BECCA'S BIRTHDAY BASH... & bits'n'pieces:

Good day one & all. Well, BECCA C [fabulous crafty mate] has turned 30.
And to celebrate she's GIVING [which is what she's like] stuff away!
To join in, you just need to use her mood board [which is SOOO Becca!!!].
Here's the card she made:
Cool, huh?
I REALLY like the brights & the swirls on the moodboard.
I thought I'd do a bit of wax crayon resist with Gelatos over top.
Swirl the crayon around. Get a bit of a pattern going.
Used watercolour paper. Big mistake. My swirls were 'naive' in the extreme.
It looked disgusting. Well, except for the colours.
 WHAT TO DO?????
Obv a crappy card bg. It looked like a drunk snail. Not the best birthday look!
Here's how my mind works.!
Accordion bloom [thanks Mitra who had one up recently!!]
Ahhh HAH!
THEN my mind went.
Drunk...... booze........fair........flags fluttering in the breeze. YEEEEES!
So out came the Big Shot & this is my card:
Based on the mood board, originally, with input from the Drunken Snail.
No reflection on Becca there, who I'm sure was the height of decorum as she
celebrated being 30.
Either ways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY & thanks for being the lovely, sharing person you are:)
Oh.The card, yeah.......
Blessings ~ & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥ 


  1. Oh my GOOOOOOODNESS! It's amazing where a drunken snail can take you, I tell ya what! Your interpretation of the moodboard was SO much fun to see unfold! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for helping me to celebrate my birthday!

  2. I can only imagine what a driunken snail would be like, crazy thought! But great end result, love the big rosette flower and the banners! Why do you think you didn't like the look on water color paper? Just asking so I can learn.. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

  3. OHHHHHH!!!! that is a mighty fine bloom from a drunken snail! I LOVE IT!!! So happy you worked around it...yes that is punny...Happy Birthday Becca!

  4. Your witty writing made me smile - and what a great 'rescue'. The watercolour bunting with those lovely shades really finishes it off.

  5. drunken snail??? OMG! ))) laugh all day long! )))) but anyways I like your interpretation of the mood board! )))

  6. I just love this whole concept..the celebratory moodboard, the bright cheery! Happy Birthday to Becca.

  7. You are a genius! I loveeeeeeeeee how you turned this around!! Just GORGEOUS! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh and I keep forgetting to ask you ... how did your friend like Vegas??

  8. ha ha..Drunken snail has lead you too a lovely card !

  9. Drunken snail ????? LOL!! Love the way you think Lizzy .. and had a good belly laugh at your witty post!! So funny. Not sure why you hated the original bg but just love the card you came up .. so bright and cheery!!! Great take on the board. Enjoy what's left of the week Lizzy!! hugs xx

  10. A drunker snail hey , your mind really does work in a unique way and I love it ! I love how it went from a snail, to round to a garden and so forth. I think My mind needs to change the way it works . Your card ended up very festive and birthdayish and lovely and a celebration

  11. OK... woooooaaaw that is clearly why I can't get it together when I am crafting. Clearly I need to drink to that that vibe going :D I love the way you work. What a fabulous card too. It is beautiful... just reminded me not to throw anything away :D gorgeous Lizzy.

  12. Love that moodboard and Becca's card is gorgeous. Yuor card is fab, love your watercolour banner and magnificent centrepiece.

  13. Love that moodboard and Becca's card is gorgeous. Yuor card is fab, love your watercolour banner and magnificent centrepiece.

  14. Fun and fabulous! LOVE how you turned the situation around and made a fabulous card!

  15. the watercolour page....I would have gone with it! Lol...there was possibly a snail in there..but there was definitely potential too! Love the card you created though... gorgeous, fun and colourful! ;-)

  16. I love your process for coming up with this beautiful card lol


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