ARTastic VINTAGE Challenge & more December Daily:

Our introductions are up over at LET'S DECEMBER DAILY
The 4 DD's are looking like all being VERY different!
You can see what 'drove' me to taking on the DD journey this
year HERE, if you're interested;)

Meanwhile, for ARTASTIC I'm scrapping a VERY old photo from 1904
this month's VINTAGE theme.
And here's the inspiration picture from Hilda-Rix Nicholas
called 'The Summer House':
Totally out of my field, but I gave it my best shot, & I must say, I'm happy
with the result. I took that lattice looking bg as inspiration, and added a touch
of the blues from the painting:
I have used that big plastic doily from Mitra sooooo much, it's insane. It totally
'goes' with so many different 'looks' in scrapping. One of my favest things ever!!!
Some closies:
 I added a little kraft bag for my journaling, tucked behind the photo.
Below is how it looks all tucked in. I even used stick pins!!!
For those interested, here is my journaling:
It's a bit messy. The stupid pen did NOT like the back of the photo paper. On
the other side is what Great Uncle Harold has written on the back of the photo of
Great Grandma - which of course, is now stuck down with glue!!!
Which is why I thought I ought to take a photo of it first;)
And if all this is a bit of a bore, family history often is, except for those involved,
here's a few other pretty 'closies':
 Flowers. FLOWERS. LOL. You all know how I LOOOOVE flowers [said with dripping
I must admit, though, those little crocheted ones [thanks Yvonne Y!] are rather sweet.
Anyways....that's it from me.
You'll either go 'YAY! I LOOOOOVE Vintage! I'm DEFFO doing this ARTastic
OR you'll go 'Oh my!VINTAGE! Now there's a challenge!'. Either way, we'd love
to see you joining in this month:)!!!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Well, quite a different page from you Lizzy .. flowers!!! what is the world coming to??!!! LOL!! Love it!! You do vintage so well and I loooveee the flowers!! He! He! How lovely to have a photo of your Great Great Grandmother and to be able to scrap it so beautifully .. gorgeous page!! Been checking out the Dec Daily blog too .. brilliant!! Love it all!! hugs xx

  2. Hi Lizzy, Another fabulous layout, I love the doiley masking and love the beautiful old photo and layers and stick pins and such gorgeousness!! and i do like family history, love old photos and wondering who these people were and what did they do in their lives.. I hope you have a great day tomorrow !

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I loveeeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING that photo, the history behind it, the colors, the flowers... just LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hehehehe to your comment on my blog, I know, right?!?!? ME BEHIND?!?!?! LOL!!! Ever since I started losing weight, I don't "sit" in the craft room as much ... I have to be moving!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  4. ooooh so great to scrap really old photos! love your background, so detailed and intresting! )))

  5. That blue works exceptionally well with your photo. I think it's the perfect combination.

  6. I totally loved the stenciling on the bg ,goes beautifully with the vintage photo !

  7. Wow Lizzy - you did FABULOUSLY for something totally out of your field girl! I love the wonderful vintage history and flair. The note, the lace, the doily background, the pearl flowers... and so much more - just stunning. The colors are perfect to go with your painting inspiration. HIGH FIVE SUCCESS!!! Xj.

  8. Stunning, the background really shows off the photo so well x

  9. Ah vintage and Lizzy! an unlikely double, but a rip-roaring success. I'm fascinated by family history and what a treasure to have a photo of your Great Grandmother. The doily and flowers may not be your "go to" embellies, but they are perfect for this page. Love it.

  10. Well you know I love it, you should do vintage more often !

  11. Oh wow Lizzy what a fabulous vintage layout you have created, love it all and you have showcased your photo perfectly! Looking forward to seeing more of your December Daily too! enjoy your weekend :)

  12. You rock! Just totally enjoyed reading that post and yes that DOILY! The mileage that has gotten here! Holy beaners! Nice job on your page!

  13. Hey LizzY I love your layout! I love even more that you are constantly experimenting and exploring with each of your makes.

  14. Such a sweet vintage piece. Love the colours! And you did well with the blooms and pins! ;)

  15. Hi Lizzy!
    What a beautiful and precious layout!
    You are right the inspiration, the style, the flowers, it was the perfect occasion for you to pay an artful tribute to your Great Great Grandmother!
    (I was very happy to hear the Cubs' victory broke the sports news in Australian! Thank You!)

  16. Wow, Lizzy, that layout is amazing! The background is fabulous! I wish I could pull that off! Super!!

  17. Wow, Lizzy, that layout is amazing! The background is fabulous! I wish I could pull that off! Super!!

  18. Lizzy, this layout is breath taking....and it has FLOWERS!!!! I am super impressed at how well you used them...your clustering is amazing.

  19. How wonderful that you have this photo. Perfect background for her too. I love the journalling and the cluster is beautiful.

  20. Absolutely love this vintage stunning! Love the design and colours and the photo just fabulous! ;-) Looove the pretty blooms too! (I guess you used them all now....he he he)

  21. A photo to treasure.....fabulous artsy vintage page! Beautiful framed with flowers and you know how I love crochet doilies!


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