ARTASTIC JULY CHALLENGE 2016 ~ Down to the country...

Well, sort of. This month's ARTastic inspiration comes from this painting
by Elioth Gruner, called 'Spring Frost Study':
I was really attracted to the light and the the softness of the colours.
OK. So this was a 'process'.
Started with cleaning my scrap room up & deciding I did not like this canvas
that I'd done of Tom any more.
So I ripped off as much as I could, then gessoed over the rest.
I was looking for some bubble wrap & came across this butterfly tissue paper.
So, in the interests of country/rural themes, I then gessoed that on top:
Next, I grabbed my sun-rays stencil & mixed texture paste with paint:
Then smooched on some Heidi Swapp colour shine between the rays...trying to
get the 'look' from the painting!
Added some errrr 'post modern' Australian gum trees! They were stamped
then heat embossed....then I scribbled some pen over then to try to make them more
tree-like. Let's put it this way. They are 'representations' of trees!!!!!!!
Finished, they turned out OK [ish!!!]
 I keep seeing a man's face up top left. Freakish. Can you see him??!!!
And here's a closie of the sun rays centre & some writing I also scribbled on:
Now, you might be thinking. Oh yeah. Another canvas. Fine and all that. But what the
hecky-peck USE is it?'s a hint...
 Does that help? I've got so many LOVELY photos of flowers & scenery from our
recent trip to the UK. And I want to SEE them. Not just in an album. Soooooooo:
There y'go. I was pleased as punch. Took a bunch of my fave photos that I'd edited & put on Instagram, printed them out & I'll swap them once a month.
From further away in my room:
I'm sooo happy with this 'upcycle'!
And finally, the whole project WITHOUT the photo attached:
And a quick look again at the ARTASTIC inspiration for this month's challenge:
Thanks so much for staying to the end of this 'process' with me!
Take care & I hope you will join us at ARTastic this month:)
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Wow, such a great job you have done! Beautiful! And thanks for the great inspiration. Åsa xx

  2. The first thing I saw was the man's face! It is a great take on the painting and I love that you are using it to show off the great photos you took while you were over here :)

  3. Gosh love how you see things, I am so literal ! fabulous how you got your inspiration from the rays and light. Love how your sun rays turned out and yes I see the man in the corner as well !

  4. Ohh its completely changed ! Loved the sunrays pattern and yes I did see the man's face !

  5. so wonderful upcycle Lizzy! love this new look and great use of it )))) and yes I see man's face in the corner )))

  6. That was a wonderful process! I love what you did with that. I also love the bottle . Remember the Jim Croce song: If I could put time in a bottle? You have put your memories of the beautiful garden in a bottle and every now and then you take a memory/photo out on display. Fab!

  7. PS I really like that painting (artastic) Spring Frost. I had never seen it or even heard of the painter but it is beautiful, with the light shining through the gate, obviously early morning. And the colours are stunning.

  8. What an awesome change Lizzy, looks fabulous love what you've done :)

  9. Wow that transformation is amazing, and yes I did see a mans face in the top corner.. are you sure it wasn't Tom saying what are you doing to my canvas..hehehe... really love the idea of a display board for your photos.. great end result on the back ground.. your scrap space looks good too.. I hope your week is off to a good start!

  10. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this transformation!! This is amazing! I love love love it!!! And yes, I did take those photos at the softball game, they have open seating at the game, so I was able to get pretty close :)

  11. I always enjoy a share of your process. That was a brave thing you did!

  12. Well, good on you for reworking a piece [I'm starting to do that know some of my earlier work all pretty cringe-worthy].
    I think it looks awesome and more "you" actually. And I have really enjoyed your floral display on Instagram. I would love to use them as photo references for watercolour painting...could you email me some photos?

  13. Wow! This was not an easy challenge by all means and you have absolutely nailed it Lizzy!
    Thanks for including the step by step. It is always so interesting!

  14. Your canvas is gorgeous Lizzy!!! Love to see the progress here!! Perfect take on the challenge. You nailed it💚 Anna xo

  15. Your process is just mind blowing as is the end result. AMAZING! I love the background you created. Great job upcycling too....

  16. Totally brilliant!! Don't know how you do it but you rock these challenges each and every time .. this is gorgeous!! I did see the man's face .. spooky huh?? Love seeing the step by step process and I'm sure Tom didn't mind that you ripped him off the canvas .. or did he?? Maybe that was him peeking in at the top corner to see what you were doing with it .. LOL!! Love this Lizzy .. fabulous!! hugs xx

  17. Wow, what a great transformation, it looks fantastic!

  18. Waaaay that transformation! Really like the clipboard clip too, to hold that gorgeous photo! ;-)


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