PACKING A PUNCH.... a GOOD way is BECCA, who is having a BLOG HOP
to support awareness of Domestic Violence. Even if you can
join in, this will help ---& there are prizes as well!
You can find her blog post about the coming hop HERE.
But I thought I'd share a few bits of it on this post, so in her words:

Coming October 15 - The Hop to Stop 2016
Purple is the color of National Domestic Violence Awareness month. 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence over the course of their lifetimes. 
Let that sink in - 33% of all the women you meet.

On October 15-30, I'll be hosting the 3rd annual Hop to Stop Domestic Violence. The Hop is designed to raise awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

How can you be involved?
1. Link up a card that *features* the color purple during the hop October 15-30. Show your support! 
2.  Hop along! The first year I did this, I wasn't expecting the tumult of what happened. Bloggers from all around the world were sharing their own stories and receiving encouragement from one of the most supportive communities out there (crafters of course!).
3. Send a card. During the Hop, you can send me cards that will be delivered to the Community Violence Intervention Shelter in Grand Forks, ND - a nonprofit that provides emergency shelter, counseling, supportive services, and safe visitation. 
It's a worthy cause & something that we can do
without too much effort to boot, I reckon :)
Anyways, since I'm here. I'll share with you some
CHRISTMAS CARDS I've been making:
I'm going to pepper them
in this conversation so you don't
get too
bored ;)
Trying to catch up to Certain Girls
who have beaten me to the post this year!
I'm swapping a few cards, with other scrappers.
You have NO IDEA how much pressure one puts on oneself
to 'perform'. I never realised, actually....cos they are scrappers
I REALLY admire & love their work.
So, of course,
I want to do my Best Work for them......
And I wanted to do Interesting Stuff.
So, in order to get 3 relatively interesting &
mildly 'different' cards, I made 14 other cards.
 That are just fine, but not up to my exacting standards.
Now, you KNOW I'm not a perfectionist scrapper.
So that bit is a Joke.
Exacting means I actually RUBBED
OUT the pencil marks on the edges where I did NOT
cut the card straight!!!!
And yes, I'm AWARE the ribbon isn't
quite straight on the card above.
But who PINS before they sew on paper?
Oh, please, please don't say you do!!!
ANYWAYS.... I was really pleased to
get a pile of cards done!
And SIMPLY [pun? CAS card above??!!!]
thrilled to pop this lot on the eensy
teensy Chrissy card pile I had.
Thanks for looking.....
PULEEZE make a purple card and link it to Becca's Hop
when it starts....
& Happy Scrapping!!!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hi Lizzy!! That Blog Hop sounds fab and I am hoping to be able to join in. Have my Granddaughter staying with us at the mo but I'm gonna do my best. Anyways .. looooveeee all the Chrissy cards. Only thing is, now you'll be waaayyyyy ahead of me .. haven't done any for ages .. so now I also have to get hopping back into them as well. OOOOhhhh the stressss!!!! LOL!!! Love the cards and thank you for the info on the hop. Enjoy the rest of the week. hugs xx

  2. oh my.. that is awful stats and wayyy to many girls are putting up with stuff they shouldnt have to... I will go over and have a look, that is a lovely thing to do.. and your cards look great.. love your style.. I am wayyy behind on card making and scrapping too for that matter.. havent caught up from the week holiday... just cant get the time in.... sheesshhhh!! and tomorrow is friday again.... how did it get to friday again.. !! have a good evening!!

  3. Your cards are amazing! But I can totally relate -- I am always SCARED to send one of my cards to a crafty friend ... cause ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... they know "GOOD" ... lol!!!!! Anyhoo - I loveeeeeeeeeee your cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. beautiful cards Lizzy! love all of them, so different but stylish )))

  5. Love your Cards girl!!! My top one is the last one, SOOOOOO lovely CAS❤️ Anna xo

  6. No: I definitely don't pin. I don't mind a - how do I put this? - not entirely straight look, at all. I think it's nicer than having everything very lined up: more friendly!

    One in three is a truly shocking figure and I wish the blog hop all the very best.

  7. What a great way to support these women and families. Truly shocking statistics and for those suffering terrifying abuse. Thanks for sharing. As usual, I have my cuppa before I start to read your post as there is so much to see. Pepper the cards into the conversation you say?! So we don't get bored?! Funny girl, it's a treat to come here and be inspired, have a laugh and a gentle reminded not to leave the card making until Christmas week. Thanks for that, I need an enabler. But enough already - to the cards! Each one appeals to me for different reasons. Would not be able to choose a fave. As for the pinning - doesn't everyone????! Snort!! Just joking, life's too short for such pernickety bizzo. Have a good weekend.

  8. I agree with Marina, no matter what you create you always do it with great style!
    Bravo for these beauties Lizzy!

  9. I could never be bored visiting your blog Lizzy. I do however get overwhelmed sometimes though. I don't know how you do it. Clearly you have your hubby and family really well trained. I start out with good intentions and then bam... I get side swiped.. so for now I am just going with the flow and doing what I want to do... at the moment it is looking for inspiration and what better place to start than here. I love this initiative. Truly shocking stats too. All for a good cause. Love all of your cards too. That is the one thing that I am on top of this year and all my overseas cards will be posted shortly... nice and early and in the hopes that you may all receive them before next Christmas :D :D :D

  10. Super collection of Christmas cards.......each one different , very creative! I'm a "that looks about right" kinda scrapper! The edges are ripped so you can't see the crooked cuts! And no I didn't notice the ribbon. What a great Hop...hope to find time to play along :) Happy weekend to You!

  11. A great idea for a cause that sadly is a shame there is a need for, but I guess all causes are like that. Love all your cards and the conversation between each card, brilliant as usual. Anyone would be happy to receive any of these cards and pin ribbon on paper ! Please ! you know me, can't draw a straight line, can't place anything straight, hey it makes it interesting doesn't it.
    Have a fabulous weekend

  12. I really love those cards, you are making me feel so lazy with all of your productivity x

  13. made gorgeous cards Lizzy! ;-) Love the quirky post...made me smile and laugh! ;-)
    I think you are the perfect unperfectionist!!!! ;-) Just teasing.... sweet lady! ;-)


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