...in action. Missing challenges. Missing deadlines & designing for my DT's...missing blogging...
sort of. Not really. Not enough to push me into doing something about it.
I have these little plans, you see. That keep me busy & motivated.
I've been thinking about trying to video my December Daily.
I spent a whole day in the craft room, with my iPhone & took a heap of films.
And in the end, I decided it simply is not for me.
I love the chatting bit, but I can't seem to do the technical bit very well.
At all.
Oh well. If I could be BOTHERED getting the big camera & proper stand out...
But I'm a lazy sod, as you know.
I'm back doing happy mail. Cos it makes me...HAPPY!
I did one for a friend. She hasn't got it yet....but I hope it makes her...HAPPY!
That is the inside.
I made one for a post Christmas swap. But forgot to take photos!
It's headed for the USA, as part of the FB group I'm in.
Then that got me thinking about Christmas just as some post-season bits arrived
from Mitra P.
So....I'm in the middle of making a decoration with the box she sent all the yummies in!
It's not finished yet, but so far:
The other thing is we're having a bit of scrap room expansion.
See, I'm in one end of the garage [ex-son's bedroom I nicked as soon as he moved out!]
The Younger Son is in the other end. Except he's been OS working 'forever' & he IS
28 [almost]. So, I'm taking over most of his end.  There'll still be a bed...
That internal door will open, eventually [it's covered in shelves with ink pads etc on
the other side atm!]
To the right, beside the window, is the external door.
This room has a BASIN. So I can use that instead of getting wet using the outside
Getting wet atm is not so bad. Can I just say, to Margy M & Helen W.... FEELING for
you today. Just saw the forecast. Wilting. Over 40C [104F!]... & almost as hot overnight.
That's pretty hot. Understatement...

so the last thing I wanted to share is a couple of my PL pages from December
that I've started.
Decided to do a smaller insert, then a larger one. This is the last pages before I
need to start a new album. I've squeezed 2015 & 2016 into ONE album. But if I scrap
for another 10 years, even, that's another FIVE albums. They're 12x12. That's a LOT!
I ADORE doing PL. But I don't know. That's a lot of albums....still, I'll have
my new room I guess??!!!
Sorry for the not so hot photos. Lazy with the iPhone again! And the
plastic pockets don't help...
LOL! I do love the Gilmore Girls!!! Still enjoying using my COLLECT app
on my phone to choose photos & journal as I go during the month.
Makes creating my PL a breeze...
The only thing I found with doing my December Daily, is that it 'copies' what
I've put in my PL. But in a lot more detail, of course. Still, it doesn't worry
me enough to not do either of them!
I'm onto using Old Stash this year. I'm getting the KITAHOLIC KITS for a bit, as a treat
for not buying any new stuff. Hmmmnnnnn....... that's a bit like saying you're going on
a diet & your reward for not eating sweets is a lemon tart I guess. Oh well.....
Sooo, that left hand 'friends' sticker is Very Old & my PL cards are Old. The stars are old.
Me & my friend are old[ish!].
The washi tape is new!
The 'shine bright' WAS a PL card,
given to me from Happy Mail & I punched the saying out of the centre.
This year I'm also not going to be afraid to Cut Stuff Up & throw the rest out.
Let's see how we go!
Sorry for the rambling post, but now I fee free to write
how I like. NO obligations or duties.
I'm cheerfully chomping on brown bread with vegemite for breakfast [in bed!] this
morning, the dog at my feet. It's a nice relaxed start to our day.
Yesterday, I had the youngest grand boy and eldest overnight. I am blessed they both
slept right through the night. But I'd forgotten how full-on babies are!
Lucas & I still managed to make some cupcakes. I'd forgotten how much babies sleep,
Might have been some fishing, kayaking & "just getting down in the water fully clothed
what else", sort of fun happening!!"
Mr Blue eyes can't get left out:
Wish I had skin like that!!
On that note...have a good one! Hope you get scrappy. Think I'll be packing up my room:)
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Ohhh Lizzy - you are just such a delight. What a great way to end my week. I am totally smiling and loved reading ever inch of this. I love how you put your words together - so cute. And your grandchildren are just precious - Wow. Seems like you are doing everything just right - enjoy the moment and don't worry about the "stuff" that is yucky. Love the additional space you will have too. YOU deserve the best - you and your super huge heart. Thanks so much for your wonderful "rambling". Xj.

  2. Hi Lizzy,I have been much the same... MIA...no scrapping, no blogging, no challenges...no Mojo. I'm hoping it return this year because I have missed it.
    You sound as though you have been very busy with one thing an another. Yay for more scrapping space, that will be awesome. Love your PL pages...I thought I might try that to scrap some of my holiday photos. We will see!! Beautiful time with your grandies ...lovely photos....gotta love those blue eyes.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2017. xx

  3. What can I say!! I love reading your posts 'cos they are so bubbly and cheery and I love it when you 'ramble' a bit .. totally giggling now .. you always leave me smiling!! Love everything you've shown us here. Gorgeous pics of the grandies (those eyes!!!) .. isn't it lovely having them over?? regardless of the extra work!! Love the Happy Mail, the Chrissy deco and the PL pages and good onya for getting more scrappy space .. need pics of that too when it's done!! .. and, yeah!! .. it was totally sweltering here yesterday and even more today. Staying inside in the aircon and not going anywhere. Absolutely loved reading this post .. looking forward to more of the same!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend Lizzy!! big hugs xx

  4. It's always a joy to visit your blog and get infected with your joi de Vivre Lizzy. I hear you about the whole video palaver - it takes sooo looong and eats into perfectly good scrapping time. You've got lots of things to keep you motivated, like the scrap room extension and some other little ideas. What could they be? Love the Happy mail and the project life, as well as the super cute photos of your gorgeous Grand Boys. Christmas on the go too? Only you could think that's a good idea Lizzy !!! I've given myself permission to relax and watch the cricket; one of the great pleasures in life after a crazy festive season. No point in venturing outside in the blistering heat. 41C here today. Enjoy your time away from teams Lizzy and I look forward to more rambling through the year. x

  5. I always love stopping by your blog Lizzy, always so much to see and read about!! Love all the new projects and I'm a bit like you thinking I should d o a video but never get to it, the closer I have got to a tutorial is the photo ones I do for OTRS :) Will be looking forward to seeing your scrappy space when its all finished..... Such gorgeous grandkids too!! Have a great day :)

  6. Missing?? I am sure we would all miss you if you stopped blogging, so please continue to delight us with your dialogue.. and I had a bit of a giggle.. ex son ??? hehe.. what happened there? I know what you mean... it is your sons..... ex bedroom!!! hehe.. I would grab a bit more room too if I was you!!! your PL pages look great.. wonderful memory keeping.. and I often think of all the albums I am filling too.. hoping the kids will all take theirs and store them at their houses one day... i am running out of room here!!! anyway.. one week down... 51 to go.. hehe.. have a great weekend.. and oh... your grand boy has the most amazing eyes and the lashes... well i hope he appreciates what some girls go through trying to get lashes like them!!!hehe...

  7. Hi, Lizzy! I have been missing in action, too. Been through my entire family and my 2 sisters' families with the stomach bug!!! YUCK! And I loved seeing and reading your photos and giggling thinking of you videoing because I know that I would feel the exact same way. And that vintage photo of the woman with the fan . . . more giggles!!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing work with all of us, my friend. And thanks for always stopping by my blog no matter how busy you are. You ROCK!!!

  8. What a busy busy busy girl you are!! I loveeeee all the projects and happy mail is the BEST!!!! And that last photo.... OMG!! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Enjoyed your post so much Lizzy. That Pocket letter is gorgeous, lucky girl who receives that and love your PL . At least you have done the youtube thingy, I don't think I will ever bother with it. Your new scrap space will be wonderful, go you ! Love your pics at the end, those eyes ! Home from holidays and trying to get motivated to do anything lol. Missing the beach life

  10. Wow, love your PL pages! I want to do PL but can´t make my self get started..... Lovely to read about your life :-) Hugs Åsa

  11. I like a rambling post which feels just like a chat! And I'd love to hear you in real life: how about words only podcasting? I'm suggesting it cos it occurred to me too this week after I had enlisted my brother to help me record some sound for an upcoming Get It Scrapped class. I'm toying with the idea.

    The pocket letter is beautiful. I'm sure its recipient will be over the moon

  12. Oh my goodness you've been busy! Love your PL pages... and OMG... those eyes!!

  13. Great pages, I stopped doing Journal Your Christmas when I started doing Project Life because it was all doubled up x

  14. Hey Lizzy...Happy New Year! What a great read, fun post! I could relate to a lot of what you said...I'm not doing much scrappy stuff at the moment...enjoying time in the garden or just doing nothing! Your pages look fabulous...I've never made a pocket letter, its something I must try this year. Those eyes...:) Have a great week!

  15. Will you be having a door between your spaces or are you taking out a wall? See I am all interested now in this whole process....was thinking if you were to have a door you needed a super cool sparkle door knob....but if no door then I'll have to come up with some other imaginative ideas...super awesome to have more room! So happy you are scrappin just 'cause.

  16. Soooo glad we found you again! LOL ;-) So great to read your fun post and read about your goings on and also see some of your projects. You know I adore your PL stuff and your December daily was fabulous! ;-) Hoping it's a bit cooler there for you....we had really really hot weather too, but thankfully we have had quite a bit of rain and cooler days...so enjoying those very much! ;-)

  17. Hi Lizzy, I really enjoyed your rambling!! :o) I'm glad you're doing what makes you happy and I think you should keep going with the fun PL pages as they'll be wonderful to look through in years to come. In any case, you'll have all that space to fill in your new scrap room. So strange to think of you all being too hot over there - it's FREEZING here, literally!! I'm sat here with fluffy socks and my outside coat on cos I'm still cold even with the heating on ... not JUST fluffy socks and my outside coat obviously :o)xxx

  18. Lizy I like to read your posts! )))) and this one is no execution! so many lovely works here and I enjoed every detail of it! but also I adore your scrap room (and dream about mine)))))


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