LESSology AUGUST 2016 #61 ~ BAG IT!

Hey there, my upcycling recycling scrapping friends!
This month's LESSology Challenge is to
Today I'd like to share with you what I did with decorating
a paper bag.
Took a paper bag. Folded it into 1/2 & then 1/2 again. Stapled the middle.
Cut the top and bottom bits to create turn-able pages.
Then, because it's a glassine paper bag and not strong, I glued two pages together.
THEN I used an old quote calendar to add a number of quotes that suited
2 of my step grand girls, who I made these books for:

And here's some samples from the insides:
I added Washi tape to the edges for added strength, too.
That stuff BREEDS!! 
The front cover. 
And one last one, cos I can!
There's a lot of stash-busting bits in here, too:)
 Anyways, I hope this inspires you to look at paper bags in a slightly
different light.....can't wait to see what you come up with this month!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Who knew a paper bag could look so chic?!? That Thoreau quote is one of my faves of all time so I expeically love that little tidbit. Super cute!

  2. You are a whizz kid of innovation. These look super pretty. Love the stash busting and French touches.

  3. You are so very clever Lizzy!! They look fabulous such an awesome idea :)

  4. What a fun thing for them to have! It's so pretty and full of color - love it!

  5. What a fun thing for them to have! It's so pretty and full of color - love it!

  6. Your girls will love this,brilliant Lizzy

  7. Ohhhhhhhh this is just FABULOUS! I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What an awesome little gift! I love quote books and what a great way to re-use the quotes from that calendar... I think I might have one of those laying around! So beautiful... love how you've decorated it. They are going to love them!

  9. These are really cute and I am sure will delight your girls as I used to love little books with fun and color in them when I was younger, I used to cut up magazines nothing so nice as what you have done here! Clever creating once again lizzy!

  10. They'll love them. In fact I bet they'll be asking for extras for friends!

  11. That is really amazing! You are so talented x

  12. Absolutely brilliant little books and what lovely little treasures to give your grand girls .. just know they will be delighted. You are so darn clever using quotes from an old calendar and I just love the way you've decorated it all .. just gorgeous!!! Hope you had a great weekend and have a lovely week ahead. hugs xx

  13. just WOW Lizzy! so creative project with usually thing! just don't have enough of words to describe how it impress me! )))

  14. I love the way you use your stash, this project is fabulous.

  15. I love the way you use your stash, this project is fabulous.

  16. Just brilliant. LOVE your interpretation...so clever!

  17. This is such a super project and saw it on FB. So green...so pretty...so perfectly styled for young ladies... you did an awesome job! Love it! ;-)

  18. Such a fantastic idea, Lizzy! So much goodness going on with all of the fun bits and tapes!


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