G'day! I LOOOOVE this mood board from FUNKY FLAIR INSPIRATION FB
GROUP this month:
I've been buying the KITAHOLIC kits & had some papers left over that fitted the
darker greens perfectly.
Aaaah! WALLY! We loooove you!!!
Anyways, that vellum on the LEFT has been stitched on - it had the pink & other
blues from the mood board in it, too. BONUS!
 Look at that LOVELY FUNKY FLAIR! Love the versatility of these flair from the
LUMINOSITY COLLECTION. And I like tucking flair in, too - like under the
photo, above.
 The pink & white spotted 'washi' is actually a material tape with sticky backing that I picked up
from our local KMart a while ago for 50c a roll. BARGAIN!!!!
You can just see some of my zig zag stitching behind the title here......
Hoping you have time to check out the challenge this month.
Fully understand if you're a LITTLE busy [cough, splutter, understatement!!!]
Either ways - hope this LO inspires you in some small way towards your
Christmas scrapping!

Meanwhile I've been busy keeping up with my December Daily
Here's some peeks:
Oh yes! I'm a Gilmore Girls fan from waaaay back.
They 'had' to star.
As did this cute deer. A tiny die that I ADORE.
I cut it out of some really thick, shiny cardstock.
That was originally the home to citrus tarts from Gloria Jeans.
No, nothing goes to waste here;)
Anyways, the thick shiny coating meant those bits that SHOULD
have fallen out didn't. And I REALLY Like how
that happened. Accidentally perfect, I reckon!
So, how's that for an EXCELLENT good excuse to buy cakes from Gloria Jeans?
Brilliant boxes for scrappy use is the bonus, LOL!!!!
Anyways, for more, pop on over to
LET'S DECEMBER DAILY if you wish:)
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hows has your day been? great I hope!! I love this photo, as we often dress our pooches up at christmas too for that special photo.. So Wally boy, a great photo!! and love the layout, love the layers under your photo and yes great flair too.. and fabulous DD pages.. of course I am going for a looksie! and busy this month??? naaaa.. what is a bit of extra cooking, cleaning, shopping, gift buying, more cooking.. sending letters.. and more shopping???!! hee hee! lovely mood board colors though for FF.. will try to join in... honest...

  2. I always love your bright, cheery posts Lizzy! Gorgeous pic of Tom and the dog and can't wait to see more of the sneak peek. Hope you're feeling chilled heading into Chrissy!

  3. Loveeeeeee your lo! LOVING that adorable photo and the title work! Now off to see the DD progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love how you think out side the box and let nothing go to waste..very cool! Loving your page, great photo..Wally looks like a real cutey!

  5. What's a gal to do when she's got too much to do? Ignore it all and hop on the computer of course!! However the cake and pudding fruits are happily soaking in their respective liquids ready to be finished off sometime today. Still have two gifts to buy, but overall, I think I'm winning. Lovely Wally dog looks very festive in his hat and yes they do bring so much unconditional love into the house. Love the spotty pink tape and the pops of silver. Inspired upcycling on the Dec daily. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Awww Wally dog, looking splendid in his santa hat. I am sure you have brought as much joy to Wally as he to you. Love your journalling and how good are you sacrificing to buy cake for the packaging :) Your Dec Daily looks interesting , can't wait to see it . Went down town this morning and the car park frenzy has begun :(

  7. Ohh!! Wally dog is soooo cute in his santa hat!!!! Couldn't live without my doggies either .. they do bring so much love and joy into the house.
    That really is a beautiful moodboard and I love your interpretation. Fabulous background and I do love the flair (I have some too now!! Yippee!!) and the fabulous layers and the stitching too!! Absolutely gorgeous page. I have been over to see you DD and I absolutely love what you are doing with it! Almost makes me want to try one too .. Almost!!! LOL!! Maybe next year! hugs xx

  8. Love your layout of sweet Wally and hubby!! And those flairs are FAB . Hope you will have more calm days now ❤️ Take care Anna xo

  9. My oldest daughter and I are Gilmore Girls fans, too! YAY! And wow, Lizzy!!! Your layout is absolutely amazing - so fresh and fun. I love that photo so much and I especially love your take on the beautiful mood board! Thanks so much for always taking the time to stop by my blog this past year. I really appreciate it and your friendship! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, my friend!

  10. That doggie is soooo cute :) I've just found Gilmore Girls and I'm binge watching it, I love it!

  11. That is a super cute layout of Wally Dog. He is very tolerant of being dressed up for Christmas :D I love your DD pages and I also am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls :D Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas Lizzy.


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