Wow! Are you like me? Are you still trying to work out how come it's already
This will be my last reveal for KRAFT PLUS. I've been on the team since it
began, I think it's time to give someone else a chance to be part of such a WONDERFUL
Makes me a bit sad - but I've decided to step down from my teams & give myself more
time to be creative just for me:)
You can do ANYTHING that pertains to your home. A bit different from the 'usual'
Christmas challenges that do the rounds at this time of year!
And that is what this page is about. AND I managed to put 3 almost full sized
photos on my LO. Go me!!!!!
And some 'closies'. Thank you Project Life for giving us 'ideas' on how to
scrap multi photo pages easily!!!!!
 I've kept the colour scheme simple because the photos are so busy.
Used stamping for the background, with some washi, & lots of gold accents.
 The little words are hand created stickers I've done myself, & you can see I've
also used some embellies including clear stickers ON the photos! Why not, eh??!!!!
Got out my Liquid Pearls [in gold].... haven't used them for a while. Everything has its season,
I guess!
The great thing about this KRAFT PLUS challenge, is that if you DO love Christmas
pages.....then you can still do one!

I've started my 1st days.
Here's a bit of a teaser or two:
My GORGEOUS Grand Boys star.
We had them overnight.
I love them to BITS!!!
Lucas & I made 'bonbons' [crackers?] filled with some choccies
for his 2 friends and his little brother.
He was SOOOO excited. He also made one for himself.
Carted it around all day in hot sweaty hands.
And kept saying 'How long 'til Christmas, Ma?'
Too long to wait for a little fella, I thinketh!
And because it's such a busy month, I've actually moved ALL my
DD stuff INSIDE into my study. I'm thinking that
way, I  can do it at night without going out to the
garage. Might help me keep up to date?
 We'll see.
This doing B & W photos is a bit challenging too.
But I'll stick with it, I think!
It makes you compose your photos differently, I find:

Cheers for now..... take a deep breath as we run towards the Silly Season!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Go you! I'm so hopeless at multi photo pages I'm cheering wildly. It looks excellent!

    and Go Lucas! I love his Ramones tshirt :)

  2. Wonderful post as always Lizzy. Your kraft+ page is awesome. It is a sad thing, leaving a DT but when you feel the need to do other things it's obviously the right thing to do. I know they will miss you for sure. Love the page you created. Crikey, must have been a job and a half repainting those cabinets but the transformation looks wonderful and you sure created the perfect page to record it. Love all the little stickers everywhere (on the photos too!!) and the stamps are brilliant!! Your pages for your DD look fabulous. Heading over there right now to take a closer look!! .. and yeah!! I can't believe it's December already either. I'm sure that the last time I looked we still had months to go!!! Aaarrgghh!! Gotta get a move on!! Have a great week Lizzy!! hugs xx

  3. Love your Kraft page. Your white cabinets looks wonderful and it does brighten your lounge area. December Daily...I have so much respect for all the girls who do this mini album, but I am still trying to come to terms with it being December and I can already see this month getting away from me.

  4. Wowwwwwwww! you have been busy! I am LOVING the lo ... those cabinets look AMAZING!!!! I have been thinking about doing my wraparound counter in my kitchen with reclaimed wood (covering the original white) ... but will have to see first if I have the skills! LOL!!!! I am off to see your DD!!! I just uploaded my pics this morning for 12/1 - 12/3 -- let's see if I can find the time to edit and print them! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I remember the cabinet project! Rock star page too! I totally get stepping down and taking some time for your own creating! ROCK STAR that you know what you need! Hugs!

  6. The Kraft+ team will surely miss you Lizzy; you've been such an inspiration there for so many. But there comes a time to take stock of one's life and make life giving choices, so best wishes for the road ahead. I take my hat off to you for attempting the cupboard makeover - it's such hard work to get that looking great and what a transformation!. December daily is totally beyond me, I'm afraid, but I can stand on the side lines and cheer. Love the story of Lucas with his bon bons and sweaty little hands - a precious memory recorded for him. TFS

  7. wow great transformation of your cupboards into white, sure does look brighter and cleaner!and away we go into December.. can i just sit and watch everyone else go silly in this season!!?? it is so hot up here... my brain feels fried... but I shall go and check out your DD!! it must be lots of fun with grand kids to get excited with..

  8. wonderful projects Lizzy! kraft+gold+white are always perfect combination! and the transformation of your cabinet is so great! I like white details in interior ))))

  9. Beautiful Beautiful! Very cool to see your home! So I received a bit of mail last week that just blew me away... more about that in a while... but let me just say... THANK YOU! And yay for you to give yourself more time to just do, be, do-be-do-be-do... lol... I don't know if that means anything to you... but it's funny... anyway, wonderful layout... I really do need to use my planner more... yours is gorgeous!

  10. It's lovely having a look at your home and the layout looks great!

  11. Funny how I missed out on the Kraft Plus because I got carried away and covered most of the Kraft :) and now that layout can be used for so many home themes , but still not Kraft lol, oh well them the brakes. Love what you did with the cabinet, looks nice and fresh painted white, and great documentation for your layout. Loving your daily already and how cute is Lucas with his bom boms. It is a busy time Lizzy, I relate to how you are feeling, get that tree out and put it up with the Grandboys x

  12. Love your Kraft Plus page, great photos too, you will surely be missed there, but it will be nice to take time out and create just for you!! Off to check out your fabulous work with DD now!! <3

  13. Awesome, Lizzy!! I simply love the gold bits all around!! That gold washi - love! And those gold triangles!! I'm sure they're sorry to see you leave, but totally understand wanting to create for yourself!! Have a great rest of your week! xoxox Melissa

  14. You will enjoy creating just for you. Really. :)
    Your DD is looking good. I love using b/w photos...all embellishments just pop off them.
    Love the gold accents on your Kraft page.

  15. I must pop across and check our your DD....I would love to one some Year! Great Kraft + the white paint , what a difference. You have a very cosy home!

  16. Big ups to you for painting your cupboards... a huge job, but they look great now too. I love that page with the kraft background. I had every intention of doing December daily this year but with all the painting and the holiday and so on well that never happened. BUT next year is another year and I am hoping to do it then. I may also just play catch up.


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