SIMPLE DIMPLE CHRISSY CARDS... starring WASHI! you know, I have a habit of making Chrissy cards throughout the year. It satisfies my creative urges to enter card challenges, as well as building the stash in a timely manner.
I even have a sheet of paper with how many I need to make, how many I've made etc.
This, obviously, has something to do with my personality.
Even so, by October - November-ish, I'm thinking to myself. 'I need a simple-dimple card to make multiples of. Fast ones.'
Now, for those who READ my posts... I'm letting you into a secret.
This post was supposed to go up LAST Christmas.
But I got too busy; I still love this technique - use it for all sorts of occasions,
cos they're super easy - & I'm almost positive I haven't shared this post...
so decided to revamp it for 2016!
By- bye to those complicated, but fun to make cards like this:
 There should be a Chrissy Card quiz to determine Personality Types
I wonder what they'd make of mine. They're so varied....anyways...
....enter Stage Left, Sanna Lippert. I saw how she was using washi tape on some cards HERE....
&  simply adapted her idea for what I've done below.
 The secret to these? Choose your washi tape to match! Use a sentiment that has a flat edge so it sits neatly under the washi tape....
 The angle that you stamp your sentiment will create the washi angles:)
One of the things with washi is it doesn't always stick well. I simply popped glue all over the card before I added the washi!
Then trim the edges of the washi off & you're done! Literally takes a couple of minutes for each card!
So get ready, set & GO!!!!
Happy Chrissy card scrapping for all you last minute types!!!
And I hope this gives those of you already thinking about 2017's Merry Season some ideas;)
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Gosh, you never stop creating! I absolutely love your tip about gluing all over before sticking down the washi.

  2. Now that's a clever, clever way to use up the washi which seems to procreate in the corner of my craft room and churn out the cards quickly. I handed some of my cards out last night at a crop and the delight on friend's faces as they looked at them, was just a joy. They all wanted to know how to make them and I pointed them in the direction of Pinterest, which is where most of my card ideas originate. Thanks for your input in getting me off to a flying start this year. It does feel good to be somewhat organised for a change. :D

  3. Fab idea, I think I shall be using this tip and love the fact it uses washi, as I seem to buy it and not use it enough

  4. WOnderful cards Lizzy ! I loved the ones with Washi easy to make, easy to mail and look very nice :)

  5. These cards look great! Colorful, festive and quick to make! Thanks for sharing! I hope your weekend is going well..

  6. Wow!! You do come up with the most brilliant ideas!! So clever and so effective!! Am trying hard to make some simpler cards this year but not really getting it. Need to take a leaf out of your book. Loooveee these!! Gorgeous!!! hugs xx

  7. Loveeeeeeeeeee these!! Such a great idea!!!!!!!!!! I will have to steal this one! *wink* :)

  8. Love it! I need more washi though in Christmas colors! Oh my what a problem! Hugs!

  9. Awesome Lizzy! What a fabulous idea! And I'm very impressed with how organised you are!

  10. What fabulous cards and such a wonderful idea!

  11. oh I adore your creative ideas! and this is a really great way to use washi-tape and make some beautiful cards! ))))

  12. This is fabulous Lizzy!!! Love all these washi tape! Clever clogs!!! Thanks for your awesome inspiration. Anna xo

  13. Great idea and I might give it a go this weekend. I think I'll do what you do and make a few Christmas cards each month next year x

  14. These look fabulous! And I like that you are so organized when it comes to X'mas cards. I've only made 2 cards and 2 tags so

  15. LOL! Now that will be my Christmas cards by choice. Simple, quick and pretty on top of it. Thank you for sharing this awesome tip.

  16. Now this is right up my alley. I love CAS and these fit the bill perfectly but they still look so pretty. Such a cool idea. So keeping this one for next year. Thanks Lizzy.


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