looks like you had a great day LIzzy, super productive. It feels great to use up bits and pieces from your stash doesn't it...I have been doing that since January and haven't made a dent in it yet....Yes I have way too much. Lots more beautiful photos scrapped and memories recorded Lizzy. Thanks for sharing. x


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