OK. I've given in. Seems challenges work for me best! And this one really
tickled my fancy 'cos it involves a RAK. Marelle is giving away one to the 1st
3 entries over at SCRAPPING CLEARLY.....
long as you can also say how many LIQUITEX PAINTS are in the shop.
I am Mathematically Challenged. But I counted, then double counted.
Came up with 49. Not including markers or sprays. Actually, the markers
looked really interesting.....LOL!
ANYWAYS, here's the YUMMY mood board:
I went to bed dreaming of a white, CAS LO with Distress inked plastic bag
smooched bg something like this by my scrappy friend Anna U:
Yeah. RIGHT. In my dreams apparently. Cos this is what happened.
Still following the mood board [note yellow sequins!]. But hey! No lightness here.
I still like it, though;)
 The photos are framed with my attempt at pink, black and gold background paper
that didn't work..... least I used it! That's a Feed Your Craft flair in there.
 I also liked Anna's idea of stitching through words.... Mitra sent me these. Finally used!
The little heart is stamped on more of my ex-background paper & I used one of those 
clear sticky rounds to make a 'pretend' flair:)
 One of the most special birthdays ever, I must say!
Some clear stickers & I've taken the stripes from the inspiration photo & made my own!
That 'wow' was yellow acrylic [thanks Mitra again!!!] & I've heat embossed it in gold.
You can still see the yellow. V pleased with it! Also backed with some more of the
failed bg card stock!!
So, crossing my fingers my Maths doesn't let me down! Who doesn't like some Goodies?
AND I'm so pleased I've gotten #2 of my OS LOs done.
Oh! And I sent Anna a photo of me at our local bakery, which she asked if she could scrap.
Look at how wonderful a job she's done:
ANNA UHRAS IMG_20160522_202551
One day, ONE DAY...I will conquer this lovely CAS style!!!!
Thanks for looking ~ Cheers, Lizzy H


  1. Looks amazing...yep a very special place to celebrate your birthday! Great page.....the photos are the feature!! Great title, love the touches of Gold. The page Anna created is so would look great framed. Hmmm ...CAS? I love it too but I can't help piling more stuff on :)

  2. I don't know what happened to your dream, it could not be any more different to Anna's if you tried lol. I like the pink , black and gold and such a lovely memory documented, lucky girl. The layout Anna has done of you is beautiful

  3. I love it, it's a very striking layout!

  4. Love love love love this! LOVING the photos, the colors and the stitching! And that sounds like a FABULOUS birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Lizzy! What a fun layout! And a fancy dinner! I love pink and gold and black! Love the touches of gold. The dinner looks lovely! The stitching looks so nice! Great touch! Really terrific layout!

  6. Hi Lizzy! What a fun layout! And a fancy dinner! I love pink and gold and black! Love the touches of gold. The dinner looks lovely! The stitching looks so nice! Great touch! Really terrific layout!

  7. I love both styles. And although I wish I could do the white thing perfectly, I too often end up filling my page with all the bits which are too perfect and lovely to leave off! But it's good to follow your instinct when making a page..I think it shows when you followed your heart like you did here, and that's great scrapbooking

  8. LOL don't force yourself to make something doesn't fit you :)
    It will come whenever, and if, you will be ready for it!

  9. You are awesome my dear friend♡ Thanks for your nice words on my layouts!!! BUT!!! The thing is that your work always blows me away!!! You are so so talented and I wish I could do the things you do... But it mostly end up with white cardstock, LOL!! I think this is the great thing with our lovely hobby,all our different styles...we always find something to get some inspiration from eachother ♡ Thanks again! Anna xo

  10. Such a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! And you scrapped it in your own inimitable style - eclectic and charming. Why is it that we can drool over others work and be a bit ho hum about our own?

  11. Oh the style of your friend... Pretty layout.. But hey.. I love your style too! Your layout is pretty speesh! Love the darker background! And always love gold elements on a layouts.. Special photos for a cherished memory too! Lovely creating!

  12. I love your interpretation with the black background and the gold bits! Looks like a lovely way to spend your birthday.:)

  13. Love your page Lizzy, so glad you played along with us at SC this month, good luck with the incentive ptize!!!!!

  14. In comparison to some of your other pages, if you squint reeeeeaaaallly hard, this might be considered CAS. :D The black and pink with the scribbly white is pretty eye-poppingly awesome, so whatever you were dreaming about had to be good!

  15. Gorgeous layout Lizzy, very striking on the black background!!

  16. Oh wowwwwww Lizzy lovelovelove love your take on our challenge

  17. Going a little whacko me thinks .. was sure I had commented here. Anyways .. love your friend's page but love yours too. Wonderful birthday celebration and a gorgeous page to record the memory!! Love that black background and the framing around those gorgeous photos (see, not a fail at all)! Love the gold elements too .. all in all a stunning page. Love your friend Anna's work too .. beautiful!! hugs xx

  18. You've created an awesome layout, Lizzy, and so glad it was such a special birthday celebration for you!

  19. oh that you heat embossed that yellow WOW makes me happy! I love this layout! Glad that what you were dreaming turned into such a cool layout (even though it wasn't the CAS) and hope you win! whatever works scrapping to get your layouts down on paper even if they are challenges, it's all good, right??

  20. Oh it's beautiful!! What a special page and thank you for playing along at Scrappingclearly!

  21. WOW what a beautiful layout!!! thanks so much for playing along with ScrappingClearly :)

  22. Great page, what a special memory, I love that you hand journalled x

  23. what a fabulous page! I love the embossing and stitching and the colours are fab! Thanks for joining the Scrapping Clearly mood board challenge xx

  24. WOW yep thats a bit different to what you went to bed dreaming of but love it thanks for playing along

  25. Belated happy birthday ;) And I love your take on the challenge! Thanks for playing along this month and welcome home!


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