Let's December Daily & some pages to share

Hey there! I can't believe I'm 1/2 way through my December Daily.
This time next week it'll be almost Christmas. EEEEK!!
I have to say, though, I'm ready. Presents wrapped. House not cleaned.
[Why bother before? Gonna have to do it after, winks!].
I bought a fruit cake for a 'fake' Chrissy pudding if needed. Mind you, I couldn't
find a dark one, so a light coloured one will have to suffice.
We don't really eat it, you see, so no point getting all fussed.
Bought the fake custard - that long life stuff. Which I'll probably be tossing
in the bin this time NEXT year, LOL!
Microwave is waiting for both offerings IF needed...
And the other food? Well, that's why one has Christmas Guests, isn't it?
To share the 'food burden' around?
So dessert & salads & the chicken are,
 therefore, sorted.
The rest Tom likes to fuss about. And when he fusses,
I stay OUT of the kitchen.
I prefer playing with the kids and chatting, anyways;)
Writing this I realise I'm more than ready. Nice feeling!!!
Oh! The decorations. My burden. The thing I'm a real
Grinch or Misery Guts about, are DONE.
Thanks to Grandson #1.
& here's some sneaks:
A fave TV show [you need to watch it!]
More Lindt silver chocolate box hearts.
An altered photo.
 A sort of shaker page.
With a LAUGH where the "u" is actually a "v" an
an "h" that is actually a cut up "b"!
 And a great book if you like crime, darkness and suspense!
I have to thank Lizzy C, Mary B & Jo T
for the Christmas bits on this page!
Meanwhile....an extra LO from the stack that I've done
& haven't shared!
I'm trying to do multi photo pages in order
 to get my pile of photos SCRAPPED.
Hence this one:
I know it's chock-o-block!
But I try to 'channel' my PL style & go with that idea:)
My fave bit is the tissue style paper I scrunched up below:
And a Funky Flair to boot!
Similarly here, with a LO starring my Mum, mostly:)
Also trying to use up a few frames I've had hanging around.
Sorry, can't resist a pun ~ even a weak one like that!
Once again, tried to keep the decoration mostly
ON and AROUND the photos.
That way it's not overwhelming having
so many photos on the page:
 For this LO I combined my latest KTAHOLIC KIT with Old Stash,
which makes me feel GOOOOOOD!!!
I've had that sparkly heart from MITRA P for soooo long.
I really get a thrill how eventually, embellies find their own way home!
Anyways, that's it from me for now
Blessings & of course, Happy Scrapping!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. oh Lizzy so much beautiful projects in one post! your DD is really awesome and I like to watch how you do it in time - because for mine I'm only making photos and will made as an album only in January I think )))))
    and your LO's with lots of photos are so inspirational! because it's always a problem how to use lots of photos and make a balanced composition!

  2. Lots of inspiration right here. The daily is going to be wonderful to look back on and love all the layouts. I think my fave is the first one. I also think you have nailed the multiple photo thing, which I am not good at. And yes I have thrown the custard out months later, just thought I had to have it for Christmas and I am feeling so unorganised !

  3. So many good ideas here and not a minute in my day to scrap jack even one of them! Have the gifts wrapped, the cake and pudding made and lots still to do. One good thing about Christmas day arriving, is that one has to STOP!!!! Meet people, eat a little, or a lot, have a nap after lunch if necessary and play with the children. Just as it should be. Lovely to see so many photos of you being scrapped with your Mum.

  4. P.S. I must be the only one in Oz that just does not get the Frasier show. Glad you enjoy it.

  5. I love love love love these!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!! I was READY or Christmas, but tonight Adam is coming in for a short visit .... so we will be having a whirlwind visit with him! :)

  6. Myyyyyy goodness Lizzy, does your creativity know no bounds. (to answer my own question, no, no it does not.) A lineup of amazingness going on right here and you had me in stitches talking about your Christmas food "traditions".
    By the by - I meant to email this earlier, but you're famous! (again, of course!) Did you know that your cards made the front page of my local newspaper? Halfway around the world and your designs are noticed. haha! Thank you again for sending your lovely makes for CVIC and for recruiting some friends, too! http://www.grandforksherald.com/accent/4171406-grand-forks-woman-collects-beautiful-artwork-inspirational-messages-victims-domestic

  7. Hi lizzy, so glad to hear you are organised for chrissy day.. My plans are coming together slowly, spend a few hours yesterday cooking, made an ice cream cake with three layers filled with marshmallows honey comb and raspberrys, some rocky road and ginger bread.. So I am getting there! So good so see your pages, always chock full of lovely things to see and great photos with,special memories.. I hope you have a good week end it is going to be massively hot up this way today... So enjoy...this time next week....eek!

  8. You sound really organised Lizzy!!! I'm almost there .. just have a couple more pressies to wrap and I'm done .. apart from the fresh food shopping which will happen at the last minute! Haven't got much to get 'cos we're going to my oldest son's for THE day .. so looking forward to it! Really enjoying seeing your multi photo pages .. they look fabulous .. great photos and perfect embellies!! Just beautiful!! I love Frasier .. we used to watch it all the time when it was on free to air TV .. a fabulous show!! Off to take a look at your DD. Am really loving it!! Have a great weekend!! hugs xx

  9. A masterclass in multi photo action!

  10. You certainly do sound ready for the big day! It's lovely to see a layout with so many nice picture of you on x

  11. OMG I wish I could say the same. I am still trying to put my house back together again after the painters were in. I washed all the curtains and carpets which was a HUGE job... had to decide where to put what back and bang in all the nails again and hang all the pics... So not finished with that... re-doing all my scrapped pics to update them all. NO presents bought yet except for the kidlets... NO food bought yet and my family likes the whole English traditional Christmas... ham stuffed turkey, roast tatties, veg, Christmas pud and cake and brandy butter and and and... I am so tired and I keep thinking I just have to make it through one more week. :( Anyway I am so glad that you are so organised and ready for it all. Good for you. I love your layouts - I am loving the yellow and how special is the one with your mom.... I was going to do Dec Daily but that never happened... :P

  12. Oh wow. Loving your pages. So bright and blingy...just the way I like them.

    P/s: I baked two fruitcakes on Sunday (first try)...I used almost a whole bottle of XO. Most expensive cakes ever! I think it's pretty good...I could be biased but it's the booze hehe...

  13. Super, fun and funky projects! You really were a busy girl! Glad that you were ready and organised for Christmas and didn't have to do a late Christmas dash! ;-)


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