Oh my gosh. I do believe my life is flashing by in the blinking of my eye!
This month is a case in point.
ANYWAYS, I have managed to FINISH my DD
Here's a little of what I got up to.
For more detail head HERE.
For Christmas Day
I was able to use some plastic sleeves that were part of the little
book I picked up at the Op Shop.
And I used colour.
It WAS Christmas, after all.
Here's a couple of photos I didn't include in my
post just for you!
I stamped & heat embossed that little 'cheers' tag.... these cupcakes
 were to DIE for! Luckily there were some left over,
so I'm eating them slowly. They're salted caramel inside,
with a gooey centre. DROOL!! 
It was a GREAT Christmas Day.
I think the photos above reflect that!
Very relaxed:)
Used both my Becky Higgins' Project Life App &
Little Moments in tandem
to create the collages & the writing on the photos.
Worked well!
Tom & I had a wedding anniversary!
And it has been really REALLY HOT here.
Like, one night it was 26C OVERNIGHT.
Crazy... btw. That 'h' alpha is not an 'h'.
Would you expect otherwise?
It's a Q turned upside down & cut up...
I even managed to get my youngest son, in Bermuda,
 to send a NICE photo of him with his GF who is visiting atm.
To see that, I'm afraid it's OFF TO LET'S DECEMBER DAILY
with you, LOL!!;)

I'll leave you with Tom's Christmas shirt, & Wally,
on Christmas Day. He got it for $5 from the Salvation Army
Op Shop & thought it would be perfect for an Aussie Chrissy Day.
What do you think?
LOL! Personally, I think it looks more Hawaiian style!
Anyway, it's bye from me as we say hello to 2017.

Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Happy New Year! It sounds like you have had a great Christmas! and I love Toms shirt! And Happy Anniversary too, I hope you had a special day!! And I am off to check out your DD... it looks great! And off we go into 2017!!!!

  2. And I can relate to the hotness...... very hot here the last few days... and would you believe our air conditioner is not working properly... and monday is a holiday... so hopefully someone will come and check it out on tuesday... I feel like I am melting.... sadly I dont feel any smaller!!!!!

  3. Ohhhhhh off to see your pages! And that is a Hawaiian shirt, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Christmas, family, anniversary, Gooey cup cakes, Wally dog and the cream on the top!!!! An Aussie Christmas shirt! It's bright and cheery and Wally looks pretty chilled snuggled up against it - obviously he approved. We were in Melbourne for Christmas and it was an absolute stinker! Unfortunately not hot enough to prevent me eating. Very well done on staying the course with DD - you've created something truly special and convinced me never to try such a thing. I'm sure it's only for the quick and decisive scrappers. Happy New Year.

  5. Wow....it looks like you had a lot of activities in December. 26C is hot? It's 34C on average here. You know when it starts raining here, people start dressing for winter...lol

    Happy new year! Hope you had an awesome start to 2017!

  6. What a brilliant idea to do a December Daily, though I can't imagine being organised enough to actually do it. Your pages are stuffed full of fun and it's going to be a wonderful keepsake to look back through in years to come. Happy New Year Lizzy :o)xxx

  7. I'm trying very hard to get my head round the idea of a hot Christmas! Mind you, everyone here talks about "white Christmas" and I can only remember it snowing about twice in my whole lifetime on Christmas Day.

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours Lizzy! Here's to lots more inspiration in 2017!

  8. Your posts and photos always make me smile!
    So much happiness! Your DD is looking great and a very happy new year to you as well!

  9. It's great to see how you spent Christmas. Have a very Happy New Year x

  10. Loved your DD and mine when no where. Oh well there is still this year. Great job with the H by the way I would never have guessed.

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas day and a very Happy Anniversary too!! (We had 43c on Christmas Day .. thank goodnes for airconditioning!!) Have said it all along but, I really love your DD .. it is everything a DD ought to be! So bright and cheery and it will be an absolute delight to look back at over the years. Still not sure if I will do one this year. December is such a busy time and I'm really not sure if I would stick with it (might end up a bit like my planner which fell sadly by the wayside.) Heading off to Let's DD to check out all the details and to have a look at how the other girls finished up!! Warmest best wishes for 2017 Lizzy .. hope it's a good one for all of us!! hugs xx

  12. Love the Hawaiian shirt Lizzy! Perfect for a fun Chrissy I reckon. These pages look fabulous! Wishing you all the very best for a fun and fantastic 2017.

  13. LOL....the photo's are fab and love your December daily! I really admire that you kept with it and got it finished! ;-) It's super! ;-)

  14. oh you're lucky to get the hot weather because here in Russia we had -30 C!
    but anyways your DD is so pretty with lots of your events! Now I'm only going to print my photos for DD ))) so don't know when I finish it, but hope soon )))


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